Reviews for Miss Conception and Mis(ter) Understanding
EdwardsGuardianAngel chapter 36 . 4/2
Adore the proposal. One of the best i've ever read. Truly Awesome Edward.
EdwardsGuardianAngel chapter 6 . 4/1
If the contest was still going i'd definitely vote for ya. Love reading people talking like me (7th generation Texan) i'm getting a lot of chuckles out of it.
EdwardsGuardianAngel chapter 1 . 4/1
This is so good so far. Wondering if she's related or just a good friend.
Bevey99 chapter 17 . 3/2
Bevey99 chapter 16 . 3/2
OMG now Emmett and Jacob are assholes. Hope Rosalie kicks him in the nuts. And, go on E for quitting his job. That should get Emmett's attention.
Bevey99 chapter 15 . 3/2
Well Jacob's an asshole. Way to stir the pot of insecurities. Not nice hanging up on Edward, she might just sabotaged herself.
Bevey99 chapter 10 . 3/2
Smiling. That was so sweet my teeth hurt. Thanks
Honorary Tiger Mom chapter 4 . 11/7/2020
Edward still has a touch of arrogance about him in thinking Bella will just fall back into his arms. I think he needs to learn to work and work hard for her forgiveness and not just expect it. At one point in the earlier chapters, I felt sorry for him. But for some reason he doesn’t seems to bring out the compassion in me for this chapter. I think he needs to stay on his knees for a while begging for forgiveness.
winterhorses chapter 9 . 9/15/2020
It’s hard for me now to imagine Edward with a Southern accent. After The Rover, Damsel, and especially The Devil All the Time, I can’t equate that accent with sexiness. I just keep hearing “deluuuusions!” Lol.
T Traveller chapter 2 . 9/12/2020
This is such a funny and charming story. Thanks for writing it!
susanreader chapter 1 . 7/28/2020
I'm so sorry your stories got pulled. can you send me either the pdfs for those that got pulled or the other website. thanks so much!
pipelynn chapter 50 . 9/9/2019
Loved this! Thanks for writing!
ChristyWIX chapter 50 . 6/29/2018
This was a very good epilogue to a very good story. They've got themselves a brood with five children. The others had some too. Very much enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing your imagination with us here. ~Christy
ChristyWIX chapter 49 . 6/29/2018
Renee chewing Bella out for being mad at Edward for the baby shower, was good to read. Then Esme added on and Bella has no chance at all. At least she really liked the homemade blankets they received. You really can’t get those in stores. Alice and Bella were fun to read. Poor Edward, being called out in front of everyone. She didn’t know they were all there. Sure got him off his embargo though. Didn’t work though. Very odd way for Felix and Tanya to get engaged. At least they finally are. Yay!
ChristyWIX chapter 48 . 6/29/2018
His birthday and Bella gathering all their friends and family, was a great time to tell everyone in person. When she was asking if he wanted to wait and call them later, I was saying nooooo to my screen. I’m so glad they did it with them all there.
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