Reviews for The Collected Letters
Ssnqrq chapter 53 . 12/3/2017
Can you please continue with this wonderful story? You just can't hang it here after all up and down of Can you please continue with this wonderful story? You just can't hang it here after all up and down of MM
StrangeTeenGirl chapter 53 . 7/7/2017
I recently discovered your stories and this is only the second I've read, but I love it just as the first. I really hope that you'll update as it has become one of my favourites.
Guest chapter 53 . 3/30/2017
Will you please continue this story
stacey caitlin chapter 53 . 10/1/2016
OMG. I just discovered this story, and read through all 53 chapters, subjecting myself to a rollercoaster of emotions. Needless to say, I am in a wreck right now after experiencing such intense angst and hurt because of your masterful writing, made even worse because the closure (and hopefully happy ending) that I was waiting for may not ever come since it's been a year since the last update. "Hello Mary". OMG OMG OMG! Cliffhanger! I just want to say that it would make me (and all the other readers) extremely happy if this story would continue... I hope all is well with you.
Guest chapter 53 . 9/8/2016
It's such a wonderful story and I do hope that you will continue soon.
Guest chapter 52 . 7/23/2016
Ahhhh! Will this ever be concluded?!
Camilla10 chapter 53 . 6/1/2016
I hope you are continuing this. Right?
ShippingMaryandMatthewForever chapter 52 . 4/21/2016
This is an amazing story, it's a shame to leave it unfinished. I do hope you'll update soon :)
Guest chapter 53 . 4/9/2016
Oh I so love this story! You really bring the characters to life, and I am dying to find out what happens next. Really really hope you continue, it's far too good to be left unfinished.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/6/2016
Heart wrenching and wonderful. Really hope you continue this great story!
Downton.fangirl chapter 53 . 10/10/2015
Ahh! Sorry, I got behind in my reading! Ah what a chapter. This story has been insane, I love it! I can't wait for the next chapter!
ShippingMaryandMatthewForever chapter 53 . 10/6/2015
please please update soon! :)
New Hogfan chapter 53 . 9/12/2015
I was so excited to see an update to this story and I'm happy to see that you're doing better.
I've really missed this story(and Stars & Lights)but this chapter was worth the wait.
I'm glad to see that Matthew is out of prison.
I think it's good that Mary can have social life again,but I don't think it really matters
if it(and other men)doesn't make happy.
It wouldn't shock me if the rumors about Mary and Tony were being spread by Tony himself.
I look forward to more of the MM reunion.
judyl1 chapter 53 . 9/12/2015
Thanks so much for the update. I hope you're feeling better. I have missed your story. This was quite a dramatic chapter. I loved how Bates helped Matthew out, and of course I love how Mary realized at the end that Matthew was all that was important. Can't wait for the next chapter.
Guest chapter 53 . 9/11/2015
Thrilled to read this update. This story And your writing has been missed. Hate to bother but wondering when you may update stars and lights. It's fabulous as well.
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