Reviews for The Contract
Tsukiko K chapter 6 . 8/1
I don't like that he can't return to the way he was... that's depressing.
Tsukiko K chapter 3 . 8/1
Lao Shi is blue... dark blue, but still blue. Not purple.
Guest chapter 9 . 4/20
A very interesting story. Please update soon.
A fan chapter 9 . 4/9
Omg you updated! You updated! YOU UPDATED! AHHHH you made my day. Here I am studying for my exams and I got this feeling... I can't explain it... But it's like this feeling where something happened and I'm missing it. So I looked for your story and here it is! Turns out you updated :O quite a long time ago actually... I can't believe I missed it :,( though it's probably because I don't have an account so I don't get notified... But seriously, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR UPDATING! This is one of the best stories I have ever read and seeing jake's deterioration is just mind boggling O.o

I hope you can go into more detail about the dark magic because it would be nice to see what's causing his personality change you know? And that order is gonna bite him in the butt right? I mean, he's scouting titans tower. Gramps is IN TITANS TOWER! DUN DUN DUN!

I can't wait to read the rest once you publish it (take your time btws, I know how busy life can get). This fanfic... it's something special :D
Kriistrulkrif chapter 9 . 2/24
Very interesting story. It would be great if Jake accepts the darkness or a different ending where jake become dark dragon :)
Risa Silvara chapter 9 . 1/22
You're alive! 3

Great chapter. We're seeing Jake deteriorate fast now that the Dark Dragon is personally training him to use the dark aura.

Guest chapter 9 . 1/22
AW YEAH! So glad you updated this, this is one of the few fics where I get giddy when I see an update! Doesn't matter what I'm doing at the time, everything can wait until I read the crap outta this!
love toshiro dragon chapter 9 . 1/21
Awe poor Jake. I hope they can help him! Can't wait to read more! XD
love toshiro dragon chapter 4 . 1/21
This story is awesome! I haven't seen American Dragon in so long! Poor Jake! Don't lose hope! Can't wait to see what happens! XD
LeilaDarkholm chapter 9 . 1/21
So short oooh pls update!
Major Simi chapter 9 . 1/21
Wow, short but good chapter and also a totally unexpected lifesign . But nice surprise. Keep going
Kristen Lyn Silver chapter 9 . 1/20
YellowWomanontheBrink chapter 9 . 1/20
oh shit oh shit oh shiiiit this chapter had me on the edge of my seat! Poor Jake...I hope Jinx's plan goes through and helps...and I super scared for Lao Shi. D: Great chapter!
Quran Harling chapter 9 . 1/20
Thanks for the update and good chapter.
Leafa Jewel Rodin chapter 9 . 1/19
Yes! An update! I'm so happy! It looks like things are about to get intense. I hope Jinx can help Jake get better and not be overtaken by the dark magic.
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