Reviews for A New Phase
Keyklee chapter 1 . 11/3/2012
I really like how ...attentive Erik is, how he seems to notice every little detail about Raoul, even things that seem trivial or don't really give the impression that he could ever make use them to go against Raoul.

I also kind of like how he's making his mind up that Raoul has a secret family and that this is the reason he goes after him, because like this I can believe that he's really actually quite jealous of the possibility.

I love the way you wrote the story, the way Erik gets behind Raoul's secret. I really like whole part with all the servants leaving and barricading the house (perhaps also because that means that they know Raoul's secret and can perhaps be of some comfort to him). I think it really adds to the mood.

I love the scene of Erik wandering through the abandoned estate and how he finally hears Raoul's (this is such a poor Raoul story) screams. I just... the real life imagination of this whole scenario has such a great startle and scare factor.

I just love that Erik actually wants/tries to get to Raoul to /save/ him. That's just awesome. And how he seems to feel bad for not having gone after him before.

I'm a little worried that this might come off really wrong, but I love the way you described Raoul's screams, they're incredibly heartwrenching and just... make you really feel like panicking for him.

I love how worried Raoul immediately is for Erik and I really like how he goes through these extreme changes from frigthened and worried for Erik to angry and back.

I really liked how Erik started to feel compassion and sympathy for Raoul and him being chained like that struck such a chord with him.

I love how Erik is being Erik here and instead of running around scared or just standing there dumbfounded starts making conversation with Raoul. It's kind of hilarious (although I feel bad because it really shouldn't be) and awesome.

I feel so, so bad for Raoul here. You have a dreadful talent for making people's pain become really palpable. Having him in so much pain and fear is so heartbreaking. You just really kind of want to go to him and ...hug him. Which is of course the worst idea here so I'm glad Erik's not that stupid or ...generally very cuddly.

I kind of love how Erik seems almost like he's willing there to share his own secret with Raoul to show him sympathy and actually make him see that he's not alone with whatever he feels that he has to hide.

I think you did such an amazing job at describing Raoul's transformation. I always feel likedescribing things like that must be really difficult because it might end up sounding like a dry and really factual description from a biology book or something alike, or just really kind of messy and unclear. But your description is really amazing. One can really visualize it and it doesn't sound ...anatomically impossible or something like that. It just... it really works in one's head when you try to imagine it. Which is so great! I mean it's also really terrible because of all the pain Raoul is going through there again, but you know. You did really awesome there.

I love how Erik has that déjà-vu of real-Raoul when wolf-Raoul does that head-turn-and-sniffing thing and I love how Erik can still see Raoul within the wolf.

This is going to sound really stupid and awkward, but I kind of really like wolf-Raoul. I love the way you describe his animal behaviour, with him lashing out and finally getting bored and lying down. I love how he keeps watching him and seems expectant when Erik stops pacing.

I love that Erik sits down with him. Because no person in their right mind would do that. I really like how he makes sense of Raoul's behaviour and I love how he seems to gain this understanding for the wolf as well and how they kind of make their positions clear.

I really love how they're spending the night together like this. I like to think that it does give some comfort to Raoul somehow to not be alone there like that.

I really liked how he had this final moment of craziness and rage before he starts transforming back.
It's like he has all that animalistic energy and kind of has to leave it out at some point, if he wants to or not, but he kind of waits until the last moment and until he finally can't keep it back anymore.

And you did a really awesome job at describing the re-transformation too.

I absolutely love the ending. It's really... I mean it's not really fluffy, but... kind of. A little? I don't know. But either way, I really love it.

This is such an awesome oneshot! I love that it has all kinds of Halloween awesomeness, the creepiness and the startling and the waiting for something dreadful and the ...well, the monster. But it also has all kinds of E/R goodness. It's really, really super awesome and all sorts of amazing.

Thank you so much!
paisleygirl chapter 1 . 10/25/2012
I really liked this...loved it and very interesting...bravo! My imagination is running away with me about what happens next :)
minlin chapter 1 . 10/25/2012
I enjoyed this very much! I definitely agree that Erik just found a kindred spirit. I'm definitely looking forward to the rest of the Halloween series!
Silverwin Fara chapter 1 . 10/25/2012
I love it that was amazing

from Silverwind Fara who can't log in at the moment to make a signed review but just had to tell you how great it was right now
Emilx311 chapter 1 . 10/24/2012
OMG this is just absolutely amazing! Words cannot express how much I love it!