Reviews for For Life
Edhla chapter 1 . 12/14/2012
While I'm sure this girl's life isn't a constant party, I don't think that not giving a child dolls and gifts deprives them of any actual human rights o_O

I like this reversal-of-fortune idea, but I think perhaps this is too short to express that in. I didn't really get an idea that the girl was being abused or that her parents were all that awful (I cooked all the time when I lived at home and wasn't abused). I felt sad that she rejected the things that her grandmother had given her. I'm totally confused about why she is suddenly rich, and I didn't feel that the whole moving-to-a-mansion thing was explained at all.

With some more detail and some more plot and more care toward spelling and punctuation, I'm sure you could improve this fic :)