Reviews for Wanted
Inlovewithjazz chapter 23 . 4/11
Another great story! Thank you!
Inlovewithjazz chapter 6 . 4/10
I admit I thought you were going to go the new born army route, was pleasantly surprised but happy when you burnt the bitch, but after Malices ( oh I mean Alice's) last comment maybe you should have saved Vicky for her!
bamagal110 chapter 23 . 3/11
wow this one was just as great as the other ones
bamagal110 chapter 15 . 3/10
Aw that was so sweet. O I wonder what Aro is up to I don't trust him at all
bamagal110 chapter 6 . 3/10
I so can't wait to see where u take this that was great, I am glad 'vicky is dead tho...
bamagal110 chapter 4 . 3/10
O Kay is a very smart woman, she is freakin awesome. I love her character.. Charlie arresting Edward was great I loved it, I wonder what he was thinking..
kantorkan chapter 1 . 2/11
girl can't ever catch a break. so if she is Vicky's mate how can she imprint on the mutt?
sheerylynn chapter 23 . 2/6
Awesome and you made me cry.
Hael2009 chapter 23 . 1/4
Such a great story, I loved it! It was :-) I tried reading it before but stopped at the chapter where Bella lets Ed into her apartment, I thought it was going to be a Cheeterella story and those just stress me out too much lol I'm glad I came back and finished it, I'm a big fan of your work. Looking forward to more of your stories! xxoo
xxXTheBelieverXxx chapter 23 . 12/23/2013
I always cry when Old Quil dies in any fanfic I read.
NatalieLynn chapter 23 . 11/25/2013
Another wonderful story. I didn't expect to, but I ended up enjoying this pairing a lot. I've never read a Bella/Embry story. They really meshed together well.
RainyDayReader chapter 3 . 11/22/2013
This is awesome!
realjena chapter 23 . 10/28/2013
This was such an amazing story!
mlwong.littlefoot chapter 22 . 9/25/2013
OMG, I haven't read the chapter yet but had to comment on Firefly! I love that show! I have it on DVD but still watch it when it's on tv when it's on! I also love The Avengers, Star Wars and certain series/movies of Star Trek. I love it when you throw in the little references from these shows, like the red shirts in Venom! Hehehe. since you seem to have the same taste as me, I will be looking out for Supernatural references! ;)

Ps J. J. Abrams Star Wars Episode 7... How excited are you? :)
mlwong.littlefoot chapter 21 . 9/25/2013
Carlisles line about pissing on her leg made me lol!
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