Reviews for Rise of the Kaizoukage
Asuka1920 chapter 60 . 10/11
Please continue!
Guest chapter 1 . 9/29
when on his war ship the fox king Naruto had sarkua sit with him on his leg and the 2 had sex with it was good and cool to see with she say Naruto I am now our little hot gril to having with and in bed Naruto had some cool times with sarkua when the 2 live in the vaillge too like living in the red lithg town old inn home of pime jack Naruto had kill off and put the men hat and cound on then had sarkua by him and her cothers off too some big bodds out to him to having sex with and his own muslces out to like he was mand of waith bule too . he found his ship and get on it and was going out to get his own founed and buit back the whirlpool to with saruka as his Queen and him as king of it too .
alcfiegen chapter 38 . 9/23
Aside from the spelling and grammatical errors, nice story. I really enjoy the crossover history. Fight scenes are really cool. I was wondering when you plan to introduce the gear 4. Is Erza a reference to Fairy Tail?
Kshail chapter 7 . 9/22
I'm gonna guess Summons will become more common world-wide.
KuroKitsune409 chapter 1 . 8/30
dudee that's savage. "she went from being a kind child to a little bitch" daaaang lol.
TSUL chapter 14 . 7/23
Minato you SON OF A! He says he realized his mistakes, but then he goes off and decides Naruto's future and use him like that for his benefits. WHAT A PIECE OF. And even if the village still ends up hating Naruto, would it kill him to actually try a little and freaking tell villagers the truth?! SMH and It's funny because the way Minato described Naruto's leaving sounded like he thinks he was just in his "rebellious phase" pfft lol yeah, no.
Anwayshehehehe sorry for my outburst. Couldn't help it. Tehe ;P
TSUL chapter 6 . 7/23
TSUL chapter 3 . 7/23
M1LKgoneBAD chapter 8 . 7/20
I love the story so farDid not expect the little twist of an fallen apple.
movielover312 chapter 60 . 5/10
I had this realization during an earlier chapter. Is Ryuboku shanks.
Guest chapter 3 . 4/23
If it's going to be naruto x erza then I
I'm loving it please make more
NaruCrazy chapter 37 . 4/20
SlyFox9 chapter 44 . 4/2
I never did watched toriko but just reading this I might start watching it
SlyFox9 chapter 39 . 3/28
Aw man danzo's not dead yet. At least Minato knows how to use sage mode
SlyFox9 chapter 33 . 3/27
Poor Hancock unreturned love and I thought Luffy got her name right before. I hope things will turn out well for Luffy, Naruto, Minato and Kushina.
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