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Shiranai Atsune chapter 87 . 3/29
It's nice to know that Misaki's happy with Inuuin while Usami's miserable and hopefully, forever will be.

Fuyuhiko has some plans for this. I'm pretty sure he's gonna be this upcoming arc's antagonist.

Can't wait for the end! When everyone gets what they rightfully deserved- their just desserts.
Shiranai Atsune chapter 86 . 3/29
Usami deserves every bit of misery and suffering he's getting! I hope he'll be like that forever!
BTW, where's Hashira? I hate her somehow.

What will it take for Fuyuhiko to leave Misaki alone? Sure he broke his son's heart but that doesn't give him the right to bully him!

I hope Ijuuin goes to visit Usami and give him a talking to! Add fuel to the fire! That he's trash and deserves what he gets. That Misaki is still hurt and suffering all because of what he did. And he was trying to help him and all he did in return was tell him was how good that Masayoshi was. I swear, if Akihiko ever so much as smile at this point I will hit somebody. That Misaki never deserved a piece of abomination such as him and wasted years being with him. But now Ijuuin's here to make things better, Misaki's happy with him and they are both happily and madly in love while Usami's rotting away like he should!
yaoiislife56 chapter 87 . 3/17
PLEASE UPDATE! I love this story!
X-x chapter 87 . 3/16
Cant wait for Ljuuin to meet Takahiro xDD
Guest chapter 86 . 3/3
Oh Fuyuhiko... if only you knew the stuff that happened between them. Especially what Akihiko did to Misaki caused the boy to leave him, and even more especially, what Akihiko said to Misaki in their most recent talk.

I hope he never convinces him.

Fuyuhiko may love his son, but he shouldn't treat him like a saint. I agree with him taking his side, but this is all too much. (though what he did to Masayoshi is commendable)
Guest chapter 86 . 3/3
Why can't Fuyuhiko just accept that Akihiko is who he is! He's old enough to take care of himself even though it's pretty obvious he isn't. He's old enough, experienced enough, and... kinda mature enough! He should just accept that he still and only ever will love Takahashi Misaki.

How dare he call Misaki "simple and dim-witted"? He's the one who's dim-witted! Doesn't know anything! Taking sides immediately and jumping to conclusions!

...what's the dig with Hashira? I haven't seen here in a while. I hate her. I really hate her somehow.
Shiranai Atsune chapter 86 . 3/3
I find the first scene (the one with Akihiko and Fuyuhiko) to be quite enjoyable. I loved reading how much Akihiko is so tortured (when one is happy, another must suffer, right?; and those things he said to Misaki! I used to feel sorry for him but due to my petty feelings, I'm all like, 'this is what he deserves forever!')

I agree with one of the past reviewers: Before anything else happens, Daddy Usami NEEDS to know exactly why Usagi and Misaki broke up. Just him assuming that it was Misakis fault is not ok, especially after everything Usagi made him go through!

OtakuMegumi chapter 87 . 3/2
I know that you said you were busy with school and work,but I really wish you would hurry up and update the story. I can't wait till the next chapter comes out!(If you decide to continue) I also love this story because it's not like the others where Ijuuin is the bad person, you decided to spice it up and that made this more interesting than ever, I even turned on my notifications for this fanfic. But like I said before can't wai till your publish the next chapter.
Guest chapter 87 . 2/28
Moooore updates pleeeaaassee lol. This is by far my favorite fanfic and YOU ARE SO GOOD AT WRITING IT I AM HOOKED! :D THANK YOU FOR CREATING HAPPINESS FOR ME AND EVERYONE ELSE XD
JEN chapter 87 . 2/23
Please please please update :3
I need it D:
Guest chapter 87 . 2/16
I love ur story!
Guest chapter 1 . 2/6
Plz update
Guest chapter 87 . 1/22
Plz update soon!
chatsuniverse chapter 86 . 1/19
Can't wait for more chapters, I am constantly checking for updates every day because I love your updates, and this story is seriously so amazing! Really looking forward for what you have in store for the next chapter!
Dorito chapter 87 . 1/18
I see you are good at making stories, if you are open to new story suggestions, I have one, if you don't mind. Here's the plot:
Uknown by his lover, Misaki had a gift of an angel's voice and can dance like a k (or j) pop dancer since his childhood. He took dance, singing, and gymnastics before his parents died, but couldn't pay for the classes anymore since his parent's passing. Resulting in cutting his passion short, and taking up economics for his brother instead. When Usagi was not home, and while Misaki was, Aikawa witnesses misaki's talent and tries to persuade him into the j-pop business (since she has connections) but Misaki refuses. After a relationship-threatening mistake that Usagi makes shortly after, (Usagi obviously regretting it [probably cheating while drunk or something]) Misaki leaves Usagi, which leads to him being broke and temporarily homeless. From there, he takes up Aikawa's offer and gets into the j-pop band industry. He meets the four other people in the band, (you can choose other names of you wish): Kei (the funny cool one), Ginta (the best dancer), Kaito (the welcoming one), and Mamoru (The rapper of the group. He's a loner, doesn't take kindly to newbies, but he soon falls for Misaki, making him Usagi's rival in love). (All members of the band are Seme sized accept Misaki, making Misaki somewhat the lead singer, hehe!) while Misaki takes off with a boom in his new singing/dance career, Usagi is doing whatever it takes to get Misaki back (and is also impressed by misaki's talents) and is following Misaki to all his concerts trying to talk to him. Mamoru doesn't like this. Who will win misaki's love? Usagi? Or Mamoru?
If you can't make this fic, please direct it to someone who can or someone make a fic like this. I would love for this idea to come to life! Thanks for reading!
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