Reviews for Variant Strain
NecrorexSparda Juubi-No-Kishin chapter 72 . 11/13
The powers the abilities awsome, i wonder who would win Spider or Zues, Peter Parker or Alex Mercer, Blacklight or Hydra?
Hardlight chapter 72 . 11/5
Finally I can get some sleep. Dreaming about reading unfinished stories can be a major pain sometimes.
I love the "structure" of this story, everything just fits neatly. Keep up the awesome work !
SidJ chapter 30 . 11/4
I notice that this Peter isnt as much of a hero. He usually lets a couple of people die, and waits till someone he cares for is in danger before he starts fighting.

While I like this story and your version of Peter Parker, I like the original better. He's a better man in my opinion. The whole with great power comes great responsibility has been forgotten in this Peter's quest for answers. And he isn't willing to risk his life to save innocents.

That said, this is a great story that has me very interested. Normally I dislike Prototype stories because I find it really creepy reading in first person how someones body eats others. Its a little too vore for me. But this story is interesting and written well enough that I find my disgust mitigated and my interest growing. I hope the story takes a more upbeat tone soon but either way Im gonna keep reading.
SidJ chapter 22 . 11/4
Is Peter ever going to go superheroing? Will he use his threads like spiderwebs? Will he ever make jokes and make fun of his enemies? Will the rest of the Marvel world show up? Is he going to make a standard outfit? Any spandex or spiderman-like?
Master of Dragons God chapter 1 . 11/3
Bobboky chapter 72 . 10/28
Very good job.
Chaotic chains x chapter 72 . 10/25
New update! Awesome!
I can't wait for the awesome boss battle!
DORREK VS DORREK the only different is thier love/ hate of humanity
Btw kudos to you for making everything so intricate and detailed. This is on a level rarely seen. While good authors and I mean the REALLY good authors have awesome stories (see rebukex7 his spidey was is epic) their are less detailed yet... The best way to compare this would be to compare a normal story to a basic wooden table( yes I'm using furniture as a metaphor) an awesome story to one of those over the top super table(actually a throne would be a better comparison) that royalty would use while your story would be the equivalent of a table that a master craftsman would spend years crafting intricately-making every design flawless and using the best material possible... In violin terms you story is a stratavari... That would of made a much better metaphor.
P.S I didn't punctuate as I'm on my phone. This is also the reason why I didn't sign in
Ensimismada chapter 72 . 10/24
Dis is gonna be GOOD.
Phantom9292 chapter 72 . 10/24
Please update sooner than last time.
Sonofhades57 chapter 72 . 10/24
I think it's time for a pretty awesome boss battle.
Satire Swift chapter 72 . 10/24
The Transhuman Identity comment gave me a chuckle.

Great chapter.
pedrofaria339 chapter 72 . 10/24
doc sawbones 1 chapter 72 . 10/23
I really like Norman Osbornes attempts to learn info. He's confused and has little idea what was going on but he still tried to call people out with bullshit. cannot wait for each new chapter of this.
EverfreeSparkle chapter 72 . 10/23
I really hope you don't downgrade Peter again, it really ruins what I like about this story, and that is Peter gaining more power and learning how to control it. I hope this means he learned becoming 'normal' is not an opinion.
WolfBetter chapter 72 . 10/23
*clone saga intensifies*
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