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avalanche61101 chapter 1 . 8/30
While not a marvel crossover, it was very well written. I'm impressed and would like to know if you've written anything original, so I can read it and be amazed.
Joe Lawyer chapter 75 . 8/25
Overall, I liked this story a lot. I don’t think I’ve ever read a Prototype fanfic delve this deeply into the mythology and come up with so many interesting pieces and parts to deepen it or even engage in the type of philosophic ponderings on the nature of identity as I saw in this fic. Pretty intense stuff and you did not shy away from the heavy lifting of world building. For that alone I’m happily going to favorite it.

What I didn’t like, was that this was a Spiderman (Marvel Fusion) in name only. Don’t get me wrong, the references here and there from those mythologies were skillfully woven into the story, but I can see many people scratching their heads and being disappointed that this was not what they were expecting. If they started reading it for those reasons only, then I can see them X’ing out of it in anger. Maybe an unambiguous disclaimer on the extremely limited nature of the crossover elements in the first chapter? That this is a true AU very distinct from the canon Spiderman and Marvel stuff.

The unrelenting action was well done, but it was unrelenting. We had moments of downtime here and there, but from Peter’s infection to when this story was abandoned 320k words later, it only spanned a few days. That really, really limited the character and the story overall. All of those many, many, many long scenes in which Peter waxed endlessly on how monsterish he was, despairing at the desire to consume biomatter, oftentimes right in the middle of a battle, just got to be too much. There were many times I got so tired of it I wanted Peter to die because he was being so damn stupid. In the context of only a handful of days, maybe it made perfect sense, but from a practical reading perspective, we were hundreds of thousands of words into this story and he was still endlessly wrestling with his new nature. Maybe that was the ultimate theme of the story, carried through all the way to the very end when he became a dorrek, but it was hard to bear from a reader’s perspective.

Again, this is quite an awesome story in its own right. At times it was hard to keep reading, like an action movie that went from scene to scene of intense action violence with no rest in between, even with the ‘I’m a 16 year old boy’ scenes sprinkled throughout with MJ and his Aunt. I suppose the selfless nature of all the fighting and conflict got to me. Part of me really wanted a more long-term and global focus for the story. Peter bettering himself, giving thought to his own future, using the Prototype stuff to fight against the many enemies and battles found in both Spiderman and the Marvel universe. Still, it was pretty well done in terms of showing this one battle and really delving deep into it. Coming up with this ending could not have been easy.

Have to say, very skillfully done. Thank you for sharing it. Since it’s not marked complete, maybe one day you’ll come back and show us what happened in the end. If people ever became aware of Peter’s sacrifice to save them all.
PLEASE READ ME chapter 38 . 8/5
Spider Mans original powerers before the mutant ratioactve spider bite was evolution and adaptation it like roge but safer and permanent the bite gave Peter spider D. N. A. thus Spider Man was born but now has black light inside him so he will not need black light eventually and reject it eventually why do you think venom can give Spider Man like powers out it copyed Peters mutations and used it for its self. The hulk before the gama rays nuke had the same Power's. With the gama ray nuke he evolved and adapted and mutated into the hulk.
Slenderbrine chapter 75 . 8/4
So... the last of the Hydra virus... what, just ceased-to-exist itself? What happens do Maythe Watsonsthe Staceys? What happens to the Shield Team? How does New York rebuild? I NEED ANSWERS
Shoytahn chapter 75 . 6/15
I'm not so familiar with prototype but I have to say that this is a gem. Thank you for putting out this story. Damn I do hope that this isn't the end. An epilogue would be great or even a sequel xover with the original marvel universe. Btw Cletus is freakin amazing. Needs his own story.
linkjames24 chapter 75 . 5/22
Too much scientific shit! Good stuff. Nice stall tactic Harry did, and can't believe Peter fell for it. The visceral violence is what I'm here for and you deliver! Stronger than tears! Arc words! Ha! Peter stalled as well. Glorious.
RabbitRuler2 chapter 75 . 5/19
Oooh, that was a good ending. Have you considered doing a little spinoff where Peter/Cletus/Donna/Cain/Connor/the dog end up in the Marvel world? He's not going to end up a Hive-thing because the Chituari exist differently there, do the only bit of their language he remembers is sto d'zan cher. Idk, I just really want to see a confrontation between the two Peters. Love your story.
aaa chapter 27 . 5/13
I was frankly expecting something more creative than a rehash of the game's plot with really badly characterized Spider Man names tacked to it. The writing, as such, is not too bad. The sheer absence of any kind of actual effort or originality isn't.
aaa chapter 13 . 5/13
Is MJ supposed to be a high-functioning sociopath or something? Because holy fuck does that border on creepy.
doubledamn chapter 1 . 5/12
Honestly the thing I'm looking forward to most in this, is how the Blacklight Virus will interact with the Arachne Mutagen and later the Venom Symbiote.
PasiveNox chapter 4 . 5/4
ooooh holy yes the power
PasiveNox chapter 3 . 5/4
hmmm nice
PasiveNox chapter 1 . 5/4
oooho great
Guest chapter 17 . 4/28
it physically hurts... the naivete... if only more people got in the habit of actually thinking about things, to perform some critical thinking on themselves... naivete like this would not exist, its disheartening that a lot of people would side with Peters thoughts here.
i hope that as i continue reading this story it wont turn into another story i drop because the main character is just so immature.
noahkijd chapter 75 . 3/10
F**king AWESOME! I had a few small problems with the story(For example: Peter will seem to be really set on something, and stick to it for a good part of the story, and then just kinda changes his mind for reasons that are no more important or extreme than reasons he ignored earlier), and only one big one (The ending is kinda disappointing, but I’m holding out hope there’s a epilogue or sequel or SOMETHING that’s going to come later) but the story is AMAZING! It more than makes up for the small problems I see in the story.
If you’re reading the comments to find out if you should read the story, the answer is a big YES.
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