Reviews for Variant Strain
moozga chapter 78 . 8/17
Great story!
Drunken Hamster chapter 78 . 8/16
Oh... YEAH! So I guess this is the equivalent to the Spider Totem thing reaching through time, space, and the multiverse to save Miguel? Does this mean you're starting a sequel fic?

Darth Marrs chapter 78 . 7/21
Congrats on finishing this epic!
Cemalidor chapter 12 . 7/21
This is really fun to read with all the banter between MJ and Peter. :D
DipperFan16 chapter 78 . 7/19
You great bastard,. I would just like to say this, you make this whole story gripping! Truly immersive that I've spent nights reading all of these. I love the character dynamics, especially with MJ and Pete's mind ghosts,. You unfolded this ambitious crossover so well that I think it's should be an official Marvel work. It is quite unique with how you build the Hydra, giving it much more cosmic horror, truly great stuff. And don't you think you're sneaky putting that Stay at Your House with Miguel and Lyla, fitting for the dystopian future. You did good writing this, I see the mountainous effort you put to be creative and original rather than just pasting adding Prototype elements in. You melded it quite good with Marvel's universe. Really love the cosmic horror tone at the later parts.
kevinconvoy chapter 78 . 7/18
you beautiful bastard, in all the best ways possible. thank you for this epilogue, truly.
Sonofhades57 chapter 78 . 7/17
Okay, never thought I'd see a fic where Miguel O'Hara becomes The Blob instead of Spider-Man 2099.
Not-Quite-Old Man chapter 78 . 7/17
And 2099 makes itself known.

I always get a spike of joy seeing this story get updated even after all this time. Good job on the story/chapter!
essex2 chapter 78 . 7/17
A wonderful take on the Spider-Man 2099 origin story.
TheUnknowableOne chapter 78 . 7/17
there's a slight problem with the formatting of this chapter.
Chainthatbinds chapter 5 . 7/16
so this takes place in 2012
Sonofhades57 chapter 77 . 7/15
So that's it, then. I've been following this story off and on for years and it feels pretty triumphant to have finally seen it through. You did a magnificent job combining two of my favorite properties. Thank you.
Sloth chapter 77 . 7/10
Love this story so much ngl. Wish there was more Miles. Thank you for finishing this lovely story.
Pen NameG chapter 34 . 7/1
y'know I doubt this will happen (in this story). but it'd be really interesting to see what would happen to this peter if he just transferred over to the MCU pretty much right at this moment (chapter 34). what his interactions would be with the characters there. how he would handle the alien invasion. who he might team up with who he might fall in love with. and considering your ability to write I would very much like to read something like that from you.

so far this is a great story. alot more fighting than I would prefer because I just love good character interaction more than anything else (humor especially, you have decent 'flirty' moments that are funny though). but really even if this kinda feels like a copy paste of the main 'plot' of parasite with an MCU reskin. it's very well done. I haven't played parasite in over a decade so I don't remember the story very well but it feels original.

so far 10/10 give it a read if you haven't
Pen NameG chapter 27 . 6/29
well. damn "I love you Peter Parker" I can't wait to see how that relationship absolutely explodes horribly. in the absolutely worst way possible.

I mean I hope so. that would at least be more interesting than a giant fuck fest for the rest of the story.
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