Reviews for Variant Strain
Luna's Meow chapter 75 . 9/19
Oh come ON! You can't end it like that! It just... what's the point? Gotta be more coming. It didn't have to be a happy ending, a sad one would do. But just nothing? That only works in movies where you can makethe scene better with mood music and special effects. Like this? It takes a great story and makes it suck ass. Unless of course this isn't the end.
Luna's Meow chapter 68 . 9/19
I find it odd that you keep saying "his own voice" when it doesn't seem to be. Cletus and the others are still there, aren't they? So are his abilities. You don't just "lose" that. Not the virus. No, it only gets better. Something else is going on. Has he so fully assimilated them that he hears their voices as his own?It did say "now you've really doomed *usat the end there after all. Certainly sounds like one of the others talking to him about the whole group...
tahlele chapter 75 . 9/12
Can't believe I almost missed out on this amazing story. So glad to have read it, can't wait for the absolute finale!
Sonofhades57 chapter 73 . 8/31
God, I missed this story.
BRUH chapter 5 . 8/20
Grimjowx chapter 75 . 8/19
Holy moly... I have just binged all 75 chapters of this amazing story. I have been reading FF for 7 years and am confident that this is one of the most amazing stories I have had the pleasure to read. It has such a profound depth to it, very thorough and beautifully crafted. I completely love it. Thank you so much for writing this story for your readers. It was an honor to br a part of this adventure that you have created. If I was not so enraptured, I would have given you another 74 reviews that you wholeheartedly deserve. As a Last request, please please please give us at leat one more chapter (not opposed to many though ahah), at least an epilogue to the ending of such a magnificent piece of literature. One where hopefully we learn the fate of humanity, Peter's friends, and... maybe Peter himself... hopefully it might be the opening of a new door. Please do not stop writing. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
RunDownLord chapter 75 . 8/12
dvilleza chapter 75 . 7/25
I'm now not sure whether to look forward to the epilogue or curl into a ball and cry.
dvilleza chapter 65 . 7/25
I feel really, really sorry for Jessica. Like, on the "I can relate" scale
Seraphim209 chapter 75 . 7/24
Oh yeah, and never stop writing you magnificent bastard (or bastardet). Seriously, best story I've ever read, published or not. I do hope we get another couple chapters after this, but I could deal with it as it is. I gotta say, yours is the best version of the peter/mj relationship EVER. and I now consider your version of that relationship to be cannon. I hope you write more major stories like this, it would make the subsequent heart attack worth it.
Seraphim209 chapter 1 . 7/24
Holy shit we need at least one more chapter. I don't mean to be a greedy dick, but I need that ending!
Satire Swift chapter 75 . 7/23
Fantastic. Can't wait to see the epilogue.
MartyrFan chapter 75 . 7/23

I really like how much thought and effort you're put into this. Having the Chitauri virus come down in the Tunguska and then infecting Rasputin. Wait a minute; this brings a lot of disturbing questions to the table. If the Chitauri was using Rasputin all along, that means that they contributed to the Russian Revolution by making the Romanovs look bad and giving the Communists the excuse they needed to seize control! In fact, the Chitauri would like the idea of communism as it ignores individualism!

There's also the thing of dividing humanity between the US and the USSR, keeping them at each other's throats while it grew and spread and evolved. And at the end of it all, one single human being brought it all down. I just hope that this doesn't mean the end of Peter Parker. Great work!
Typhexplosion chapter 75 . 7/23
I love this story!
GeneralIronSword chapter 75 . 7/23
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