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Katsuhito chapter 18 . 8h
Rereading this excellent story again. Still no mas?
Viperstrike2 chapter 18 . 2/6
Bit sad that there are no new chapters
Vanessa Masters chapter 18 . 1/23
It wasn't until they joined a different class during the next period that Liara noticed that something was off in this school.

Asari were generally very perceptive of emotions, even outside the meld. It was this more than anything that made them perfect counselors and mediators. Liara had visited other Human schools, although not recently; she knew how emotions ran high in the adolescent students. Joy, fear, anxiety, hate, confusion, love, lust, and many more surged around the young Humans, in a manner not dissimilar from Asari children and maidens.
At Wenlock this cacophony of emotions was missing.

Or rather, the hotter emotions were unnaturally muted, drowned out by a curious mix of apathy and content boredom. It wasn't just during the lesson where such a state of mind would be somewhat understandable; rather it persisted well through the small breaks that happened between the old teacher leaving and the new one arriving.

Then came the great recess.

Students were allowed into the school's enclosed courtyard and as if the large mass of students reached some sort of critical mass, little squabbles began to break out. A bit of shoving, some posturing, a couple of laughs - all the things expected in such a situation, only muted.
The teachers didn't help either. They were quick to break up anything that looked as if it had even the slightest possibility of breaking out into more - and were instantly obeyed.
They didn't hand out draconian punishment. They barely raised their voices, but commanded the students with a firm hand.

Liara became very concerned. Something definitely wasn't right.

As if sensing her disquiet, Dumbledore put a hand on her elbow to get her attention and shook his head. Later, was the unspoken message.

Near the end of recess, the school nurse appeared with several trays of small phials filled with a milky-white potion of some kind. The students obediently formed lines without being told. This was obviously a routine procedure.
The students that had drunk their dose left with an almost vacant expression on their faces. Liara could hear the gasp from Tika as she too realized what was going on.

"What are they giving them?" Liara hissed at Dumbledore, dreading the answer. Only the sure knowledge that nothing like this had happened to Harry kept her from physically lashing out.

"Just a simple calming draught most likely," was his soft reply. He seemed old and sad, plagued by regret.


"Later. It would take too long to explain."


Poor liara learns a cruel truth about magic in kids, and how some countries treat their witches and wizards. Dumbledore try’s his best, and Liaras parents are together again!

Oh boy, Norbert was saved, but Neville got the detention regardless and saw you know who!
Vanessa Masters chapter 17 . 1/22
Yeah, deathly hollo s were a little glorified.

"So you still claim it was an accident and not a deliberate distraction, unleashed by someone who wants to steal the Philosopher's Stone?"

Albus, who had just started to relax again after all the shocks, suddenly stilled. His eyes widened for a moment then narrowed in suspicion, the mask of the kindly grandfather gone. When he spoke, it was in a flat, dangerous voice. "How do you know about the Stone?"

His change in demeanor didn't go unnoticed. Remus and Hermione eyed him with wide, slightly fearful eyes and subconsciously tried to slide away from him in their seats, just a bit. Even Harry seemed to be affected, until another reassuring squeeze of his arm calmed him again. He was still weary though.
Albus' current verbal sparring partner however seemed unaffected. Even without legilimency Albus could tell that she too was angry and not the least bit intimidated by him, or at least hid it very well. That came as a bit of a surprise. Very few could claim to not have quailed even slightly under his anger directed at them.

"Hagrid told us, Professor," Miss Granger blurted out. "He didn't mean to, he just said that Fluffy guards something belonging to Nicholas Flamel. With that information it was easy to figure it out. We're sorry."

Dumbledore sighed, his anger dissipating. Of course it had been Hagrid. While the half-giant could keep a secret better than most gave him credit for - after all only a handful of his closest friends knew about his parentage - he was entirely too trusting towards those he cared for and tended to let his guard down - and of course he adored children. A good thing really, most of the time, as Albus found that trust was already too rare, but right now it was somewhat inconvenient.

"It's quite alright, Miss Granger," he said, somewhat mollified.

"I can't fathom why you would put something like that in a school," Dr. T'Soni accused. "It's bound to…"

"Let me make one thing perfectly clear," Albus interrupted, looking and sounding like the powerful wizard he was. The kind you crossed at you own peril. "What happens behind the closed door on the third floor does not concern you. You have my word that the students are protected and no harm will come to them because of the stone ... as long as they do not go where they are not supposed to venture


Oh boy, Liara and Albus showdown!
Vanessa Masters chapter 16 . 1/22
So, Harry knows the true name
The cloak and causes Albus to choke on tea. XD

Oh, Harry explains Asari lifespan. How they’re like Tolkien elves, but strip coins. Lol
Invisible cloak!
Vanessa Masters chapter 15 . 1/22
Something interesting about the Phoenix is revealed.

Oh, that’s sad about Seamus and Neville, not allowed to tell your husband unless you have a kid, not allowed to play with muggle kids.

Harry’s history class was incredible! And his teaching Hermione, he’s thorough.

Your fic has me on the edge of my seat with excitement!
Vanessa Masters chapter 14 . 1/21
The half-giant stepped forward and opened the door with his key. As expected with all the noise, Fluffy the Terrible Cerberus waited for them. One head glanced at the four students plus Remus, but all three heads seemed much more interested in Hagrid and his sack. There was no growling this time but a fair bit of whining and a lot of drool and slobber. This wasn't the same beast as they had seen before, though it was still physically imposing and quite intimidating. Hagrid showed no fear however and as he was rubbing and petting the dog who at some point even rolled on his back to provide better access it became clear that at least for the half-giant there was nothing to fear.
He soon disentangled himself and reached for his sack. All six dog ears rose in anticipation and the cerberus rolled onto his feet again. Three pairs of eyes tracked Hagrid's movement attentively as a large slab of meat appeared and they remained fixed on it as it was tossed into the air. Three heads wrestled for it, with the winner quickly gulping down the treat. Two more pieces quickly followed the first.

"Now who want's ter feed Fluffy?" Hagrid asked the four Gryffindors cheerfully. The four looked at each other, hoping against hope that someone else would volunteer, but neither of them seemed very eager to step forward. Neville looked quite green and Ron's freckles stood out clearly in his white face. Hermione's posture was defensive and she fidgeted and worried her lower lip. She didn't meet Hagrid's eyes.
Surprising even himself, Harry stepped forward. Hagrid beamed at him as he held the sack open for him.

Harry had to use both hands and quite a lot of his strength to toss the meat at the waiting Cerberus. The three heads eyed him suspiciously, even if they did not make any threatening moves. Harry had no doubt that only Hagrid's presence kept it at bay.
Feeding Fluffy was a deeply unsettling experience. Harry guessed that he could have enjoyed it, if not for the size, both of the dog and his food. One of the pieces was a whole flank of a pig, almost two feet in length. Fluffy's head number two munched it down happily.


Remus is NOT happy that harry was endangered and Hermione sees harry Naked. Lol “dangling bit” lXP.

And they meet fluffy in a more pleasant circumstances.
Vanessa Masters chapter 13 . 1/21
I love all that info about wandless casting and so forth!

"Harry, if I may cast a spell on you to test a theory? It will only grow out your hair a bit," Dumbledore finally said, turning towards the boy. Harry just shrugged and agreed. With a flourish of Dumbledore's wand a mirror was conjured and a second flick at Harry's direction had him staring transfixed at his mirror-image as his hair grew past shoulder-length - it was still a mess, but it didn't actually look half-bad.

"Now Harry, I want you to close your eyes and concentrate very hard on how you should look, especially your hair. Don't think about how it looks now, but how it always looked," Dumbledore instructed him. Harry obeyed. After a couple of minutes during which Harry felt very silly with his eyes squeezed shut, he was bade to open his eyes again. His hair was once again its messy, moderately short self. Poppy appeared shocked while Dumbledore merely stroked his beard in satisfaction, an amused smile on his lips.

"Albus, is he a Metamorpmagus?" the nurse asked.

"Oh no, Poppy! Quite the opposite in fact," the Headmaster chuckled.

"Excuse me, what's a Meta-whatsit-magus?" Harry asked.

"A Metamorphmagus, Harry, is a wizard or witch with the born ability to shift their body into almost any shape they like, as long as it's at least somewhat human," Dumbledore explained. Harry's eyes widened at that - that would be a very useful skill to have. "But as I've said, you are the opposite."

"What do you mean, sir?"

"Oh, very simple. You see, a Metamorphmagus has no real concept of self, thus their magic, as long as it remains untrained, will react to any input. Metamorphs have a hard time learning to keep themselves confined to a single, consistent form, but once mastered there are very few limits to their ability.
"You on the other hand have a very clear and established self-image so it's very easy for your magic to reverse any unwanted change. This extends to other areas, like the mind, as well. In truth anyone of us has this ability to some extent, yours is only considerably more pronounced. You will find that it will be easier for you than the average wizard to break spells that control you or your body. Don't worry about it too much, it's a hallmark of a particular strong-willed person. A great many old codgers like me have developed this ability over time. For someone as young as you to manifest the ability on the same scale is a bit unusual but neither impossible nor unheard off, just rare."

With that the Headmaster took his leave and Harry was released with a stern warning to not get injured in that foolish sport. Harry, Tika and Liara all breathed a sigh of relief that they made it through undiscovered.
But once again they had to admit that the magical world was a very strange place indeed


Intriguing, harry is unable to be imperio I believe it means.

Oh Fitwick, nice guy. And Harry comforting Hermione and making friends.

Jumping to conclusions AGAIN, Minerva? Goodness.
Vanessa Masters chapter 12 . 1/21
Well, harry sure showed Draco and disgraced him!

Oh, Liaras friend, Tika!

Oh boy, there’s garred again. Least he’s given up, for now.
Vanessa Masters chapter 11 . 1/20
Mate, you've done it!" Ron who was sitting next to him exclaimed in wonder. Hermione smirk had morphed into a shocked expression. Now it was Harry's turn to smirk. It wasn't really fair, but he enjoyed tweaking her buttons a bit. He did the same with Liara.

"My word, Mr. Potter," McGonagall apparently had heard Ron. "It's rare to see a successful transfiguration on the first day of classes. You have clearly inherited your father's and grandfather's talent. Take fifteen points for Gryffindor for an excellent transfiguration.
"Now let's see if you can manage to transfigure your quill into a duster. Instead of the piercing movement at the end, you give it a wave like this. The incantation is Immuto Peniculum."

She searched Harry's table for a moment with her eyes, apparently not finding what she was looking for. "Mr. Potter, where is your quill? And what's this?" she asked, pointing at his pen and notebook.

"I don't have one, Professor. I use a fountain pen instead," Harry answered, hoping she would let it go. He really didn't want to unpack his quills and parchment from his trunk.

"That is highly irregular, Mr. Potter," she said in a stern voice.

"Uhm, why, Professor? I mean, it's much easier to carry and organize, the pen doesn't blot and I get cramps from using quills," Harry tried to make his case. McGonagall's lips formed a very thin line and she looked as if she had bitten into something sour.

"Very well Mr. Potter, you have my permission to use these tools for you personal notes," she finally said. "Any essays you get assigned are to be written on parchment, however you may use your 'fountain pen'. During exams you will need to use the quills and parchment that are provided to you."

Harry grumbled a bit but nodded. It was a partial win but he still didn't really like it. What was it with these people and their backwardness?

Harry impresses Minerva, thou everyone does seem backwards about quills.

Oh, Harry reports Snape and even Minerva gets scolded.

But Minerva will make a effort to do better, feeling unhappy.

But Snape is a prat, thinking harry is arrogant and attention seeking.

He didn’t seem the abuse he suffered, did he Snape?

And Dumbledore suspects!
Vanessa Masters chapter 10 . 1/19
Why?" Ron asked. He was quite comfortable in the compartment. There were still some chocolate frogs left. "It's not as if four will find the toad any faster than one. But you go ahead, Harry and I won't mind."

"Ron's right," Harry said to the disappointment to both Neville and Hermione. "There's got to be a better way to do this. Isn't there a spell to find missing toads?"

Neville looked hopeful at that while Hermione scrunched up her face, trying to remember if she had read about any spell that could help them. Harry would have searched his omni-tool library for something but he still didn't feel comfortable enough with the interface to do it stealthily in front of people.

"Mum would just summon it. She's done it with Scrabbers here this morning when I couldn't find him. But I think it's an advanced spell. Doubt we can do it," Ron said gesturing at his sleeping rat.

"Brilliant Ron!" Harry congratulated him. "We can just ask someone older to do it for us. Say, haven't you told us about your brother Percy being a prefect? Maybe we can get him to help."

Ron still seemed reluctant to leave but since this time Harry had suggested it, he left with a minimum of complaining. As luck would have it they met Percy the Prefect in the next carriage. The fifth year was quite pleased to be of help, going on and on how it was his duty as a prefect to help the younger students. Five minutes later, in the second carriage in which Percy tried to summon the toad with a simple 'Accio Trevor', a beaming Neville thanked them all and went back to his compartment to change into his school robes and at Harry's advice, lock Trevor away.

Smart asking Percy to help get the toad.

Oh, it seems Harry’s seems Snape.

And Liaras advice toward Snape might help.
Vanessa Masters chapter 9 . 1/19
Finally after an hour of testing Ollivander put on a pensive expression and handed him a wand whose box he had to dust off beforehand. "Holly and phoenix feather, eleven inches, nice and supple."

As soon as Harry held it, he knew this wand was different. With a lazy wave - his arm had grown tired with all the waving - he conjured a shower of bright red and gold stars, much to the relief of him and his companions.

"Very curious, Mr. Potter," he said after he plucked the wand out of his grasp. "Very curious indeed."

"What's curious, sir?"

"Why, I remember every wand I have ever made and sold," the old man explained. "The phoenix who donated the feather to this wand here, gave me one other feather. Just one. And it so happens that while you have been chosen by this wand, its brother is responsible for your parents' death."

"You mean, Voldemort... Sorry... has the same wand as this?"

'Harry, ask him to give you another wand,' Liara urged him.

"Oh no! No two wands are the same," Ollivander assured him. "Why, even though their cores come from the same phoenix which makes them brothers, their wood makes them almost polar opposites. Yours here is holly, while He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's wand is made of yew."

Harry still wasn't sure. Liara had a point. He didn't know if he could be comfortable with this wand, knowing what its brother had done. Yet he also knew it was a bad idea to reject this wand. It just felt right.

While he was still undecided, Fawkes appeared in his usual flash of flame, startling everyone but Harry. He was used to the bird by now.

"'Lo Fawkes! What are you doing here? You got a letter from Dumbledore or did you just decide to see me?" Harry asked, quite pleased to see the bird. He always managed to lift his spirits. Except when he purposely crushed them by letting him eat dirt. His question was met with an incredulous stare, as if mocking his intelligence.

After five seconds Harry caught on and groaned.

"Of course... Who else... You gave Ollivander those two feathers, right? You know what the other one did, yes?" Fawkes at least had the decency to look contrite.

"Ah, I see you already befriended Fawkes," Ollivander put in. "That's even better! I believe this wand will serve you very well indeed."


Intriugi d. Harry learns about the wands.

And liara is flummoxed by magic. Paths and so forth. Which I can understand, and Harry learns about Snape early on!
Vanessa Masters chapter 8 . 1/19
Oh dear, Garred is hot on the trail!

And Harry asking auedtions, Learning about magic and meeting Hagrid and Remus.
Vanessa Masters chapter 7 . 1/19
I’ll bet Fawkes burning day was a shock, Isn’t it that they only do it every thousand or five thousand years?

Still I can imagine dombledore reaction to getting back a letter, and the prochecy!

There’s a interesting bit.
Vanessa Masters chapter 6 . 1/18
That's my cue kiddo. Might be we see each other sometime," she said in passing but then stopped for a moment next to the still dumbstruck Human boy. Then she did something unexpected. Laying one hand on his head in blessing she initiated an old form of meld to convey emotions. In ages past this type of meld had supplemented or outright replaced the Asari's body language but it had fallen out of use, partly because it worked only between two people and was useless in groups, and partly because while it came naturally between two Asari it was more difficult for them to use it with other species.
It was still used during love-making and survived in the ancient custom to touch each other while speaking as well as the lesser blessing rituals like the one Aethyta performed. Using the link she sent reassurance and confidence to ease the boy's confused state somewhat.

"Athame's blessing with you, child," she said, stepping away again. "If I don't miss my guess you will need all the confidence you can get. Give Liara and Benezia my best when you see them later."

Harry, still caught out of balance, could only watch as the strange Asari walked away from his table and left the ha

Oh harry meets Liaras father, and kiara learns the truth of her father and about the prophecy, and Harry gets his letter!
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