Reviews for Blue Magic
BROMBROS chapter 10 . 11/30
Potter Hall was a good Base of operations not bases. Other than that a great story so far.
Guest chapter 11 . 11/1
This is perhaps one of the most annoying Harry’s I’ve ever read in fanficton
jedimaster080 chapter 19 . 10/12
Even though you missed that March deadline for yourself, I hope you're still writing and plan on releasing the next chapter soon. I like this story a lot, But I totally get it. I myself am in a stuck progress mode on the fic I'm working on. so I'm not gonna be all "chap 20 when, tho?" because I know how guilty that makes me feel and how that makes me want to write less. I'll just say, I love the story, especially the space gays, and can't wait for the next installment
Uzushiogakure chapter 18 . 9/24
Seriously you are well and truly f***** up the magical world I mean even in condom it definitely has its problems and Corruptions but overall compared to muggle society and all its problems and Corruptions the magical world seem like a paradise but here you are well and truly f***** it up I mean seriously yes children and teenagers with reality warping powers are a bad idea but that is where the parents come in they've had literally thousands of years in order to come up with spells charms and all kind of enchantments in order to deal with their children and their outbursts so I'm pretty sure magical parents are well equipped to deal with their children and house-elves no doubts are also equipped to deal with magical children. Now if you are speaking of muggle-borns that would make sense because their parents are literally in no way equipped to deal with their magical child but here you just made the Magical World really f***** up and full of incompetent idiots you telling me that for some strange reason none of the adults have come up with a way to deal with the Outburst of their children and later teenagers it's pretty much what you're saying despite the fact that they've been around for pretty much as long as Youmans have been around and I have had to deal with their children repeatedly throughout that entire time and it didn't occur to any of them to come up with a way to make raising their children safer and easier? Seriously?

Not to mention you've seriously screwed up the entire magical world around the globe like I'm honestly curious here like you've presented mass effect as its society and politics and all that is generally how it is in condom why the hell have you decided to screw up the Harry Potter World the magical world so badly I'm really interested in you giving me an answer to this question like I don't see how This lends to the story in any way I know exactly does Harry and the Asari think they can go about fixing the magical world considering how badly you have f***** it up?

It is a fact that the magical world in its entirety all over the planet is more uniformly connected than the muggle world has to be because they have to maintain the statue of secrecy and are generally more peaceful than Muggle society and aren't worn with each other for one stupid reason or another the biggest issue they have to deal with is your dark lord or lady and of course bigotry the worst of which is pureblood supremacist. And of course the threat that Muggles posted them. Seriously man in your effort to make the magical world just straight up garbage and we're Society on planet Earth all you've done is make this story stupid I just want it just crap don't even make sense to me anymore because none of the things you're revealing about the magical world make any logical sense and it's so far from the books that it's just plain stupid like what a disaster like this how the hell do they even keep themselves Secret and how exactly does magical Britain be an advanced Nation when its population is only like 3,000 considering the mass Exodus from it during the 10 years Voldemort was Waging War.

As for Harry's cloak it's not really underwhelming in Conant seriously dude what book did you read the only people that's ever been able to find Harry while he's under it is Dumbledore and Mad Eye Moody and the reason why Dumbledore can't find Harry under it because JK Rowling has revealed this to us is that he uses a wandless and Silent homo revelio whenever he's having private meetings to make sure Harry isn't listening in and we already know about the X-ray capabilities of Mad Eye Moody that is why he can see through the cloak.

Anyway I'm just going to assume and truly hope that all these retarded changes you've made to the Magical World have some kind of Point behind it and we'll make some kind of sense at some point in the story because right now it really doesn't you just sent really created a nonsensical Powder Keg that's literally ready to blow at any moment and I don't see in any way shape or form how the hell are we can fix this s*** shitshow you've created.
Uzushiogakure chapter 17 . 9/24
Well this is quite the tractor and it brings up some interesting points and honestly it seems the magical world can't get a break they already have human muscles trying to exterminate them and now they're going to have to worry about extraterrestrial Muggles antibiotics wanted to exterminate them once they find out that they exist so yeah they just can't get a break. Let's not forget that the Reapers is definitely going to want them harvested because honestly I'm pretty sure that a reaper made from the Wizards and witches and other magical beings and creatures of the magical world would be virtually Unstoppable I mean there is simply no one in the Mass Effect Galaxy that would be able to do any real harm to an even the leviathans would be able to do nothing it would probably be able to wipe out planets and entire fleet simply by Vanishing them.

And while I I said that some good points were made in this chapter and they were because fear would be the immediate response to Magic from the various species in the Mass Effect Galaxy release the Citadel races and of course human Muggles. And they would definitely immediately try for extermination of course that's not mentioned in those who would obviously tried to capture some to experiment on them and try to weaponize their powers for themselves. Yet while learning more about magic would definitely alleviate the fears of some of them on the other hand it would make it even worse because they would feel justified in their actions to exterminate all magicals because if you're going to present magic in the story in all its glory in the Harry Potter universe and I'm going to assume that you intend to do so since you are presenting the biotics off the Mass Effect Galaxy in all its Glory in any case magic can rewrite reality it has no true limitations even the known limitations off Magic by witches and wizards is really just either them not having enough knowledge in order to figure out a way to best band magic to do your will to get the desired effect or them not having enough power.

And that's really the only true limitations of their magic is its wielder do they have enough raw power and knowledge in order to get the desired result that they seek. So how do you scientifically understand a power that literally has infinite possibilities and capabilities. Of course I'm not discouraging their study off it honestly that's one of the things I like the most about the story granted I think you shorthand studies done on Magic a lot because I'm quite sure they've been plenty of extensive studies done on it and continue to do so I mean if they're freaking studying what affects emotions have on Magic and human thought in the Unspeakable Department I'm quite sure extended studies on what magic is or capable of is being done it may not be published but it doesn't mean that it hasn't been done. Never mind the fact that they're only exposed to knowledge about magic in magical Britain magicals are all over the planet they all have their own Society has their own communities and just their own knowledge and approach to the subject of magic so quite frankly they're literally just scratching the surface.

In any case of it was saying the more they learn about magic the more questions are going to have yet at the same time the more they learn about magic and when the wider Galaxy get their hands on that information I doubt it's going to asajj the fears of some of those species in fact it's going to be used as justification of why they should exterminate magical or place severe control on them.

Honestly at this point it seems that the best case scenario for the magical world in its entirety all over the globe is the place and modified fidelius charm on their communities thus making it impossible for Muggles to find them or any of the races in The Wider Galaxy for that matter not even the Reapers would be able to find them because the fidelius charm essentially takes one out of phase with the rest of the universe so even if they attacked Earth and wiped out the mughals the magical world would remain unharmed even if the Reapers attack they wouldn't be able to do anything to the magical world because it wouldn't be able to interact with them.
Uzushiogakure chapter 16 . 9/23
A true muggle-born they can be no such thing unless you plan to change facts that are in fact Cannon JK Rowling herself as made it clear every single muggle-born is a direct descendant of a squib magic is genetic after all. And if I remember the TV show Marilyn correctly Gaius has used to be a practitioner of magic. And your form of how the statue of secrecy was created makes absolutely no sense to me considering the amount of mind-altering Magics that we've encountered in the Harry Potter books it would be quite easy for the magical world to literally hide all knowledge off is themselves and other magicals how the fiddle is charm involves hiding information and with things such as muggle repelling Wards and all that stuff it would be easy for them to hide your Society in fact I'm pretty sure those charms and stuff was created specifically to hide their society when muggle started hunting them trying to wipe them out.

Or do you intend to change that part of History to that Muggles tried to exterminate them centuries ago? Because based on your explanation of why the statue of secrecy was implemented that seems to be what you're saying.
Uzushiogakure chapter 15 . 9/23
Well realistically I'm all for the statute of secrecy and Neville's grandmother preventing him from getting involved with muggle children we all know what happens when that happens just ask Dumbledore and what happened to his sister when she got involved with muggle children nothing good comes from it. The fact of the matter is realistically speaking the only result of the magical world being revealed to the mother one would be undeniably war and Muggles would be the one to start it. How could do you think peace is going to happen when you got one of the most powerful religions on the planet judeo-christianity and all its denominations around the world that demonized their entire species and all the other species of magical beings and creatures so Neville's grandmother is right the Muggle world has nothing to offer witches and wizards except pain and suffering. Minerva is also aware of this after all her mother married a muggle and she was utterly miserable because she have to give up everything that she was and pretend to be something that she wasn't for as long as she stayed married she couldn't be a witch anymore she had to pretend to be a Muggle.

Magicals are quite capable of creating technology just like Muggles can they no less intelligent than in fact they have far more of an advantage because well they have magic the ability to rewrite reality at its most fundamental levels not to mention magic is also an unlimited source of energy so they have a far greater Advantage if they were to decide to create technology and we know that some of them indeed to create technology the Knight Bus and Hogwarts Express is a good example of magic and Technology being brought together in one they just need to expand on that. Though I doubt they would approach the subject of technology or rather techno-magic in a manner similar to Mongoose but that's to be expected they're not the same as mughals and they have a different society and different mindset.
Uzushiogakure chapter 9 . 9/21
That comment right there by Dumbledore about fear of the name increases the fear of the thing itself while it makes sense he knows damn well why people fear to say Voldemort's name how would you not fear name which when you say it the person you're speaking of immediately knows where you're located at and comes and kill you and your family in gruesome ways and use you as an example. And considering the first war with Voldemort lasted for 10 years that's more than long enough for a habit of avoiding sane that name to develop Dumbledore could say his name all he wanted to because well he can handle Voldemort if he shows up most people would have been eviscerated gruesomely if they were lucky considering Voldemort love to torture people until they beg for death.
Uzushiogakure chapter 8 . 9/21
Dragons are actually listed as sentient in Newt scamander's book if I remember correctly so they're not mere animals.
Uzushiogakure chapter 3 . 9/21
Actually Wizards and witches can live longer than that for instance Headmaster Dippet the previous Headmaster before Dumbledore live for 355 years naturally before he died and considering the amount of raw power that Harry has he should live about that long if not longer assuming he doesn't get himself killed heck had Dumbledore not been killed he quite possibly could have lived that long.
Guest chapter 3 . 9/11
Audio implants not a problem.
Visual implants so that he doesnt have to wear glasses like avery other being in the mass Effect universe? No Sir.
accio Harry's glasses.
Now I won the fight.
This is just Lazy and stupid writting.
Seros109 chapter 19 . 9/4
A really cool story, never dare not to finish this story! That would not only be evil but also a sin! Really cool work.

Will Hermione visit Thessia?
Will the story go into measure effect 1?

Keep up the good work and best regards from Germany
Graypdrink chapter 19 . 8/18
It's a good start story, please keep it up
ArtimuosJackson chapter 19 . 8/17
Guess you again got a writer's block or distracted by new games like RE 2 and DMC.
AndreiSRL chapter 19 . 8/5
Anyone still here?
Come on, you said the next one was already written.
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