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willam and jack and jake chapter 18 . 11h
nice can't wait to read more
Valdimarian chapter 15 . 5/28
"Force Multiplier" usually refers to equipment, training, or skills that multiply the effectiveness of a single person on the field of battle. It's just confusing here because Force can refer to physical Force as well as combat effectiveness.

A simplistic example of Force Multipliers is training and equipment:
A peasant with a weapon is worth 2 force.
A peasant with training in how to fight is worth 3 force.
A peasant with training AND a weapon is worth 5 force and is referred to as a Soldier.
A soldier on a horse (without training to fight from horseback) is worth 10 force.
A mounted soldier with training to fight from horseback is worth 20 force.

So when calculating odds in a battle a single mounted soldier with arms and training is worth 20 unarmed peasants on the field.

Stalin had a great quote that describes the reversal of it: "Quantity has a quality all of it's own" (IE: fielding more, cheaper, troops is just as effective as fielding fewer elite troops)
Valdimarian chapter 13 . 5/28
Amusingly in Dragon Ball and DBZ they would be surrounded by a BLUE field, unless they were going Super Saijin, at which point it'd be yellow.

Though some people (like Frieza, and I think the leader of the Ginzu squad) had purple auras.
Valdimarian chapter 6 . 5/27
I don't know if anyone pointed it out to you before, but your 6th year Transfiguration curriculum is missing Conjuration (said to be a Newt level subject).
god of all chapter 18 . 5/24
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
Yobikir chapter 18 . 5/24
You know, after reading this fic, and then reading a fic which bashed the wizarding world, it made me think about some things. i blame you for that ;)
1) One of the points the other fic bashes is the treatment of Werewolves and Vella and their categorizing as Dark creatures, but with the explanation of the previous chapter it makes some sense
1.1)In many Fics it seen as the werewolves have a inner beast, which takes complete control on full moon nights. But what does the beast do on other nights? Maybe it still affects the victim and makes then even more emotional. That would explain why Lupin is so logically and calm, he has to be to counteract the beast. Other werewolves would have to take even heavier/stronger Potions(heh maybe wolvesbane itself is just a overpowered calming through, which triggers at the transformation), and Hogwarts would need more energy to counter the accidental magic of them(which would be completely overpowered on full moon nights, which would explain why he was always outside the Hogwarts wards when he transformed in his youth, but could stay at Hogwarts when he was a Professor with access to wolvesbane), and that would explain as well why Lupin was the only Werewolves at Hogwarts, he was a experiment to see how the wards react to him, and after him they decided it is to much of an hassle.
1.2) Vella are another side of the Coin, maybe they are just as emotional as Werewolves(their Avian transformation could indicate that), but the true trouble would be their allure, which makes other Wizards more emotionally, thus more likely to use accidentally magic, thus Vella can be even more dangerous to wizards then Werewolves.
2) Another major bashing point in the other fic is the treatment of Squips, but with the explanation of the emotional problems the abandonment and (in the past) outright murder of young Squips could more sense since magical siblings of Squips would be highly dangerous for them, thus they abandon or kill them before they build a connection to them and they die anyway (i could imagine a nearly 100% fatality rate of Squips before they where abandoned or killed by their parents).
3) the above in correlation with muggles could also be the reason for the Statue of Secrecy and the witch-hunts in the past. They regularly brought their children together in the Past and it happened the magical killed the non-magical children with accidental magic, thus the hate for magicals increased, then the witch hunts started, they maybe rarely got a hold of a trained witch or wizard (and the ones they got got out of it easily), but what about the children? Thus the governments of both sides decided that it's best that both worlds get as separated as possible and the Statue was born.
Unca Bob chapter 18 . 5/20
Just go onto this story a couple of days ago and I'm loving it.
Your analysis of canon character and story is excellent and it's reflected in the quality of the writing. The connection between mass effect, ezo and magic is well done and the handling of the difficulties exploring something you can't measure is top notch. Exploring completely new fields is hard yo.
The D&D and WH40K references tickled my fancy, I've a love for both of those.
The scope of what you're doing with this story is a little staggering and I hope you've got a plan, because I really want to see how everything comes together.
Aelphais chapter 18 . 5/20
And what was Malfoy thinking going after Harry and friends alone? What would he have done if he had caught them? He might have been able to alert someone to them, but he would have been in trouble too.

Doesn't this happen in canon? It has been a while, but if I remember right: Malfoy and co report Harry and co being out of bed. Harry gets detention and Malfoy looks smug. Whoever they're reporting to (I've forgotten) says "Why so smug, Malfoy? You're in detention as well." He then gets this look of absolute shock like he never expected such a thing to be possible.

That said, I'm really enjoying this fic. I was fairly apprehensive when I clicked Harry Potter crossovers, I expected them all to be Harry joining the ME2 crew for whatever poor reasons the author made up. Glad clicked this one instead.
happylady chapter 18 . 5/18
Great story so far
Until next time
Guest chapter 15 . 5/18
you know after the ending of book seven readers are expected in changing in wizarding world and harry potter would be the beacon of changing but nothing happened people remain same as ignorant and neither of the golden trio take leadership in changing the wizards instead we got a stupid happy weasley family ending that is the reason people hates weasleys and dumbledore. But you are trying to give hp world a better ending like in percy jackson books where percy and jason saw problems of gods and demigods and vow to solve and change it and make gods to do so not like the life dumbledore told harry to lead that is why so many fictions of hp are available and trying to make harry a better hero than a wuss
paulmoss chapter 18 . 5/14
Loving this story keep up the good work.
Vercalos chapter 18 . 5/13
*twiddles thumbs*
*waits for next chapter*
Is it my imagination, or is Professor McGonagall even more unfair than she is in canon?

Most fanon tends to agree that while she had overreacted to the dragon incident, she was generally a tough but fair disciplinarian. The fact that she would utterly dismiss claims by students of her own house and believe Draco Malfoy, who has a known vendetta against just about everyone in Harry's circle of friends, thus motive to lie to get them in trouble, is a bit far fetched. I like McGonagall normally but you've turned her into an idiot.
Elim Garak chapter 18 . 4/29
Still a lot of fun, but am missing something. I am sure you've heard of the HPMOR fanfic - the author brought up a huge problems with magic that you never mentioned. Where does the computational capacity come from? OK, let's say that the required energy problem is solved with unobtanium (dark energy). But how does Harry know the genetic structure of a pig? Or how does a wizard conjuring a stone wall know the chemical composition of granite? And I doubt that McGonnagal knows cat anatomy or genetics.

IMHO the only way to reconcile this problem is to find a hidden supercomputer that is being commanded to do various things by the minds of wizards when then "cast" spells. Possibly one that is also helping them greatly with the power requirements.

Furthermore, I don't think I buy the things that Dumbles claims. If the other societies abandon muggleborns, then why doesn't the muggle government find and deal with them? Where are all the police reports on what is going on? Why isn't CIA and KGB, as well as all the other military organizations recruiting and training all the abandoned muggleborns to become spies and researchers? Why doesn't FBI, that collects all sorts of statistics and does analysis of crime notice the patterns?

There must be half a dozen muggleborns in Hogwarts, in Harry's year alone. With the other schools, that means that at least a couple of dozen appear every year, per roughly 60 million people. Now, how many do you think appear in larger countries? And how noticeably do they self-destruct, in apparently predictable patterns? And Dumbles claims that the muggle government and people don't notice these issues, complete with unexplained powers and abilities, constantly appearing in 1st world nations?
Elim Garak chapter 17 . 4/29
This is a lot of fun, but I am not sure why the T'Soni throw money at the problem. They recognize it as the biggest danger and opportunity in centuries. Why are they not looking for/hiring/recruiting/educating the most brilliant scientists in known space? Why doesn't Liara have every scanner known to the civilized worlds available, with a staff to match? Complete with drop troops available in case things get hairy on the surface?

I get that part of this is a lack of people that can be trusted, but surely one of the biggest leaders of a species that numbers at least in tens of billions could find some!
xThomas2 chapter 18 . 4/28
K. Decent slow Fic, usually these don't get finished. However, looks like this will be finished.
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