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Arkhen chapter 18 . 7/24
Was Luna's mother Selene Lovegood the person albus was talking about.. The one who was researching the founder's enchantments that died.
ahsanrox chapter 18 . 7/24
great story
thedwo chapter 18 . 7/18
I was re-reading this, and you really seem to be going out of your way to keep the HP events the same as canon, at least in outcome if not in the detail.

Like when Ron first met Harry and asked about the scar - I get Harry not being all upset about it as you neatly tied up any potential angst he might have about the night his parents died. BUT I do think the way you portray Harry he wouldn't be so accommodating - this Harry is not starved for friendship, and as such, while he would probably answer with "I had it, but got rid of it" why would he voluntarily show off his forehead? I mean, even with the angst of asking about the night his parents were murdered, Ron is still asking about a facial disfigurement.

Other times his actions seem to raise a few questions. I mean, why does he react to Malfoy with abrupt dismissal? Wouldn't he have been taught how to handle that more gracefully as a ward of Matriarch Benezia?

And I know your Author's note right at the end here is stating that all these things "need" to happen, but they only "need" to happen if you feel the need to have the confrontation with Quirrellmort the same. It doesn't. Perhaps he doesn't know that he's saving the stone from Voldemort, just that someone is trying to steal it, and since none of the teacher's would listen, he decided to go get it first. That makes much more sense then thinking he, as a first year, could successfully confront someone possessed by a Dark Lord. Or maybe he makes an educated guess Voldemort is after it - say he takes Hagrid's off hand comment that he's still alive as a Hagrid!slip that means he knows he is, not just assumed he is, then jumps to the conclusion that obviously it's either Voldemort, or one of his followers trying to get it for him. Or maybe the encounter is just different - Quirrellmort found the mirror earlier in the year, figured out he couldn't get the stone, and then ran with Voldemort's obsession with Potter and kidnapped him thinking maybe he could get it for him.

All of what I just adds up to a big warning sign, at least imo, for this story. If, as an author, you are afraid to change the big HP plot events, then this story will fall flat - because they NEED to change, as Harry is RADICALLY different then canon!Harry. He has different resources, ones that would be pro-active, which means he won't just be sitting on his hands after fourth and fifth year, but actively working to prove Volde's around and/or take him down, as he wouldn't trust the MoM to do so.

Then there is also the problem that you brought up - much of HP consists of seemingly unrelated events that all have small connections to something big that happens in the spring. That means if you don't change what happens in the spring, you have to at least of some form of the related but mostly unrelated events, which rapidly becomes you rehashing all of the HP story, which gets boring. Fast. Even more so if you've decided before hand that nothing major can change.

Not that I'm not liking this story, I am. It's just, this is an issue that, to me, kills a lot of other stories. Combined with the fact that you seem unwilling to summarize and/or skip over or even shorten these 'utterly random encounters' you'll end up with a very long story that does nothing but retell the events of the books and I'm hoping this story avoids that fate, as the interesting thing in these crossovers is the different reactions and new ways the differences in the main characters take the story.

As to your first comment about emotional teenagers and reality warping powers - what happens to those who live in the mundane world over the summer? If that one kid caused an explosion WHILE DRUGGED to prevent it, what happens the first time Hermione goes to the store and bumps into Dudley and he tries to be his usual bullying self? Since nothing in their education focuses on controlling emotions...kaboom?
Isebas chapter 18 . 7/17
Another excellent chapter. I definitely like your different take on the magical world and that you actually included more schools than just Hogwarts. As a "muggle" I can see how drugging students to mute their emotions would be at least a little horrifying. I have enjoyed your portrayal of Dumbledore, he actually appears more human than he did in most of the books. I especially liked the little barb about the elite needing someone to rule.

That is something I questioned about Voldemort and his followers that seemed to want the muggleborns dead and those that opposed him. I wonder if his followers even care that he and they are killing off so many "important" magical lines that they wish to preserve.

It is difficult to calculate the size of the population of the magical UK but if he kills all those who oppose him who are he and the purebloods going to rule over? One of my favorite one shots shows what might happen if they "win". It's called Wish Carefully by Ten Toes.

Thanks for writing,
Isebas chapter 5 . 7/16
I'm really liking this story so far. I have liked Mass Effect fanfiction so much I went out and bought the games. One thing I would have changed with the talk between and Harry and Liara at the end was having her explain the difference between "killing" and "murder". I have read a lot of fanfiction and most of the time no emphasis is put on one or the other when it comes to moral choices. Thanks for sharing your vision with us.

LoPe21 chapter 18 . 7/12
Amazing story, likeable characters. Lore between the two worlds mixed amazingly well with great amount of thought put into very nearly everything.

I marathoned all the available chapters over a single weekend. This story is that good.
Retric chapter 10 . 7/7
I always read it as Ron ducked out to avoid the spider when he noticed a short person in the compartment vs seeking Harry out. Sort of this is more friendly than staying with the twins / going near a huge spider.
Retric chapter 7 . 7/7
The population issue is more viable than you might think. First a flow of new wizards from muggles, second they travel around quite a bit so it's more the population of Europe, Africa, and Asia, finally you get quite a few crosses with at least 3 named in the book. Overall it's plenty of genetic diversity.
Me Myself and I chapter 18 . 7/1
Man, I hope this fic is not dead.
Jack of Spades29 chapter 18 . 6/30
I'm enjoying this story so far. I've always liked stories where Harry tries to explain and experiment with magic and yours is well thought out. Regarding your ps on the end of ch. 8, please don't feel obliged to stick close to canon. It takes the suspense out of the story if you know how it ends and how the story will progress to that conclusion. I like what you are doing in exploring the rest of the worlds of Harry Potter and Mass Effect. On a random note, I can see combat applications of "gemino"ing an explosive (grenade or bomb), potion, or gas then using the switching spell on clothes, the ground, or small objects near an opponent, if none exist darts or pebbles can be carried. Thank you for writing.
Bearmauls chapter 18 . 6/29
This story is wonderful and awesome! I adore all the pop-culture shoutouts (The Order of the Stick/Wand was particularly brilliant btw, and yes I spotted it before the AN). Can't wait for more!

I am mildly confused by the ME character ancestor analogues. Its a fun idea, but I think it cheapens the actual Mass Effect characters a bit to have these very similar ancestor versions. I'm fine with them being similar in broad strokes (species, maybe general talents) but I think I'll enjoy them better if they feel like their own characters a bit more, rather than mis-named copies of Shepard's crew.

I think handing Neville the idiot-ball was acceptable, he is pretty useless in book 1. Untrained, unused to thinking things through, etc. It is rather brilliant to use him to communicate the Forbidden Forest detention, since our heroes are too good to get caught. The fact that he is the other child of prophecy makes it even better!

I like how you're playing Dumbles here. I've also read that FFauthor who talks about him as a plot device and the problem with having the early books be so thematically different than the later ones. I like how you have him be capable, but still flawed and how his mistakes are so significant, because of how much power he wields. It makes him sympathetic, but still able to both help and hinder our heroes. Quite excellent.

Really really excited about how you are gradually toning down Hermione's more annoying traits. I adore her character but she was a bit insufferable in book 1.

Love the story, can't wait for more chapters. Also like the shoutouts to other authors and stories in your ANs, good way for me to find more awesome stories!
Prince Sheogorath chapter 18 . 6/27
Great chapter. Please update soon!
Luke Dragneel chapter 6 . 6/26
Personally I am a Harry/Luna shipper, as her unique presence when introduced in volume 5 has always made me think she would be the best for Harry. She calmed Harry after the loss of his godfather within a single talk when everyone else couldn't get anymore than a moody teenager response.
She also clicked with Harry like no other of his friends after they met each other( if you're planning to do a Harmony pairing, then could you please let Luna be either a part of it or treated as a sibling to Harry).

Anyways this was a great chapter and I hope you will touch more on the different branches of magic(and what certain types of magic that could then be made into a new branch of magic, such as enchanting "mundane" items like the Knight Bus or the Wizarding Tents, as that would be useful for them to learn.). Alchemy, Runes, Enchantments, and Transfiguration would be the most useful to me considering where Harry has grown up the last few years. After all, even if he made a magical pistol that only shot out stunning spells would make fighting him hard as Hell(mainly because unlike casting a spell pulling a trigger would only take a fraction of a second. A simple protego would take maybe ten to fifteen spells of medium strength before it would need either reinforcing or a new shield. The only problem would be the requirement of a power source, either independent of the user or the user themselves.).
It would also make for an effective weapon against kinetic shields due to the fact that it doesn't have any real physical force to it and is a more hard light projection than a physical object. Not so effect against spacecrafts or robots but definitely effect against living targets.

A good example of standardly used alchemy is the Floo Powder, as it is a magical non-potion substance that doesn't naturally occur. It is just the most common example of alchemy I could find outside the Stone in HP Canon, even if it isn't stated as such. There is also the interesting magical effect that I like to call MIs(or Magical Intelligence) that show up throughout Canon(talking mirrors, animated portraits, the Weasley's Ford Angelia, and the shrunken heads just to name a few) would be interesting to see how a people who fear AIs would react to that branch of magic(especially if someone made an intentional magical variant of an actual AI).
Luke Dragneel chapter 2 . 6/22
I foresee a problem here, in the fact that magic(and you have certain things like how a portkey feels the same as traveling via the Mass Relay, which doesn't make sense for it to be localized like that except if something else caused it, when it should have been a feeling of almost weightlessness like bungle jumping) is being too closely related to Biotics and Element Zero, which can't do some of the things magic from the HP verse can do, like Transfiguration.
Thus the Suspension of Disbelief is strained unless it is later proved that while magic looks like Element Zero from a less sophisticated scan, it is in fact different to more sophisticated scans that they have.
Besides there are different incidents(such as when he turned his teacher's hair blue) where a Biotic wouldn't be able to replicate such an effect, whether or not that effect is beneficial in any way.

As for the Asari, I like that you might actually have Laira's mom turn out good, as this should keep her from Soren's reach especially since with Harry's reintroduction into the magicals side of Earth should spark several possible ways to advance technology for the Asari(either through mimicry and then development or via adding magic to the mix of advancement of technology for the Asari, which would be of a limited source unless they mate with magicals).

The philosopher's stone should prove handy for the human Hermione, Harry(and hopefully Luna Lovegood) so that they can reach Canon start of Mass Effect. Personally I prefer seeing magicals make their own spaceships and other such advances either with their more mundane counterparts or without them, as they could potentially create interesting technomancy. And with magic being the source, it would allow for styles that normal physics wouldn't allow for, such as Steampunk or other odder mixes of advanced and classical advances such as lightsabers being possible without being wastes of resources.
Guest chapter 18 . 6/21
Very good
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