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GinnyMyLove chapter 23 . 3/10
As for the reference to the Doctor: He would say that time is this... timey wimey wibbly ball of stuff...

But he also cannot avoid paradox himself without repurcussions. All actions he takes as a Time Lord must work WITH time, not against it. A verified death is a Moment which cannot be undone. However so long as everyone "believed" that the person died, events can be rewritten so that they did not "actually" die, only appeared to have.

Thus the suggestions for handling any future time travel. I do admit it really made me almost stop reading, everything has been so wonderfully done up to that point and then you "dropped the ball" when it came to the time travel. Your excuses and wikipedia researching after the fact all feel like you defending the fact that you could not understand time well enough to come up with a way to fix what had happened and not avoid paradox.

At the same time, not avoiding the paradox was something that nobody else does in their stories, so it was somewhat original (I had to convince myself).

I'm pretending that it was a hiccup in relativity, and that it should be treated more like a "vision of the future" which may or may not just happened in present time with the planning happening afterward, instead of having time to prepare for it before hand.

Timey Wimey Wibbly Wobbly Paradoxical Time Hiccup ... stuff
GinnyMyLove chapter 22 . 3/10
I do apologize for not having reviewed up to this point, I was simply engrossed.

This chapter though... I'm sure others have sent you the same review but I had to voice my thoughts.

What you have created is a paradox with the time turner; In the original use, nothing that happened before they turned back was irreversible, and everything appeared to have worked out just the same at the end of the day, to everyone that was not involved in going back in the first place.

What I might suggest for a rewrite of this chapter, is that you have a second time turning.

They discover Lucious/Umbridge and foil the plot, but Hermione mentions that in order to avoid Paradox, it must still appear that the events happened the way they did the first time, in order for the trio to have traveled back in the first place.

On the second turn, Ginny replaces Marta, Hermione replaces Luthario and Harry replaces Lucious/Umbridge (hello metamorphs). Hermione is "impiriused" to cast the "killing curse" which is actually just green light, or perhaps a green stunner (bond magic). Ron falls over the side but they contacted Hogwarts to let her in on the plan.

Vika cushion Ron's fall and changes the wards the map uses to show the red dots instead of black, even though Ron and Marta are not dead.

Vika then apologizes to the trio for misleading them on the first go round.

This way, all of the original events "happen" but in a way that nobody saw anything different before the reveal.

Isn't time travel and paradox avoidance fun?
LBII chapter 55 . 2/19
Excellent story! I have no clue why I read the first story in this series and did not start on the rest. It was a mistake. Thank you for sharing your time, talents and imagination with us readers.
PS. My wife spent over 20 years as a cartographer for a gas pipeline.
old guy chapter 55 . 1/31
kewl. Hope Some better wards get erected at Greenglass manor. How are they gonna find time for a business course, vacation, training, a new staff to be made,etc etc
old guy chapter 54 . 1/31
the sad part is Harry is so right in his statement. Wish he could walk in with his votes and sentence them all to the veil
old guy chapter 53 . 1/31
nice action
od guy chapter 52 . 1/31
the people may have to walk in, but 4 gryffins dropping on the bad guys heads may cause a bit of a headache, since humans can't really hurt
old guy chapter 52 . 1/31
Draco? Vika? too much distance. Tonks? still on duty, I presume.
old guy chapter 52 . 1/31
how about a nice goblin sorcerer and a house elf or two as back to kick ass
old guy chapter 51 . 1/31
dead men walking
old guy chapter 50 . 1/31
well, should be about time for dee and now gracie to get ambushed and maybe hurt badly if not worse. The DE mob may have a whole bunch of honked off marauders, teachers, aurors, and the whole DA down on them for this one.
old guy chapter 49 . 1/30
so, are the bad guys after Hermione's mum or someone else in this plot
old guy chapter 49 . 1/30
I caught Lord Hogwarts a while back, and wondered when Lady Hogwarts would pop up and if anyone else caught it. Vika seems to have a magical itch from being around people too many years
old guy chapter 47 . 1/30
reckon that was the gryffins sensing some new going ons
old guy chapter 41 . 1/30
why did I know this was coming. very nice
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