Reviews for Roots and Wings
Not That Hannah chapter 64 . 7h ago
This was extraordinarily beautiful. It made me cry, I mean really cry, but it was beautiful. I love that he came back for her and especially loved the "I'm just getting started" line. That's how I see B&B, too, loving each other that much.

Thank you for giving them such a lovely long life together. As sad as this chapter makes me, I'm glad to see I have more chapters to read about the this family.

I love the way you write them. Your world is full of love and warmth and happiness. It's beautiful.
Not That Hannah chapter 63 . 8h ago
How sweet! And I wouldn't mind having Christine's daddy chase my monsters away, too. :)
Not That Hannah chapter 62 . 8h ago
Very intriguing! And yay for TWO Harland stories to read!
Not That Hannah chapter 61 . 8h ago
Those are two of my favorite books, too.

I'm curious, do you have a chronology for these chapters? When I finish them all, I'd love to read them again in order of when they happened.
Not That Hannah chapter 60 . 8h ago
Cute! I have no problem seeing Angela chaperoning a teenager's party.
Not That Hannah chapter 59 . 8h ago
Wow. This was excellent. Everything, from the conversation between the three kids to Christine and Zack with B&B. Excellent work showing how the kids found out what kind of parents they really had.

I love this world of yours.
Not That Hannah chapter 58 . 8h ago
Yay more Harland! I can't wait to read a whole story about him!
Not That Hannah chapter 57 . 8h ago
I'm not a fan of spoilers. I like to come to every new episode without knowing much more than the commercials.

Good chapter!
Not That Hannah chapter 56 . 8h ago
LOL! B&B never change, do they?
Not That Hannah chapter 55 . 8h ago
I wondered how Christine met the other three girls. Is there more about Kennedy, too?
Not That Hannah chapter 54 . 8h ago
I'm not a fan of hers either but she does get some great lines. I can completely see her playing favorites and liking Booth's look-a-like son the most, even if she never admitted it.

Great chapter!
Not That Hannah chapter 53 . 8h ago
I like Josie already! Can't wait to find out more about her!
Not That Hannah chapter 52 . 8h ago
I have heard that about Scarlett O'Hara! I can't imagine that character being named Pansy.

I am so glad Petra and Zack are a couple. They seem perfect for each other!
Not That Hannah chapter 51 . 8h ago
Cute! I hope we get to find out what happened the first time the kids made breakfast?
delia84 chapter 86 . 4/17
Oh, WOW. I hate that you took a break (though I'm one to talk — I think I went 2 months without posting anything!), but it was totally worth it for this chapter. I had to take a minute and sit here to even think about how to begin a review for this!

I absolutely love how well you've painted Angela's emotions — and did it using so little dialogue! Always impressive.

I think my favorite part is how you've woven so many "Brennan elements" together. She's quick to listen to the doctor, but not forget about her kids. She gives Parker the details, but knows how spare her younger crew. She goes and lets her guard down when she sees Booth, but still watches out for her kiddos. Sigh. You've got all the elements together so nicely.

I have to admit — I was really curious about how old the kiddos were … and then you answered it by giving us Zach's age! Thank you. :)

And wow, you did all this in present tense. You're right — it's SO HARD to write in present tense! Kudos.
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