Reviews for Roots and Wings
SchwuppDiDupsi chapter 151 . 5/25
really great!
CharmedOpal chapter 151 . 5/25
I loved when Booth was going through the names. This always happens with my nan and granddad, there's so many of us that it take's forever for them to finally reach our names, hahaha.

I loved this chapter. Can't wait for the next! :)
Caprigirl60 chapter 151 . 5/25
It's kind of heartbreaking to read that Booth is so elderly and frail. Must be really hard for the big, strong hero to have to depend on others to do things for him. Booth saluting Daniel made me all teary-eyed too. Nice call-back to Jared.

Love that Brennan said he was "fractious" what a great word. Nobody says that any more.

With five brothers in my house, my parents used to mix up their names all the time and have to run through all of them to finally get the right name out. *lol*
queenbee1711 chapter 151 . 5/25
Loved it! So true about the name calling and in our house when that started someone was in deep doo doo! Brought back some great memories picking up Gram and Gramps to go on vacation to the cabin on the lake! Good times! Thanks for the update.
Guest chapter 151 . 5/25
Love, adore and applaud!
Guest chapter 151 . 5/25
I’m completely enamored with Grumpa Booth LOL. pLEASE UPDATE SOON :)
AmandaFriend chapter 151 . 5/25
Very touching. . . . brought a tear to my eye when Booth said, "God willing, I'll be there to salute you, too."
DWBB chapter 151 . 5/25
You made me cry this morning. The words and actions coming from Booth sound just like my Gerald last summer when we had all our family together for a week at the beach. There were 19 of us. Poor Gerald hated the beach. Some were tears of great joy in remembering our life together.

Thank you for writing Roots and Wings. We have deep roots in our family and our loved ones have wings to fly from the nest. It is comforting to know they fly on their own but they always retur to their roots.

May you and your family have a great Memorial Day. We all have much to remember!

HSCharmed4Life chapter 150 . 5/24
I would love it if you could touch on what has happened in the last couple of episodes. As a flash back of course but it would be great.
Not That Hannah chapter 150 . 5/22
:( Usually I want you to write faster but now I want you to slow down so this never ends. Can you just send me a chapter every week? A litlte one about Zack and Petra so I can see them growing old together too, with all those boys and their families. This is Bones for me now and its depressing to think of it going away.
Staceym32 chapter 150 . 5/22
NoOOOO, I never want this to end- it is my all time favorite! Ahhhh And moving on from Bones
fanfiction? You're breaking my heart Stacey M
Guest chapter 150 . 5/21
Sad to hear you'll be gone from bones fan fiction so soon, but I'm glad that you're at least finishing your other fics. Loved this chap, keep it up (:
monkeypots chapter 1 . 5/21
I just love this story.i could read it forever.
Athena chapter 150 . 5/21
Oh, no! Did you say "move on from Bones fanfiction for good? An end to the razztaztic Bones universe would be as heartbreaking as the end of Bones the TV show...
Guest chapter 150 . 5/21
Loved it!
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