Reviews for Roots and Wings
penandra chapter 206 . 5/30
Thank you for this final chapter and the 205 that came before. Thank you for being a part of the Bones fandom and sharing this family with us. Thanks for the tree house and the mighty hut. The spouses and offspring and more spouses and more offspring. For tying up loose ends and connecting the dots. Ill miss this, but am so grateful to have been along for the ride!
demilyforever447 chapter 206 . 5/30
Thank you so much for this amazing story! Loved every chap (:
Pacicos chapter 206 . 5/30
I can think of only one word to sum up this series... THANKS !
Shoultastic chapter 190 . 5/30
Thank you for an amazing story. I love the way you write. Your additions to my favorite Bones characters are top notch. Petra is perfect. I am almost on vacation and I am looking forward to starting over again from the beginning.
JBCFlyers19 chapter 206 . 5/30
So sorry to see this story end... with a tear in my eye, I thank you so much for sharing it with us!
Staceyam32 chapter 205 . 5/30
Bawling my eyes out reading this chapter & thinking it is ending. You tell a wonderful story. Stacey M
miss random chapter 206 . 5/30
I'm so sad to see this wonderful story end! I started reading this when you were back around chapter 80 and have enjoyed the ride ever since! Thank you for a beautiful story!
guest 2 chapter 206 . 5/30
thank you so so so much!
you are a very talented writer
i hope you get published
or maybe you have already
keep writing
whether it's bones fiction or not
CeeLee chapter 206 . 5/30
Thank you for your wonderful stories, thanks for the laughter and tears. You know someone is a great writer when they can evoke a strong emotional reaction. And you are great. Thanks again.
Bones2014 chapter 206 . 5/29
I don't believe I've cried so hard over the end of a story, an epic saga. I have enjoyed this so much, every chapter. The beautiful family you've created around my fav couple is amazing. I'm going to miss the updates do much. It's even more sad in that it reminds me that we only have one more season before we have to say goodbye to Bones as well. Thankfully I can reread this as often as I like, like I can rewatch Bones. Thank you so much for sharing your Bones universe with us. It has truly been an enjoyable & satisfying experience. Perhaps you will miss it & give us occasional holiday or just because additions in the future. Just throwing that idea out there for ya:)
MaryT72 chapter 206 . 5/29
THANK YOU, THANK YOU - I know I'm shouting but I want to be heard above the sounds of thanks and appreciation from you readers. We have been privileged to be offered your wonderful story describing the life of our favorite family. Like many others I've shed tears (a lot of tears). of sadness and joy as the saga continued. You captured the personalities and humanity of every member of an entire family so brilliantly that we readers cared deeply for each member of that family. Brennan and Booth remain the gold standard of your story and isn't that just the way B&B should be remembered.
Guest chapter 206 . 5/29
I am in tears and so sad this is the last chapter. Thank you a hundred times over for entertaining us for these last year's with this great story. I have already reread it so many times and I am sure I will continue going back to read it. Great ending.
Evelyn Valerious chapter 206 . 5/29
I haven't bothered to log into my account for ages but this is absolutely worth it.

I have loved everyone of these 206 chapters, even when they made me cry. And now knowing it's finally over almost has me in tears again. This has been a wonderful journey. Not only getting to read about the lives of characters we already know and love, but all of your original characters as well.

Thank you for creating this world and this family and sharing it with us.
EowynGoldberry chapter 206 . 5/29
I enjoyed your story:)
loverofbones chapter 206 . 5/29
I loved your story it is great
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