Reviews for Roots and Wings
Pacicos chapter 145 . 4/19
Love Billy! Tough no nonsense love for his brood but expecting accountability and assuming full responsibility for their actions. It will make Parker a better person and a real man. Love the story! Thanks!
queenbee1711 chapter 145 . 4/19
I love me some parker booth too! Good job billy! Always there are consequences to your actions and about time parker learns this! I love your world of booth and Brennan and their family!
SchwuppDiDupsi chapter 145 . 4/19
i love it :) thanks
Fluffybird chapter 145 . 4/19
Good chapter, I think my fave eps of this show are the ones that have Booth teaching someone something about reality. This chapter has that same thing going on...I hope there are more people like your Billy. And thanks for not having him arrange for Parker to be tattooed as a lesson.
saderia chapter 145 . 4/19
Poor parker. Great chapter
FaithinBones chapter 145 . 4/19
A good old fashioned slap down. He definitely needed it. Poor Parker. Your list of dead artists were chilling, very chilling
Not That Hannah chapter 144 . 4/18
I love this family so much. Love how sweet they are and how they love Bones so much. And how sweet was Zack making it all better for his mommy by turning on the light? So sweet. Love them.
Not That Hannah chapter 143 . 4/18
I can just see this play out! Too funny! Those poor kids! I wonder how often Bones has brought up Christines periods while they're eating dinner? LOL "Stop doing that!" LOL And the banana! Priceless and perfect as always MJ! Great work!
SWChica2005 chapter 144 . 4/17
All caught up! Great chapters!
SWChica2005 chapter 140 . 4/17
Love! Absolutely gorgeous!
Guest chapter 144 . 4/16
Sorry if it sounds like I’m rambling but I’m honestly so glad I found this fic. I’ve been following since chapter one and constantly check for updates (sorry if thats a bit creepy). You’ve managed to capture everything I love about B&B and the bones world and create something beautiful. Two things scare me: what I’m going to do when the show ends and what I’m going to do when you finish with this fic but I won’t think about that for now, lol. Anyway, please keep updating (and also update bits & pieces when you get the chance) you’re writing is absolutely wonderful.
chosenname chapter 144 . 4/16
I love how Brennan told the kids the truth, without scaring them to death. All kids understand and empathize with a fear of being stuck in the dark. She let them understand her terror, without traumatizing them for life. I.E. "Well kids, I had a flashback nightmare about the time when I was locked in the trunk of a car and left there as punishment for breaking a dish."

Christine and Zach are such sweet and empathetic kids - B&B are wonderful parents!
Ondiac chapter 143 . 4/16
LOL! As mom of an eleven year old I will remember that this is not a good way to have this talk. :)
penandra chapter 144 . 4/16
Booth was maybe hoping for waffled?
SchwuppDiDupsi chapter 144 . 4/16
oh soooo cute! i love that
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