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pasha54 chapter 166 . 8/20
So romantic. Buka has a lot on the ball. It's hard to think of a rock star as a Grisha, but on the other hand, Parker is Booth's son, and apparently more like Booth than like Booth's biological father.
Guest chapter 166 . 8/20
Parker and Josie are a beautiful couple. I love that we got to see more on Josie's background and life growing up. It gives so much more depth to her character and shows what a truly good person she is, I loved it.

Parker is definitely husband goals. No doubt he learned from the best.

I also loved Buka's story. Amazing.

I'm not sure if you ever picture celebrities as your characters, and I don't really associate a lot of your characters with any celebrities, but whenever I read about Josie, I always picture her as Elsa Pataky in my head. Lol!

Can't wait for your next chapter (:
jsboneslover chapter 166 . 8/20
I'm having a load of fun READING about Parker and Josie. I love "Parker the rock star," and love even more that he is not seduced by what is easy. Very much like his father that way, isn't he? Will Parker tell the story of his Dad and Bones to the Buka? Booth men are loyal, if nothing else.
Caprigirl60 chapter 166 . 8/20
I loved Grandma's story about her husband keeping the woodbox full. How sweet. I like Parker & Josie stories almost as Zach & Petra or Tom & MV. Christine is the only one I usually end annoyed with. I think she's a P.I.A, but that might just be me.

I feel like we don't know that much about Parker & Josie so I'm looking forward to more of their story.
MeganLucy26 chapter 166 . 8/20
loved it!
saderia chapter 166 . 8/20
Gotta love a booth. Great chapter.
penandra chapter 166 . 8/20
Ok. Another one of those chapters that should have a hankie alert at the beginning. Beautifully done, beautifully written. I had no trouble picturing Josie's Grandmother, she looked just like my Gramma Rakowski (nèe Smolec, from Krakow)

When I read your Parker- Josie stories, I try to picture Parker as a young adult. The image I keep seeing is a young Sam Elliott! :-D

Thank you for this delightful chapter. Hankie alert! Hankie alert!
SchwuppDiDupsi chapter 166 . 8/20
it's great! love it :)
IWannaBeBoothy chapter 166 . 8/20
THIS WAS ADORABLE IM CRYING OMG. You! You beautiful person you!
Aundielen chapter 166 . 8/20
awwwwwww this was sweet.

i love the fairy tale aspect of it D
FaithinBones chapter 166 . 8/20
Aw this so so sweet. You just strike the right cord to make me all gooey. I love your stories so much. I almost cried for this one.
LoveHappinessLifeFate chapter 166 . 8/20
Wow...just wow! I think you have made Parker and Josie my favorite couple of the kids.
petuniatc chapter 166 . 8/20
Go Buka! And go Parker for understanding that the question was important even if he didn't fully understand it.
casket4mytears chapter 164 . 8/19
I read this a while ago, but sat the email aside until I had time in my crazy-ass schedule to review.

I was kinda wondering if you would have a chapter digging into this very real dynamic that would exist between Zach and Petra. I absolutely loved this chapter because it broke my heart into pieces. Because my nephew is biracial. Because my husband is biracial. Because he and I have conversations about race rather often these days.

It's gonna get long, sorry.

Growing up, for whatever reason (I like to think I was a decent person?), I tended to date and befriend POC more often than not. It wasn't intentional. I never wanted to act any differently, dress differently - I am so white I'm bloody translucent. I just liked people, and maybe because of being bullied often, I saw a friend as a friend, a love as a love, and I was never conscious of the difference. I didn't understand veiled comments my parents made when I was 9 until my late teens.

My best friend and later girlfriend was Trinidadian. Going places with her, I began to see what the world was like. How we'd go to a club and my patdown would be ten seconds and hers would go on a minute or longer (usually until I'd call security racist). How even the clothes she chose ("white" clothes versus her beloved Fubu gear and low hung pants) would change the landscape for our outings. How the all-white student council cancelled her radio show because the music was "too ethnic". I was horrified. I woke up to what I'd spent life blissfully ignoring in my "I don't see colour/well-meaning but dumb" world.

Fast forward and I'm married to a Guyanese-Scottish man who, to me, is plainly West Indian, but in a suit and among all-white people, is presumed to either have a great tan, or to be Greek or Italian or some other euro thing. When we go to the Dominican, everyone assumes he's Mexican and speaks Spanish to us. His siblings have a black father and are blatantly black, can't ever pass. Our wedding pictures show people from pale ghost white to golden brown to dark dark black. Even within his family, there are race dynamics that set him apart from everyone else. Because he passes. None of them do. And that informs his life experiences, how he's been treated compared to his family.

I am so glad he passes. Selfishly so. Because I don't want him to be another police shooting. I am glad my nephew looks as ghost white as my sister and I for the same reason. The world is scary and cruel and cold. Not all of it, but it happens, as you have so excellently portrayed here. And yes, being wealthy and a doctor and all affords privilege, but it never erases the truth that when Petra and the kids go into the world, that world deems them black. And with that comes racism.

So thank you, for bringing the real world into this fluffy, lovely paradise once in a while. It makes the sweetness of these two just that much more sweet. And maybe someone silently reading stopped for a moment and really thought about the issues. That's pretty awesome - just like you.
Guest chapter 165 . 8/19
Very sweet! I love the B&B you write about, too!

I don't remember the shirt in the closet. Time for another read through!
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