Reviews for Roots and Wings
GuiltyPleasure90 chapter 156 . 6/24
Lol that was funny! Good one!
FaithinBones chapter 156 . 6/24
So cute and I'm with you on Mama Booth.
Aundielen chapter 156 . 6/24
booth's mom's return in canon was unnecessary anyway...

Haha Max certainly would have a lot of stories to tell!
Caprigirl60 chapter 156 . 6/24
I was going to say "Bless you" for having that B*tch dead where she should be.

I love the Max/Booth relationship in your stories. ..."Yea, she had really good eyesight." *snort* loved it. I'd be standing at the doorway making sure he only told the "good" stories. So funny.

MJ, I was so happy to see this in my in-box. Work has been so overwhelmingly crappy this was such a nice treat to make the day a little better.
petuniatc chapter 156 . 6/24
Of course Max only tells the good stories. Just like he only teaches important life skills - like lock picking. Yes, I remember you have Booth's mother as deceased in your universe. I actually like that better than the show. Good one - and yes, Christine would ask where that last nerve is located.
Guest chapter 156 . 6/24
Booth's mother is not dead.
saderia chapter 156 . 6/24
Great chapter.
chosenname chapter 156 . 6/24
Yes, Christine, BOTH of your grandmother's are dead and buried. (While that is sad, there are other scenarios that could be much, much, worse!)
penandra chapter 155 . 6/22
A baseball game! They're going to a baseball game! :-D
97 Diagon Alley chapter 155 . 6/22
Awwww, love having a place to picture Zach and Petra's extraordinary ordinary life! Those boys are so precious.
Leigh R chapter 155 . 6/22
I started reading this because I wanted to find out what kind of fanfic got over 4,000 reviews. That was three days ago and I’ve read it twice, once straight through and the second time using your chronological page. (That was a great idea, by the way! So was adding a family tree. It really helped me keep everything straight.)

I’m not really a fan of the television show but I’ve seen enough episodes that I was able to follow this and all I can say is well done! All those reviews were totally earned. I have laughed and I have cried, sometimes in the same chapter! I haven’t watched enough to know if your writing of the characters on the show is on target but at least in this fic, their personalities are well defined and definitely captured my attention. So did your OCs and I know writing good OCs is hard to do. I really enjoyed the bitchy friend and the youngest son and his wife. Reading along with your chronological list, it was easy to see the two of them falling in love. I also think you do a great job writing children and that’s not easy, especially when you switch between ages as often as you do. You mentioned grandchildren a few times so I guess that’s your secret to getting the voices right. Whatever you’re doing, it’s working!

I enjoyed this so much I will definitely check out your other fanfics.
doge chapter 155 . 6/22
We love the whole Family together. And bringing the Stadium seats in was just perfect. Thanks again for another Story.
Julie SBXMomX chapter 155 . 6/22
I'll buckle up cause I want to hear Booth's story too! Hear his spin on the elevator story. :)
saderia chapter 155 . 6/21
That was wonderful.
jsboneslover chapter 155 . 6/21 get to tell that wonderful story to your many grandchildren.
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