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Lillia-Lillia chapter 24 . 4/17
Wow, that police chief really did have a lot to say, didn't he? ANd he really didn't seem like a bad person. As Dick said, he seemed like a guy who was caught between a rock and a hard place. You can really see why these people fell in with LACPOD. They could either starve or join a group that would destroy their fishing industry but generate the revenue that they so desperately needed. Sad, but money talks, and you can see why people in the village were motivated to go allow LACPOD to gain the influence and power that it did. Unfortunately it got out of control and it looks like good people like Bryant are paying the price.

Funny that the police chief thinks Dick is an adult too.
Lillia-Lillia chapter 23 . 4/17
Ok, thank god this story won't be going in The Ache of Cowardice direction. I loved that story, don't get me wrong, but as I've mentioned before, it was a little too hardcore for me at times. Anyways, this story continues to be awesome. Dick has now overheard Matt-who I can only assume is with LACPOD-one of Dunway's men, and a local cop. This is getting interesting
Lillia-Lillia chapter 22 . 4/17
DIck's not alone. I can't understand how people like Matt do what they do either.
Lillia-Lillia chapter 21 . 4/17
Holy effing shit indeed! So Matt sold out his brother to Dunway, the slimeball. I know Dunway's people knocked him out on the docks, but that could have been part of the plan. I'm beginning to wonder, too, if Dunway and Lise are on the same "team" so to speak. Because I haven't really seen you mention them working together. It's been either in the context of Lise writing to Bryant and the custody issues with Gina, or it's about LACPOD helping Dunway's Savant company sink it's teeth into the community. I can only assume they're in this together because their married, but I've been wrong before.

It was cute, too, when Dick needed help rolling up the map; the shortie :)
Lillia-Lillia chapter 20 . 4/17
Wow, I know you wrote this story long ago, but this chapter pretty much verified my suspicions that I laid out i my last review. That was a pretty awesome coincidence! It also helped me understand what's going on a little better too. I didn't think of the fact that Lise/Dunway found out about the extent of the oil after she sold away her parental rights of Gina. That was an unfortunate move for her. Now I remember Lise's letter to Bryant. She says she has a loophole or something that will render the giving up of her parental rights null and void. So if Lise becomes legal guardian, she can have the land. But if Margie and Marty the godparents become legal guardians, they will not give up the land because they are on Bryant's side. Ok, that makes sense and all, but like our heroes, I still don't understand WHY kidnapping was necessary. I feel like this is a battle that could have taken place in the courtroom...

Whew. Sorry if these reviews are boring. This is a very in-depth story and writing it out helps me keep on top of what's going on in the plot, haha. So our guys are going to get to this Hawthrone island eventually. I wonder what they'll find there. Also, I don't believe we've heard the last of Matt. That dude gave me the willies, especially when he missed the point-blank shot of the shark in that earlier chapter...

And of course, you never fail to get a good laugh into the chapter. "Bruce? This isn't about the cake, is it? I mean, seriously, dude. It was just cake." LOL!
Lillia-Lillia chapter 19 . 4/17
Ok! Now we're getting somewhere in understanding what the hell is going on in this town. This was a complex chapter and I actually had to read it a few times to (sort of) follow it, lol. So basically, Bryant was sitting on a stack of cash because his house was sitting atop oil fields. Long ago, he told his money-grubbing wife about it in attempt to get her to stay, but she didn't believe him and left him for Dunway anyways. Now Dunway's company knows the area is oil-rich and has been investing in lands around the village for years. More and more people are giving in to the drilling company as opposed to being fisherman because they can't support themselves anymore as fisherman. But Bryant...his land was the crown jewel and he refused to sell. But that doesn't explain why it took over a decade for Dunway/Lise to resort to violence... The only thing I can think of is now that they've offed Bryant, Lise thinks she can get to the land by going through Gina and that's why they've captured her. But I don't think a child can legally hand over the land... Gah! There's more to this, and we're just scratching the surface now, I assume. I really don't understand why Gina had to be dragged into this, unless I missed something.

In other news, I laughed at the bit about the chocolate cake where Margie gave DIck a bigger slice than Bruce...
Lillia-Lillia chapter 18 . 4/17
So the only thing we really learned from Margie is that politically speaking, there's more to the town than what meets the eye. Bruce and Dick kind of already knew that from their investigation, but I bet they'll really learn some details at dinner. Unless, of course, Margie is a bad guy and you're setting up an elaborate trap by luring our heroes to her house! But I don't get bad vibes from Margie, so I really don't think that's where this is going, lol.

She said her husband is Marty, and he was a friend of Bryant's. Is he the owner of the boat who was in "the slip" (must be a technical boat term I don't know about, haha), next to Bryant's?
Lillia-Lillia chapter 17 . 4/16
Now this was an adorable chapter. I always love it when Alfred talks sense into Bruce. I'm also glad to finally find out why Bruce was edgy around Bryant. Good thing it was for something as innocuous as a little childish jealousy. I'm glad Alfred always knows what to say...between the comment that Dick would likely choose Bruce over John Grayson at this point in the game and the part about how deeply attached Dick is to Bruce, I have been deeply moved :)

Can't wait to learn more about this LACPOD (strange about the paper's editors jumping ship like that). Maybe the fishmonger has some juicy info...
Lillia-Lillia chapter 16 . 4/16
I love they way you write the fluffy bits between Dick and Bruce, or "daddybats" as people say, but it's the mystery aspect of your stories and the way you can really build suspense and depth to your fics that keeps me hooked. I love how you can integrate a well-developed mystery plot, fluff and humor into one story. It's amazing.

What a horrible nightmare Dick had. Loved the way Bruce handled it. You make their relationship so believable. Makes me think, though, that Bruce must have given Dick the sex "talk" at some point since he seemed pretty open to discussing the dream. I wonder how that went over, haha.
Lillia-Lillia chapter 15 . 4/16
There was a lot of comic gold in this chapter. "Did I miss anything?" "No, I think you cataloged this evening's neuroses pretty thoroughly." HAHAHA! That was a great line. Classic paganpunk. It's stuff like this that really channels the change in Dick from a little boy to a sassy and quick-witted teenager. You also had me laughing at the whole "icky face" thing, and that the key to doing well in an investigation is to work with the guy with the driver's license. Lol!

Ok, so they're going to hack into the police records and interview Gina's godmother...I wonder what they will find.
Lillia-Lillia chapter 14 . 4/16
Aw, nice way to break up the action with a cute little fluff scene. I can't wait to see them get down to work o this case. I know that that Matt and/or Lise are up to no good, and who the hell are the four in masks! Could Lise have been one of the criminals on the docks? I don't see why not; I don't remember you specifically saying they all were men...blargh, I am getting a little wild with my guesses sometime.

PS. I can only just imagine what Bruce looks like in a Robin mask. Definitely not a good look for him, haha.
Lillia-Lillia chapter 13 . 4/16
I'm guessing it's Bruce who found him, but holy crap it'd be creepy if it were someone else. And as for the clues, that letter from Lise to Bryant was pretty freaking sketchy. All of the sudden she's coming out of the woodwork after she relinquished rights to see her child. If her husband wants to cut some kind of business deal with Bryant, why does Gina need to be involved? And now it seems like maybe Lise or Matt (that dude is sketchy too) are involved in the kidnapping. Of course that would be pretty messed up for an uncle or mother to kidnap their niece/daughter respectively...whelp, the only way to find out is to read on!
Lillia-Lillia chapter 12 . 4/16
I enjoyed the little throwback to Firework in this chapter where Alfred reminded Bruce of the tough decision he had to make when he took Dick in. Glad to see Bruce is going to take some action
Lillia-Lillia chapter 11 . 4/9
So the cop is very disinterested about the murder of a former boyfriend...smells like the cops are in on this murder. This story takes place in a small town, and as we all know, small towns harbor the biggest and dirtiest secrets! I wonder what this quaint little fishing village is hiding? So now Dick has to convince Bruce that it's worth it to take this case so far from home. How will they do it without gear and without giving up their identities? Oh man, the plot has really thickened in this story!
Lillia-Lillia chapter 10 . 4/9
What the hell?! So the chapter begins with Dick almost getting eaten and ends with Bryant dead? OMFG. Ok, so was it Matt? That guy is a sketchball. First he "missed" a clear shot to kill Dick's shark, he pulled Bryant aside to have some strange chat, and he's obviously upset from losing his boat. I'll bet it was him (or he was at least involved). What's going to happen to Gina now? She is essentially an orphan. WOW, crazy chapter!
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