Reviews for The Proper Way to Lay to Rest
Semoka chapter 1 . 2/3/2014
Just letting you know this was posted on my birthday so ya...
Keyklee chapter 1 . 11/11/2012
I'm ...well, glad I guess, that having (tried to) kill Raoul leaves Erik so distraught. Good for him.
I like to think that he actually feels really bad about it in hindsight and just has yet to realize it. (I mean, he doesn't really have to get there because it happens anyways, albeit for other reasons than having to deal with the fact that he has actually killed Raoul.)

I like the point about him feeling most and comfortable in the darkness. It makes me think that he might have less of a problem with becoming and being a vampire and having to stay away from the sunlight (although in this verse it seems like Raoul actually can go out into the sun ...can he? Well, let's just hope he doesn't sparkle.) But yeah.
Oohh, I also like how it actually works nicely with the idea of Raoul spending a lot of time „in the north“ because ….nights can take a lot longer there (depending on the season) so seems like a good place to be for a vampire.

Woah. I love, love, love Raoul's appearance there. I really liked how you described him, especially Erik noticing that he lacks that youthfulness from earlier and appears older. ..I wonder how old Vampire-Raoul is.

For some reason I had to really laugh when Raoul says „You tried“. I don't know. I think I kind of read it like a hash tag and that somehow made it sound hilarious to me.
Man, confident-as-hell Raoul is hot.

I think Erik deserves some kudos for staying so calm and still kind of confident and combative there. Hmm, I think that maybe that actually makes him appeal all the more to Raoul. He kind of appears to me like someone who prefers opponents who might actually be somewhat of a match or at least a challenge for him. Idk, but he doesn't really strike me as someone who would take advantage of the weakest he can find. And given that Erik has already tried to kill him, I can see him feeling pretty much justified in doing the same to him. Or something better. :)

I love how Raoul doesn't really seem to be in a hurry at all and gets kind of conversational (and not the other way around this time) and kind of shows Erik the error of his ways in winning Christine.
I feel a little bad for her, because it really seems that Raoul only used her to get to Erik.

I like how Raoul doesn't really seem to mean to truly hurt Erik and how he almost seems (for his conditions) to be quite gentle with him.

That kiss was awesome. I feel like I really shouldn't like this because it's all sorts of kinky, but the whole blood sucking/licking thing is really kind of hot to me.
I also love how dumbfounded Erik is. I mean he rarely is and it's just... with Raoul being all sorts of ...content and at ease there it's just kind of amazing. I feel a little like he deserves it to be honest.
I love how at the end Erik gets all pissed.

I really love vampire-Raoul. I think he really deserves to be the one with the power and ...well the HBIC for once. I also really like how he doesn't really seem cruel or mean or even just angry with Erik for trying to kill him. I mean... I think he would have every reason to be, and to want revenge for that. But he's just... „let's do something we both will enjoy instead. Okay? Okay.“
Although I think he likes to piss Erik off a bit. But then... it really is kind of funny. And he definitely deserves to get back at him.
And he's just so freaking sexy being all confident and self-assured.

That was really great! I loved it. It kind of makes me want more fics where Raoul has the upper hand.

Thank you very much!
Mantinas chapter 1 . 11/1/2012
I think, out of your Halloween oneshots, this one has to be my favorite. There's something about a self-assured Raoul that makes this story stand out. Good luck.
minlin chapter 1 . 10/28/2012
Oh my, you're right Erik being overwhelmed and overpowered by self-assured Raoul IS the hottest thing ever. Usually it's Erik who's in charge, it's nice to see Raoul in control for a change.
Kittendragon chapter 1 . 10/28/2012
I think this is my favorite Halloween fic so far! (Along with "Don't Fear the Reaper"). Something about this fic screams "Raoul was only using Christine to get Erik's attention". ;) I'd love to see if Erik pays the price. And, if he /actually/ pays it to free Christine, or just says in the end that it's to save Christine... and really does it for himself. ;)
Emilx311 chapter 1 . 10/27/2012
That was fantastic! As wonderful as ever! I can't believe you've updated four days in a row, four days of amazing fics, it's like a dream come true!
LittleThingsToMakeYouSmile chapter 1 . 10/27/2012
"I love how Raoul's getting all philosophical about love while he manhandles Erik." - I will not be able to stop laughing for the rest of my night now, because of that one sentence. And after such a dramatic flip of the normal roles between them, with Erik being the prey, I should be a bit more dumbfounded. Nope. I'm just laughing my head off. I'll tey to get a real review to you next story or chapter, I just can't concentrate now. Oh gosh...I think I'm gonna hyperventilate. Thank God for auto correct, or this would be unreadable.
YouGotOldK chapter 1 . 10/27/2012
It was sooo great! And really, your self-assured Raoul IS the hottest thing ever :P
I'd love to read a short sequel or something like that, this is a really interesting one-shot, with a really great idea, another chapter would be awesome!

Thank you for writing and sharing this story!

See ya,