Reviews for I didn't forget you, I still love you
Cat1030 chapter 1 . 11/13/2012
Interesting story :)
Guest chapter 1 . 10/30/2012
ahhhhh i love the ending of the first post
lov chapter 1 . 10/28/2012
Great beginning but you need a new beta. Lots of typos and grammatical errors that completely distract from the story.
BB-Hodgela-slaudia-forever chapter 1 . 10/28/2012
Your premise was good and this would've been great except your beta did not do their job.

It was since(delete) some months (ago) that Daniel didn't(stopped) see(seeing) her, he didn't also(delete) ever(delete) know if she would return, even if(though) her house on the beach wasn't put up for sale.
At the end, she was(DID) come back, exactly after(delete) an(A) year (AFTER) that(delete) they were(delete) met (FOR) the first time.
As the previous year, she was nice, beautiful, and she smiled in that wonderful way who(THAT) had always enchanted him and which still continued to do it(SO).
Nolan Ross arrived from behind Emily and he gave her a cocktail, a Cosmopolitan, smiling at her.
Daniel stared them confused and he feeling(FELT) a bit cheated.
There was a strange tuning between them, that for(After) all the time who(HE) was(delete) stayed with Emily he didn't (NOTICE) ever(delete) noted(delete). Rather, really(delete) they (ONLY) were(delete) never(delete) seemed (LIKE) at(delete) him(delete) good friends (TO HIM) those(delete) two(delete).
Now(delete), but something had to (HAVE) be(delete) changed evidently, (SEEING) having(delete) regard(delete) to(delete) the way they interacted, with an intimacy typical of a couple. Besides, the way that Nolan stared Emily it(delete) was (WITH) a look of complete adoration and love, the same (WAY) which(delete) (HE HAD LOOKED AT HER WHEN THEY WERE TOGETHER) had had him too, when he stayed with her.(delete all of this)
Be careful, Daniel would have liked to tell him, or she will break your heart like(as would work better her) she did with mine.
Who knows what (HAPPENED) (TO) had(delete) been(delete) of(delete) Jack... she had kissed him months before, it was (BECAUSE) (OF) for(delete) him if(delete) they had broken (UP), so Daniel expected to find Emily with him, rather than Nolan.
Perhaps, was(delete) she (WAS) already fed up (WITH) of(delete) him too?
Was this the real Emily? A woman who changed a(delete) man after (MAN) another(delete), not caring completely about what (WAS) left (BEHIND) back(delete)?
Daniel began to wonder if their story had been pretended(PRETEND) from the beginning.
Everything that he had felt and thought (AND) also (WHAT SHE FELT) her(delete) had(delete) felt(delete) were(WAS) a lie? The smiles, the laughters(LAUGHTER), the words, the feelings... were(WAS) everything fake?
He had to forget her, Ashley was better than her, she wouldn't cheated(CHEAT) (ON) him. And it wasn't important that he didn't feel any romantic feeling(FEELINGS) for her, he stayed good(delete) with her, nothing else mattered.
Emily smiled at both and took her leave, Nolan followed her soon after.
Nevertheless, he wanted to be (BACK) to his place, (HE WANTED)to go back at her side.
I didn't forget you, I still love you.
-Hope this wasn't too overbearing for you. I just adore Danily and I wanted this story, one with so much promise, to have great grammar with it :)