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Warmachine375 chapter 2 . 5/23
This is quite an intriguing story of Naruto being found and adopted by Duncan and Maria Numair as a part of the ideal family that he had always wanted in Fiore after ending up far far away from the Shinobi Nations and later rose up in rank from a Guardsman to a Royal Knight with his merits and skill he had earned them well. He should get a customized fullplated armor and badass weapons that suits his fighting style as both a Knight and a Shinobi so he'll stand out and be recognized in it at the meantime. :)

He had a growing harem of girls (Veralidine, Erza, Mirajane and Ultear) who took a liking to him after seeing him for his character, strength and conviction of his ideals. But hold that for now until Naruto is old enough and then they can have a girl fight over him. Hehehe. Don't overdo the harem please. Four is quite enough you know.

He even had an Exceed buddy named Gaara! Lol, I almost died laughing there! Imagine if the two Gaaras meet and hilarity ensues!

And Naruto's going to war? Interesting, and what kind of conflict he would be participating? The Cabria War perhaps. It'd be fun since the Trinity Raven and Bluenote Stinger fought there in the past and that's just. Along with the Blue Dragon Regiment that was mentioned to have been wiped out by Bluenote single-handedly might be there too as well.
Unless it's a different war like the unsanctioned invasion from the Alvarez Empire by few impatient members of the Spriggan 12 that made their landfall in Fiore.

Please don't make Naruto join a Guild, usually always Fairy Tail. It has been overdone to death too many times already. Thanks!

Knights must NEVER be underestimated just because Mages are superior to them and they should NOT be looked down upon or else the enemies will find out the HARD WAY.

Speaking of Knights, will Dan Straight appear in this story? Considering he had hailed from Cedar where local knights have protected for years and he was born and raised from such line of noble knighthood prior of joining the Legion Corps of Zentopia Church, it would be interesting if Naruto pays a visit there and meets Dan, becoming best friends and back-to-back badasses in battle together as Knights. Heck Naruto can even also help Dan win the heart of the brown-haired female Knight who looks way too lookalike with Lucy.

You could give her a name, personality and character that makes her interesting and defining as an Ascended Extra.

And I was actually impressed that Arram, the former Rune Knight-turned-Lycan, showed that he is such a powerful badass with the strengths and abilities as a Rune Knight and a Lycan. What a deadly combination to utilize especially with Rune Magic.
Lucius can attest to that. Oh wait he's dead meat after Arram beats the shit out of him for threatening his loving wife and daughter.

Plus Erza and Naruto teaming up in taking down renegade Lycans and Minotaur was awesome by the way. Erza should wear actual fullplate armor head to toe from now on. Naruto's Guardsman armor protected him very well enough. I believed Titania is a masochist and a glutton for extreme injuries from the looks of it. XD

I hope Naruto will eventually do something to help the Lycans of their current situation to earn peace, coexistence and equal rights with humans in order to fulfill his promise to them or Viralidine might turn him into her personal chewtoy if he didn't.
Best way is to do that is earning favor and aid from King Toma E. Fiore and Princess Hisui E. Fiore. They're both reasonable rulers of authority and can help the Lycans after Naruto and Viralidine gives them a benefit of doubt and prove themselves trustworthy as special citizens of Fiore. Both the Royal and Magic Councils won't dare defy the King's decree even if they protest fiercely.

Hey, I have an idea for the ranking system of the Adaptational Badass!Rune Knights from the bottom to the top in the chain of command in case you're interested:
a. Cadet
b. Regular
c. Lieutenant
d. Captain
e. Major
f. Field Commander
g. Colonel
h. Division Commander
i. Major General
j. Lieutenant General
k. General
l. Minister General
m. Grand General
o. Supreme Commander

What do you think? Pretty neat huh? From a lowly Rune Knight Cadet to the Supreme Commander of all Rune Knights in the continent of Ishgar. The Grand General is the leader of a country's Rune Knights by the way and the rest of the highest and lowest ranks are under his/her command.
That should make more sense for Arram's statement of joining the Rune Knights is considered a prestigious honor in the first place.

On the potential bright side, any high-ranking Rune Knight can be allowed to wear whatever they want like customized uniform and armor so long they follow strict military protocol and the Council anhk and colors are a part of their attire too as well.

Mashima gave great disservice to the Rune Knights as weak, incompetent and virtually useless. So I hope you can give them some form of justice that they also have their own strong members of elite rank similar to S-Class guild mages.

I mean not all Mages should join Guilds for a variety of reasons (adventure, friends, and family, etc.), there could be other Mages who join the Rune Knights to protect the people, uphold the ideals of law and justice, and defeat evil wherever it appears. And they have to be strong to do so, not weaklings who only serve as cannon fodder.

Anyway, this was a promising story of great d
potential and I'm looking forward for the next update. Faved and Followed! :D
Guest chapter 2 . 4/17
Good way to end the chapter would be a short about exceed Gaara meeting human Gaara. The two simply staring at each other then saying "there can be only one" in their usual monotone. Awesome story so far and greatly looking forward to more. I am kinda hoping Naruto's Knight armor is modified to fit the Shinobi Knight thing your going for. Maybe something like segmented metal breastplate and armoured gloves. And instead of the normal chainmail commonly seen on knights he could use a fishnet woven chainmail hybrid? But instead of the clunky forearm guards and elbow guards he could use leather? I think the helmet should to at some point to or have it modified to. Maybe use a giant sword as a shield kinda like Zabuza did with the Kubikiribocho instead of a separate shield and sword. It's just hard to imagine putting his shinobi abilities to good use when he's so restricted by heavy metal armor and restricting chainmail.
Batthan the Dark Knight chapter 2 . 4/12
Looks like Erza has experienced a sort of love at first sight.
Guest chapter 2 . 4/8
you should continue
its a good story
my 2 guys chapter 2 . 1/30
that was good keep the chapters coming
Shadowknightreaper chapter 2 . 1/8
Need more chapters and great story.
pilopolo007 chapter 2 . 10/20/2015
very good story, and it's really rare that i post a review and even rarer that i post something positive. really good job. sry for my english, i'm french
Joker13455 chapter 2 . 8/1/2015
I love all your stories man, keep up the great work!
Chiizzz chapter 1 . 7/28/2015
Ha-ha cat Garra! Kill kill kill!
Please update sooooooon!
SHADOWNINJAMASTER chapter 2 . 5/3/2015
Awesome story I hope you continue
Guest chapter 2 . 3/12/2015
Please write more
blazer303 chapter 2 . 2/17/2015
Hey man cant wait for the next chapter awesome story
Guest chapter 1 . 2/2/2015
When are you gonna update your stories
ShadowBloodedge9396 chapter 2 . 1/21/2015
Another fantastic crossover to get into! Update soon plz!
crimson night214 chapter 2 . 9/14/2014
you have my vote on the shinobi knight so there you go. Now hurry up add more chapters for Christ's sake sheesh I mean really now.
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