Reviews for HariPoism
controlled climb chapter 1 . 11/25/2012
So I did read this ages ago and I did mean to review it so much sooner than I have. All the chocolate-filled apologies in your direction. Sorry, love.

Anywhoozles, it's no surprise that I seriously love this. I just couldn't keep a straight face when reading it. It's brilliant, because it's so obviously taking the mickey but it's so TRUE at the same time. And I want to go on and on about how much I love this, but I really can't think of anything interesting to say.

JUST STUNNING. :D Amazing choice for your 500th fic. :3 Now just to get that 600th. (;
lowi chapter 1 . 11/13/2012
Wow, mew. I absolutely love this - I remember when you told me about this presentation and dear Merlin if I wish I had been there watching you. This is fantastic.

It's awesome also how much sense this make, I mean, when you're right in the middle of HP and everything in its range, then you don't really think of how big it is, and how it really is sect-like, you know? Which is something I kind of not want to think about because I'm scared of sects... Hopefully HariPoism is a harmless sect. XD

The only thing I thought of in the first part of your essay was that quote you made but I'm not certain that's what you meant. X)

And what kind of HariPoist I am? A fanfictioneer, for certain, but I'm not sure what type - probably a Deathly Hallowers, right? XD

There was only ONE thing I lacked in this piece of perfection, something about the computer games...because they were like the hugest part of my childhood... XD But seriously, mew, this is fantastic. And congrats on hitting 500! *proud tears* :D
Schermionie chapter 1 . 11/6/2012
500 stories...?! Wow! CONGRATULATIONS, MEW! :)

Congratulations also for the grade you got with this. It was an interesting, thorough read; I only wish I could have seen it as a presentation. It seems like you put a lot of effort in and deserved high marks. :)

And I'd be a Deathly Hallower were I to join. Odd pairings for the win, right? ;p
JeminiaMoon chapter 1 . 10/30/2012
I don't know where people find things like this, but apparently it was all in your brain.

It was brilliant.

jojor99 chapter 1 . 10/29/2012
I remember you telling me about this. It's really really good mew. And funny and so so well done. Great job and the perfect thing for your 500th story. Congratulations. As for me, I guess I'm a bit of an Erring Erumpet mixed with a SIYEer (though I do mess with some things and that's okay as long as it isn't H/G!).
autumn midnights chapter 1 . 10/28/2012
This is literally one of the most brilliant, amusing, and clever things I have ever read. Seriously, I have no idea how you came up with this, but I LOVE it. *favs* The idea of HariPoism is so amazing, I just love it! I'm such a HariPoist. And definitely a Fanfictioneer. Deathly Hallower sect, of course - putting any characters together and writing whatever the hell comes out. I love all the different denominations you described - I can definitely picture all of them, and it just makes so much sense. Can't believe you've got /500/ stories! This is definitely the perfect #500. 'the butterbeer served there is their holy drink' - that made me laugh. I didn't know Wrock started in Massachusetts, either - that's a really interesting bit of trivia, I love that you included it. The idea of the Founders as being the gods of HariPoism is awesome, too, and that definitely fits in so well. I'm so not surprised that you got an A on this - it's definitely awesome. I loved this so much, great work!