Reviews for It All Started in a Bank
Kaorilamb chapter 21 . 1/13
lmao they should be scared of mycroft
waffleiron72 chapter 6 . 1/13
The insertion of Lestrade's connection to the wizarding worldLestrade wondered if he was related to any of the Potters that belonged to the world he hadn't belonged to since he was 11ruins the suspense and is thoroughly boring in its presentation. Get rid of it and make the revelation more of a surprise later in the chapter or story; maybe make Lestrade look nervous or suspicious when he hears the name, instead of outright stating that he's part of the wizarding world. Real suspense killer. Please reword.
katiek121 chapter 21 . 1/11
This is an interesting way to connect the two stories! I love it and can't wait to read more :)
Sunstar Writer chapter 21 . 1/10
Good lord, this is brilliant! Please update again soon, I'm captivated!
anja.quickert.9 chapter 21 . 1/9
ILoveGeorgeEads chapter 21 . 1/8
i loved loved loved loved loved loved loved it. it was great.
tanithlipsky chapter 21 . 1/8
very good
Jewlbunny chapter 21 . 1/8
I enjoyed this very much. I hope to read more soon
fredandgeorgerule chapter 9 . 1/8
ok lemme get this straight:
1) petunia is dead
2) lestrade is rodolphus and rabastan lestrenge's older brother
3) mycroft knows everything about wizards
4) sherlock and john will raise harry and they care for him so he'll grow up being taken care of
5) sirius will (probably) get out of azkaban sooner

StorytellerD132 chapter 21 . 1/8
Hello there!
I just finished reading your story and I really like it!
I like how you write all the characters and am finding your story exciting!
I can't wait to read more!
randomplotbunny chapter 21 . 1/8
Mycroft is awesome! :-D
alaine1910 chapter 21 . 1/8
Really enjoying this story
Fick Chick chapter 8 . 1/8
so, will HP be able to see thestrals now?
Sarah chapter 21 . 1/7
Very entertaining chapter. Enjoyed reading it.
Rori Potter chapter 21 . 1/7
Oh my. Wow. Update soon.
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