Reviews for A Cookie
Sand-wolf579 chapter 1 . 3/25/2014
Edgar is so a goodish kind of way. Yeah, for some odd reason Edgar is my favorite character in Frankenweenie, although I'm not sure why. Oh well.
I liked this, and all of your other stories about Edgar, please keep writing them.
ekhidne chapter 1 . 6/25/2013
Your Frankenweenie stories are all adorable, but this one made me laugh and the characterization was perfect.

"I wouldn't do anything too bad to him or anything." lol
louisalibi chapter 1 . 11/1/2012
Yeeeaaaahhh ! I like it so much, that's cute W
Edgar is my favorite character, he's creepy but it doesn't matter, he still my favorite !
Are you going to write others friendship Edgar/Victor fic ?
Zinka17 chapter 1 . 10/29/2012
I guess I'm not the only one who likes the Edgar/Victor pairing! Lol

I don't think Edgar is creepy. He's my favorite character. I think he's hilarious! And I got the impression that he was stalking Victor in the movie because he likes him.