Reviews for Sharing is Caring
READINGhearts17 chapter 175 . 4/15
That must be an amazing breakfest to eat!
soccernin19 chapter 175 . 4/14
Haha I love it
Captain Curiosity chapter 60 . 4/5
Poor Robins :( Alfred is so sweet! A cookie was the perfect way to end the chapter! :)
Captain Curiosity chapter 33 . 4/3
Awww Damian! So cute!
Captain Curiosity chapter 28 . 4/3
That was too funny XD I could totally see Damian doing that
Captain Curiosity chapter 19 . 4/3
I love these short stories! They are so adorable! This is one of my favorite chapters, but they all are so cute! I better get back to reading, I got a lot more chapters to go! :)
READINGhearts17 chapter 174 . 4/2
At our school someone said they were pregnant...and a teacher actually believe them. And a kid asked a girl to prom...then he said "April Fools!"
PhantomxK chapter 174 . 4/2
I think for there should be an egg hunt at the manor but Lexy have a shooting tournament the same day and Jason tells her she has to do the egg hunt because she is not old enough to be at the tournament herself so she sits around moping.

Also do a puberty chapter for the kids!
cocopops1995 chapter 174 . 4/2
Lol not a good idea 2 reminisce over pranks with kids present
READINGhearts17 chapter 173 . 3/31
I used to hide and follow the seeker or just come back to the original place too. :D
soccernin19 chapter 173 . 3/31
Awe that was a really cute chapter I loved it!
PhantomxK chapter 173 . 3/31
Can you do one where the male cousin decide to prank there female cousin but when they get to Lexy she ends up getting hurt instead of prank and her brother feels guilty and tries to take the blame for it all. Which reminds Dick and Time how Jason did the same thing for them and guilt trip their sons in to squealing. Meanwhile the girls plot their revenge on the boys.
weehoodle chapter 3 . 3/29
Hee hee hee don't worry Bruce I would scream too... Great chapter are you putting the whole team or what?;-)
Nice chapter
Don't die.
soccernin19 chapter 172 . 3/16
Awesome chapter I loved it!
READINGhearts17 chapter 172 . 3/16
I would love a spinng chair at school!
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