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nb1998 chapter 19 . 9/8/2013
Ahhh I've just realised that I never reviewed this! I can't remember everything but I was so pleased that Fuze won. I liked Noeah - he was a favourite but it would have been a bit cliche because he's the one who killed Vulcan at the start etc.

Wow he was so broken I felt sorry for him, I hope he manages to go on in life okay.. and questions!

What did you think of the arena as a whole?: Wow I loved the arena, very original idea from the beginning to the end with loads pf great twists and turns along the way.

What character was your favourite? Did that change throughout the story?: Let me just say I loved how you portrayed Toriton but obviously it would be bias if I picked him so let's see.. who was a favourite for me at any point. Enya and Noeah probably.

Which death did you think was the best written/executed?: Biased but probably Toriton's..

What chapter was your favourite?: The finale!

Are you happy with the Victor? Was it who you guessed or not?: I'm happy but it's not who I guessed.

Any thoughts to share on the obituaries? Stand outs from the bunch?: I loved Fuze's I remember.

Great story!
Chaos In Her Wake chapter 19 . 6/23/2013

I'll admit, I opened this chapter and I was hoping for Noeah. But this was beautiful. I think you made the right decision in the end. Noeah had almost gone through too much to be a solid Victor character.

Fuze is so broken my heart is aching just I KNOW YOU'RE FICTIONAL BUT LET ME HUG YOU POOR BABY
he almost reminds me of Newt, he's been so broken it hurts him to go back to the strengths he had before- his intelligence is suddenly a burden.
im cry just owww

Very well executed Olive. It's been a wild ride and wow, these questions will be hard.

I loved the arena, it was beautiful and unique and a really fun setting to work with.
I always liked Noeah, others had their great moments but I always liked him. And Maxon was great, and Cain and Dove.

um. um. I liked Jax's death a lot, but it wasn't very emotional. Enya's was great as well.

chapter? Am I allowed to say all? :) Ugh, I have no idea. Maybe when Sedo cracked, that was one of my favorite parts.

I didn't guess Fuze but I am really happy with it.

I have spotty wifi and I can't get to the blog/obits right now, sorry :( Will read them eventually.

Happy writing, Olive, and see you around!
Blue Eyes Arch Angel chapter 19 . 6/19/2013
Ah Fuze,I am highly satisfied that you won,the obituaries were really tear jerking though!
JabberjayHeart chapter 19 . 6/18/2013
Firstly, it's Fuze! FUZE.
Frankly, I'm glad. I guess it would've been clich├ęd if Noeah won, and whilst he deserved it, I can't help but feel that Fuze is the better choice. You can really understand Fuze in this chapter, in all honesty. I've loved his character and understood him, but here, you really captured hopelessness and sadness. Beetee was supporting and even in a short clip, you captured his personality really well!

What did you think of the arena as a whole?
Well, I had many upon many guesses and it bugged me to no end. I was so close yet so far D; I did love it though. It bugged me because I was close to guessing it right! The paintings, statues and everything was so horrific. The screams and the lights at the end, the plush rugs and the costumes... so inventive. I loved it!

What character was your favourite? Did that change throughout the story?
Hmm. I had plently! At the beginning, it was Sedo, Vulcan, Fuze, Faye... Enya and Mayli.
I loved Mayli and she died so quickly I almost cried! Vulcan, too, and Sedo. I loved them all even until their deaths. With Enya, I loved her and she was probably my most favourite character from the beginning until the end. Noeah came in, for me, around the bloodbath after killing Vulcan. He stood out then and I loved him. Fuze snuck up on me! I always found Wyre irritating and realistic, and with that, Fuze grew. Faye... let's not go there at all.
Oh, and Maxon! I really loved Maxon after she left the others. Like, she should've been in the final instead of Faye js.

Which death did you think was the best written/executed?
Hmm. This is tough. Sedo's struck me as out of the blue and he began the really creepy insanity about the paintings! Areyna's was unpredicted and tense. Vulcan's was the same! The bloodbath in general was gritty and confusing and just perfect. Jax's! They were so horrid. Maxon :(

What chapter was your favourite?
I can't remember the names! D;
Lemme look... Survive This Somehow, Refusing To Go Down and On The Edge and Falling Off.

Are you happy with the Victor? Was it who you guessed or not?
YES. Fuze was the perfect choice. I didn't see it from afar - like, not until about final five - but then it all made sense. Before that, I had Noeah planned out. Him, or Enya to be honest.

Any thoughts to share on the obituaries? Stand outs from the bunch?
I just... I can't, Olive. :'(
FUZE AND ALIA. I did not see that coming and I legit wanted to cry.
Alpine's was perfect! Awh, Mayli... Areyna's from the Head Gamemaker! Well, not Areyna but you get the point. I loved Faye's, sadly. Vulcan's was great cause he failed and it showcased Careers in a darker, grittier light.

Just, wow. I'm so sad to see this end :'(
You did beyond amazing. Be proud of yourself, little one, this was just creepy and perfect and everything.
DA Member Hogwarts chapter 19 . 6/16/2013
What did you think of the arena as a whole?
Well... this is me here... so I found it confusing in parts LOL but overall it was intricate and original and I loved all of the mutts and traps, very unique as a whole!

What character was your favourite? Did that change throughout the story?
It was Noaeh at the start and Kiera (don't know if I spelled that right) But Noaeh's character dulled to me when he was romantically involved with Amaran and Kiera got too cocky and career like in mindset.

Which death did you think was the best written/executed?
I really liked Faye's, she truly lost everything about her when she hesitated and Noaeh managed to kill her- she was shown for the human that she is, vulnerable and capable of death. I also loved Enya's, biased I know.

What chapter was your favourite?
Trust me. Because I loved Enya's final scene and the fight between Cain and Alpine which resulted in both of their deaths.

Are you happy with the Victor? Was it who you guessed or not?
Over all yes, it wasn't a cliche choice or a predictable one yet it makes sense and is quite deserved!

Any thoughts to share on the obituaries? Stand outs from the bunch?
I liked Noaeh's, Vulcan's, Caddis's and Enya's the best oh and I like what you did for Lylac... that was quite creative and well emotional.

Well done on this story, Olivine :D
Nrrrd-Grrrl-Meg chapter 19 . 6/15/2013
FUZE! YES! He's been my pick for a good while now and I was glad to see him win it. Sure, I was in favor of Faye for a bit, only because I'd love to see a story where the bad guy wins, but my number one has been Fuze. His creator did a great job and you did an amazing job with what was given to you. Bravo to both of you! Overall, Painted Crimson left you on the edge of your seat, From the arena, to the care you gave to each of the 24 tributes submitted, you put a lot of thought and passion into your work and I bow before you a humbled girl! Congrats on this story.

The obituaries, from what I got to read, were sad and heartstring pulling. Especially "Areyna's" letter from the Gamemaker. I have a long drive ahead of me and I will be taking in each letter on my way.


What did you think of the arena as a whole?
Very original and unique, actually. I loved the paintings with the tributes in them and the statues coming to life.

What character was your favourite? Did that change throughout the story?
RIVERS! lol. I had a few, I loved Areyna, Mirim, Enya, Geare, Maxon, and Fuze and that never changed. Even though they all died but Fuze, I still loved them!

Which death did you think was the best written/executed?
Arenya's because it was so unexpected at the beginning. The finale deaths were also well-written.

What chapter was your favourite?
Trust Me.

Are you happy with the Victor? Was it who you guessed or not?
Very happy. I was rooting for Fuze for a good while.

Any thoughts to share on the obituaries? Stand outs from the bunch?
I loved Rivers obituary. I need to read them all. :D
rlb190 chapter 19 . 6/15/2013
Okay, i feel kinda bad saying that, but i was rooting for him. Okay, question time!
What did you think of the arena as a whole? Well, it wasn't my favorite, but the pictures coming to life were pretty cool. I liked how it was inside, but honestly, inside arenas aren't my favorite. But the way you wrote it, pretty cool.

What character was your favourite? Did that change throughout the story? In the start, i really liked Tortin, but since his death, I've been pretty much on Fuze's side. He's a well written character, though i don't think I've learned much about his past...

Which death did you think was the best written/executed?- I can't really pick on this one. They were all pretty darn good.

What chapter was your favourite? OK. This might sound cheesey, but I really like the first chapter, Colors Part One. It started everything, and the story that followed was pretty awesome.

Are you happy with the Victor? Was it who you guessed or not?- I wanted him to win! I like it! I guessed he wouldn't win though, but HE DID!

Any thoughts to share on the obituaries? Stand outs from the bunch?- Miram. I feel kinda bad for her... she was was so... hard to explain. She had a lot of built up anger... And little Geare! I never got got to see him well. I guess that's just the way things work out. His letter from his mom on the blog was so sad! Aw man, i almost cried at that one.
Speaking of the blog, FUZE' . .THE. .GAMES.

That dear sir, is a twist of fate.
Lots of letters were pretty sad, and some were kinda cute/sad and some of them were just filled with sorrow and regret. I liked Mayli's. Poor cat! I can't begin to think how Alexis was feeling when she wrote it. I liked how you added them. And Areyna! Her letter, awwwwww, from Gamemaker Delia! would have guessed that it was planned... "To young to be trusted with such a secret." awwwwww...
All in all, great,great story Olive! I loved every nail biting minute of it. see you in The streets I know and Written in Ice.
Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds, be ever in your favor.
richards25 chapter 19 . 6/15/2013
My Fuze won! I am so happy! I cannot believe he did it! :D Wow! Although he seems a bit broken now, but he is alive. Thanks so much Olive, you did such a good job with him. You made him a better tribute that I could have pictured when I made him. Thanks so much, you do such an amazing job with everyone of your tributes! Well done! :D

What did you think of the arena as a whole?
I really liked it. I thought the idea of the pictures was a stroke of genius and loved it. It had a great feel to it and was exciting to read :)

What character was your favourite? Did that change throughout the story?
I really liked everyone, a lot. I honestly don't have a favourite haha!

What chapter was your favourite?
I loved chapter 18, I felt really involved as I had a tribute and tense. A lot of action well written!

Are you happy with the Victor? Was it who you guessed or not?
YES! I had hoped, but I didn't expect it. But I thought maybe, he had from the last line!

I have just read the 'thinking of you' bit, and what! My poor Fuze in the future! D: That's horrible! D:

Amazing story, I loved it! :D
jakey121 chapter 19 . 6/15/2013

Okay I'm really happy that you chose Fuze as the victor. Like I've said before, I did like Noeah but for me he never really stood out personally compared to Fuze and I think after the Games you could really develop Fuze even further because someone like Noeah who has already developed so much would really just be thinking the same that went on in the Arena. Yes, I approve of your choice! XD

I'm glad he has someone like Beetee there to support him, he knows what it's like but what's great is he isn't smothering him with hopeless it'll be okay's etc. He's being calm and letting Fuze deal with such a massive thing. Sure he survived, he must be happy, but at the end of the day of course that happiness compared with what he went through must feel insignificant. If I was in the Games I'd want to be a victor but I'd also be terrified about what happens afterwards.

I feel bad for Fuze because he's in a bit of trouble already because as we saw with the colours of the weapons, he was the third choice out of the finalists and the Capitol is of course not happy with who won. But if Fuze listens to Beetee and plays up the thankful kid who praises the Capitol for their generosity it should be all okay for him.

I wasn't expecting some massive family reunion because as we've heard from Fuze before, his family isn't the closest so the almost awkward hugs was expected and quite sad. After all he's been through hell and back so the least he should be allowed is a proper hug from his parents :(

Okay, question time!

What did you think of the arena as a whole?- Original, really unique and I loved every second of it. The whole concept of the art gallery was brilliant because you could use the pictures to really mess with the tributes' heads and it created some brilliant moments!

What character was your favourite? Did that change throughout the story?- I won't pick my own tribute of course. Ugh this is quite difficult. I loved Olive, no one else seemed to like her but I actually quite did xD Then after she died I really liked Enya and Miram, and then when those two died it was probably Fuze xD

Which death did you think was the best written/executed?- Areyna's was written really well and it was really sad to see that she really didn't stand any chance, because of course it wasn't Areyna :( Geare's simply because seeing him die made my day ;D I also bring Faye into this simply because it was really fast paced and unexpected and her thoughts as her hopes were destroyed really was written beautifully!

What chapter was your favourite?- The chapter Geare died... obviously ;D But probably the finale and the bloodbath, I love fast paced action scenes so yes those two! But each and every chapter inbetween was amazing!

Are you happy with the Victor? Was it who you guessed or not?- To begin with when all 24 were alive no I never would have thought it would be Fuze but as the Games went on and he kept surviving I thought that yes, maybe he could do it!

Any thoughts to share on the obituaries? Stand outs from the bunch?- I love the format of your obituaries so much! It's really sad to see how relatives reacted to the deaths. Fuze's was... just wow, he was killed defending his daughter and then she died in the 74th Games. It's really just awful :(

Great end to a wonderful story. I can't wait for SIK to start!
nb1998 chapter 18 . 6/11/2013
A cliffhanger.. how cruel but such a great chapter.

Fuze: Nice pov, as much as Fuze is saying that he's not changed I think he is sadly mistaken. Yes he hasn't actually killed yet.. but he seems to be going a bit mad. I think the excitement of actually getting out of the place is getting to him a bit too much. His traps idea is genius and really well thought out and the thing I find most interesting were the weapons that arose and the colours that were on them.

Faye: As the chapters have went on and on I think we have seen different sides to Faye and I think as the games have went on she has became weaker, both mentally and physically. The screams even got to her a little bit and for a career that is quite bad. Her fight with Noeah was really well described and I was positive it was the end for Noeah, I was really surprised when Fuze threw her off of him and then Noeah dealt the final blow. The last line was, as always, a great line to end the character..

Noeah: Wow that was a powerful ending, you always say you're not very good at writing the fight scenes but I think this one pov proved that you are. I don't know what Fuze hoped at achieve by saying he didn't want to kill him.. but I guess it did make Noeah a bit more relaxed which resulted with a knife in his shoulder. The fight scene was truly awesome, so many injuries.. but who said sorry..

Who do you think our Victor will be, Fuze or Noeah?: Noeah..

Do you think the finale was intense enough or did it lack luster?: Intense enough!
Chaos In Her Wake chapter 18 . 6/10/2013
but it was a good place to end, and I'm HAPPY!

Fuze and Noeah are a really terrific top two, and I've grown to love both of them. I don't actually care who wins, but I've loved Noeah longer.

There wasn't as much action as one is used to seeing in a finale, I think, but this chapter did not lack luster. The setting, the screams were brilliant and I loved Fuze's part at the beginning, he's so shut down to emotion and the traps were cool as well.

FAYE IS GONE! her death scene was great, the action was good and there was raw emotion everywhere, it was beautiful.

Happy writing, Olive! and good luck with your new story!
JabberjayHeart chapter 18 . 6/10/2013

No, seriously, I love you. My hatred of Faye was well-known but from an author's perspective, Faye was the perfect antagonist and deserves to have made it this far on that alone. Fuze and Noeah were great choices too ;)

Fuze's little note on the coloured weapons was ingenious. Shows the Capitol's favouritism perfectly; Faye with gold, Noeah with silver and then poor, underdog Fuze with his bronze. Just, speechless.

Noeah taking Faye down was also clever. As much as I love Fuze, it's more realistic that Noeah was the one to finish the monster off. Fuze is more clever though - he's not going to be as injured as Noeah. He has an able body to work with... oo, this just got tense ;D
WAIT. JUST WAIT. Does this mean that Fuze was pretending all along, or just to Noeah?! WHAT?! It'd make sense, I guess. As Noeah said, District Three is known for intelligence. If Fuze has been playing this for a while, well, he's just bloody brilliant. If it's for Noeah, well, then he's still brilliant for actually tricking the older boy.
Wow, I just fell in love with Fuze a little more.

It was intense, trust me Ollie. I just loved the idea about the light and the screams and the pictures. Just, everything was perfect.
I have to say that, for me, both tributes deserve it equally. Noeah in the sense that his great character development deserves to reap rewards, no? But then Fuze has been the underdog and quite clever, and realistically speaking, he isn't as injured and down-trodden as Noeah is... then again, realistically speaking, Noeah should still have the upper hand... okay, no, I think I want Fuze to win, but I'd be happy either way!

Ruetheday chapter 18 . 6/7/2013
Go Fuze! Sorry this review won't be nearly as detailed as it should...
First off, I love the paintings! They are so creepy... And when the tributes' deaths were in them it was even better! A
I'm really hoping it'll be Fuze, but Noeah isn't bad so I'm really fine with whoever :) I think it'll be... Fuze! I think the finale was intense enough! Great job Olive!
Trapped In Narnia chapter 18 . 6/6/2013
AHHHHHHHH NO IT HAS TO BE NOAEH! Was one a poison and one healing? Which did he use? I loved the dead tributes watching! Will they be healed again and smiling at the victor? I love it! HA! Take that Faye! Nobody liked you anyways! Write fast!
Nrrrd-Grrrl-Meg chapter 18 . 6/6/2013
...annnnnnd down goes Faye.

That shocked me. I was expecting a Career to be in the final two. Then again, I wasn't sure Noeah was even going to make it this far, let alone fight back against all of his wounds. I was sad to see Faye go, although I really wanted Fuze to win for a good while now. He's the one that didn't really lose his crap in the Arena and to me, he kind of deserved the win. However, with a knife or pointy object of some sort in his chest, I am wondering how far that's going to make it...maybe it'll be a decision of "who's wounds outlast the other's wounds". :D I LOVE IT! The suspense is tingling!


Who do you think our Victor will be, Fuze or Noeah?
I think it'll be Noeah, but I am pulling for the Fuze upset! GO BRONZE!

Do you think the finale was intense enough or did it lack luster?
INTENSE! I loved it, lady! Don't second guess your writing, it is always very well done!

Now, I am off to submit to your new story!
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