Reviews for Rising Up
Anonymous chapter 5 . 12/29/2012
Hi! I really love your story! Is it wrong that I cant wait for Eddie and Karissa to get together already? Please continue soon; its one of the best stories on here!
Toripocalypse chapter 5 . 11/21/2012
Gaaaah, wonderful work, as always! God, Suki, every time you post a new chapter you absolutely floor me with how much you've improved! You're amazing, buddy! I'm so proud of you! ;w;

Anyway, onto the story...

Oh, Eddie...I'm glad he at least feels bad he made Karisa sick! Good job getting on his ass about it, Sahari. I hope Karisa can get the courage to talk to Eddie more...I know it'll be hard for her, though. Hard to face a cute guy like Eddie! ;) Especially one that's so outgoing. Oh well, at least Eddie is a good foil to Karisa's shyness! Loved the little detail about Eddie trying to get Patch to come out of his shell too. So cute!

Poor Hunter! I'm really glad Patch got there in time, the conflict between him and Dastardos was absolutely brilliant! You nailed Dastardos' character, too, oh my God, so smug and creepy! I'm impressed!

Fab work, Suki, as always! :D
Toripocalypse chapter 4 . 11/17/2012
Awww, this wasn't mediocre at all! You did a fantastic job!

Lots went down in this chapter, and you made it all flow so well! Eddie trying to get Karisa to come out of her shell was amazingly adorable, and the banter between everyone was HILARIOUS! Poor Ethan, all he wanted was to win and his pinata tripped over its own hooves! He's going to be the laughing stock of the village for a while for that one. Poor guy!

Poor Hunter, too! I felt so sorry for him, being stuck there out of his chair with that Ruffian tearing things up! I'm worried about what will happen to him and Donald...I hope they'll be okay...but I DO hope Dastardos shows up just in time to meet up with Patch. Things would take an interesting turn then...hoooo boy...

Can't wait for more! AWESOME work, Suki!
Toripocalypse chapter 3 . 11/12/2012
Ahhh, great chapter, yet again! ;w; Where oh where do I start?

Karisa is SO CUTE, oh my God, I love how fumbly she was around Eddie, just spluttering and then running off! Oh man, when she sees that he's bringing her her Alert System, the poor girl might have a heart attack!

And then her friends all laugh at her...poor Karisa!

I hope Ethan wins the race, or at least gets a respectable ranking! :D I love how pumped he is over it! AND MADDIE, so nice to see her again! I love her new personality soooo much already! :D

AMAZING chapter, can't wait to see what happens next! You never fail to impress, Suki!
Toripocalypse chapter 2 . 11/5/2012
Ahhhh, this was absolutely fab! I loved everything about this! :'D

Cameron is absolutely hysterical! Hitting on every single girl he sees...I love how Petula just went NOT HAPPENIN' right away! And aww, I wasn't aware Hunter was handicapped! It's gonna be interesting to see how he adjusts to everything, it's rare to see an OC with an infirmity like that! It's really endearing too, I'm glad he has a sense of humor about it. Was he in an accident, or was he born that way?

Karisa sounds SO CUTE, by the way! And hehehe, is it implying she likes Eddie? VERRRRY GOOD! 3 I ship it already! I love her personality and I LOVE her Juicygoose, Gracie is hysterical! Petula's barely disguised animosity for the bird was hilarious.

Ethan's great too, what a cool guy! His text conversation with Cameron had me giggling. I can't wait to see more; I love your new batch of OCs very much, Suki! :D
Toripocalypse chapter 1 . 10/30/2012
Ahhhh, I missed your writing, and this right here shows me that I had every reason to! I love the title of the fic, Rising Up, it suits you as well! Back and better than ever! :D

I am LOVING Cameron and Hunter so far! Hunter sounds so cute; a young, wide-eyed gardener who's super optimistic! I wonder how he'll get along with his older brother? I do love me a good bromance but it would be cool if they clashed sometimes too! :D

You wrote Dastardos PERFECTLY. Love how you made him give a hell of a first impression; I imagine he does that to every new gardener he meets! Him suddenly lifting up the blanket to discover naked Cameron was hilarious too! Your OCs seem wonderful so far; I'm really excited to see what their relationships are like with the rest of the Villagers too...and how you write them now that you've improved so much! :D

Your description skills and character blocking were all amazing. This was a great start all around and I'm looking forward to more! Great job, Suki, and welcome back! ;w;