Reviews for Black Cloaks, Red Clouds
recey2010 chapter 57 . 11/4
I totally agree with Neji but I feel utterly terrible for ten ten You're so great at writing battles! Keep the chapter coming !
Guest chapter 28 . 8/26
Amazingly well written, love the intrigue, love the politics.

Though I do wish we had a little more action and perhaps some depth into chakra and how superpowers they grant effect the world, I mean as far as I can tell the world you have constructed is practically one where you have five villages with superpowered mercenaries who for some reason have localised only to five villages and are still influenced by their Daiymo's who lack these powers.I mean I guess I could see Sarutobi or Minato bending their knee, but Orochimaru and Danzo? THey would eat those powerless humans alive, in the cannon world it is pretty obvious that Kishi pretty much ripped of feudal Japan and added superpowers to the mix to make it look cool.

I had hoped to see a bit more.

Still well written,well plotted and great OC's.
Psychedelic Book Fungus chapter 28 . 8/18
Congratulations on making a sorry that I can no longer stand to read. I can't read any more because you have made a truly sympathetic character that I can't bear to see struggle through their current obsticle. This stor is fantastic.
Guest chapter 57 . 8/11
Sokay. As long as it doesn't happen again. We like this story too much.
pikachucat chapter 57 . 8/1
awesome story
kylind chapter 57 . 7/28
Oh god, Orochimaru is so evil. Great job!

I enjoyed this chapter, Tenten's meeting with Neji was well done and on some level deserved.

Heartbreaking what happened to Amaya, but I'm sure you'll have her get revenge on Orochimaru at the end. Don't disappoint me! :D
stoictimer chapter 57 . 7/28
Thank you!
Magnive chapter 57 . 7/28
It's back! Whoo! And it's awesome like always... what is Sasori going to do, though? Make somebody Shukaku's jinchuuriki?
Gamerjunkie27 chapter 57 . 7/27
...Can Tenten fire magnetic railguns now? Because that's AWESOME. Been waiting a while for this update, and you did not disappoint.
Chunq chapter 57 . 7/27
I think it's okay to say you accomplished everything you set out to do with this chapter. It was very Grand. Feels like Mistborn, in more than one way. I think that's pretty high praise.

A little hard to remember even the past two chapters, though. Whatever goes, I look forward to seeing everything collide.
Leitis chapter 57 . 7/27
Words cannot describe how overjoyed I am that you've updated this. Thank you so very much, it was such a great chapter! :O
The confrontation between Neji and Tenten was incredible and very true to both their characters. Poor Amaya is so heartbreaking in her brainwashed complacence, and Anko is... Anko. I don't even know how to describe her in this story. But she gives me chills every time she appears.
Also, I've only just noticed that you're using different name orders in this story and in Soul Mirror (last name-first name vs. first name-last name). Why's that? It's just idle curiosity, mind you, you don't have to answer :D Thank you again for all your work!
Cypress98 chapter 56 . 7/16
I've pulled an all nighter to read this fic up to this point. And now my head hurts..

Well, what can I say?
This is very well written. A little on the dark side but its tolerable and necessary for the story. But still unsettling that I fely extreme pity for the characters.

I'm sad for Naru/Hina couple. Well it looks like you did not used Minato's emergency protocol on the seal to that Naruto can be the perfect pet for the Snake Sannin.

Last words: Please update soon!
Amazing chapter 1 . 7/8
Why are there not more reviews and such for your story
This is amazing
Guest chapter 56 . 7/4
So many stories on this website are really, really terrible. I am thrilled to say that this is not one of them. I love this story and deeply wish you would update it soon.
Rock Lee chapter 56 . 7/1
Please don't tell me this is dead in the water, you're so close to finishing this. It's so good too, I've gotten more entertainment out of this that House of Cards or the original Naruto. Seriously please don't stop.
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