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paily-pll chapter 11 . 12/21/2012
you're hilarious. Lines like 'she's a white tiger...' and 'i fractured three knuckles, she sneezed' had me cracking up! sure my room mate'll wonder what the hell I'm laughing at at 2am but jheeze, I love this! funny and yet so heart warming. I cannot wait for the next chapter and loved, btw, the 'tell me no' scene. amazing. And yes, I say scene because I sweat this plays out like a movie in my head! love it :-)
dotylink64 chapter 11 . 12/21/2012
I absolutely adore this story! I love the way you are writing it. I can't wait to read the next chapter!
Guest chapter 11 . 12/18/2012
I just wanted to say that this story is sooo amazing. The way that you write all of these characters and the detail that you incorporate really does bring the story to life and makes it so realistic. I'm really looking forward to seeing where you take this and I truly hope that it continues for at least a little while. Thank you for being such a fantastic and consistent writer and taking your time to write this wonderful story. I'm def looking forward to the future chapters and for all that's to come for this amazing couple. Thanks again for taking the time to write it, it's very much appreciated. :)
cici chapter 11 . 12/18/2012
oh man, this is by far my favorite chapter in your story. This is the most beautiful ive seen of Paige. Paige with Estella is the most adorable thing in this chapter...well Emily and Paige together are always pleasing to the eyes. It's kinda funny that Stella, the white tiger made me remember Estella, Pip's first love. It made me think how opposite the relationship between those two. Stella, although a tiger has been constantly in a smooth and flowing rel. with Paige while Estella in Great Expectations was formidably slipping away and almost getting sneaky past Pip in making him fall for her. And Pip's and Paige's first name both starts with 'P'. This is just a ramble. I'm excited for the next chapter to unfold...a kiss between the lovelies perhaps?

And Paige is the ultimate white tiger whisperer! And it is amusing to think that one could also refer to Paige as the Emily Fields whisperer as an allusion to her great relationship with Stella p

You are a great writer and you never fail to encourage your readers to visualize vividly the scenes and interactions through your detailed and effective storytelling.
SilentWonder510 chapter 11 . 12/19/2012
Ok with all the cave woman craziness I forgot to tell you how much I loved this chapter! I love how their relationship is progressing. It's so natural and perfect for them. Riley is great and I love that he brings out the fun playful side of Paige. Poor Riley everybody is putting him in his place even the horse lol. It's great seeing Paige's connection with Stella and I love how it mirrors Em and Ember. I think I am as fond of Paige's "leaning on things casually with her boot kicked up and arms crossed" stance as Emily is :) Paige and that swagger!
AliasThorne chapter 11 . 12/19/2012
Im going to keep this relatively short...

My favorite part of this chapter is definitely the end with Stella. I really enjoyed reading that whole scene. It also makes me wish I had a tiger... Also this made me laugh out loud:

"Because she knocked me on my ass one time from running under my legs and I punched her in the face." She admitted. "I fractured three knuckles and she sneezed."

love it.

Im glad they are finally flirting openly. You can see they are getting comfortable and actually making advances towards each other. Its nice to see them being playful and just relaxing. I really liked the part where Emily was challenging Paige to say no to her. It was a cute moment and added a lot of in site as to where they are headed.

I liked this chapter overall. Im actually excite for them to get back on the train though. I don't know why but ON the train seems to be what I look most forward to, especially if a storm is coming.. I think its because thats their HOME... and seeing emily get to explore more of it sounds awesome.

Anyway, I liked it all :). Looking forward to reading 12.

p.s The drums are all I hear as well... Thanks for the shout out. Call me anytime for that tea ;)
Paily lover chapter 11 . 12/17/2012
For Xmas I want my own tiger, dirt bike and a horse! _ love ur story.
Sazar chapter 11 . 12/18/2012
Okay LOVED the entire bit with Paige and Stella, she is so bad ass doing flips over a TIGER.
And just love the entire story in general is so amazing. Emily telling Paige to say no and her not being able to just was so emotional I go through a whirlwind of emotions when I read this
(excuse my language but) F****** AMAZING JOB
AliasThorne chapter 10 . 12/13/2012
Im sorry this has taken me FOREVER to get to you... but I reread this just to make sure I got everything. Because of that I'm going to fall back on the 1,2,3's here. :)

1. As a whole I really enjoyed reading about all the acts. It was nice to see what everyone actually does (especially Paige) now that we know them. I also enjoy the fact that Paige can do a flip...

2. LOVE this: "...forcing herself to walk outside instead of in the direction of the couch that was calling her name...and the girl that she wanted to call her name." That last bit particularly standing out to me. ;)

3. Paige talking to Stella about the whole "don't eat me and we're good" thing made me chuckle. I love Paiges little moments like this. Its times like this that make me want to know her even more.

4 "She was leaning confidently on a large pedestal, higher than her waist with her boot kicked up against the side like she had done so casually with the foot rail of the truck. Perfectly at ease and happy with one hand tucked halfway into her front pocket. " One of my favorites. I know I say this all the time... but love the metal images you create for Paige. Sometimes I can see her so clearly...

I like where this ended. It made me curious as to were your going to jump to next. As always, I look forward to the next chapter but until then its been a fun ride so far... pun intended?

Good job lovely :) Keep it up.
Guest chapter 1 . 12/10/2012
I, for one, really enjoy what you are doing with this story. You've created this whole world and these two characters that I really like getting to know. So the pace you've set is perfect. Update soon!
Guest chapter 9 . 12/9/2012
COME ONNNNNN IT'S BEEN A WEEK I AM BECOMING SOOOO IMPATIENT. I look to see if chapter 10 has been posted like every few hours...please I am begging you. I pray to th Paily gods that chapter 10 is posted tonight or tomorrow and please lord let it have smut. Amen.
Sazar chapter 10 . 12/10/2012
The intimacy you portray with the slightest touch is better than half of the smut out there. The simplicity of the slightest touch and how it affects each of them is beautiful.
The amount of detail there is makes a movie in my head. I could practically see the acts playing out in front of me. And Paige doing those back flips was totally bad ass. Love to see that she's keeping Emily on edge without even trying to.
Guest chapter 9 . 12/3/2012
Ok lets see... I think I will give you the EFG's here...

E. Just because it made me smile real big... 'AliasThorne my #KindaBritt' pretty much made my day. It still makes me smile even now reading it again.

F. I love the image that comes to mind when Paige first sees Emily and drops the bike. I can picture it so well and its really something beautiful. The conversation that took place there was also amazing. I like that you add the little detail of Paige always braiding grass. Its super cute and Im very taken with that subtle mannerism she has.

She shook her head firmly. "Oh no, don't do that."
Paige grinned and looked at her in shock. "What?"
"Don't just cave like that. If you wanna play then let's go." She challenged.

Made me laugh. This exact conversation took place once with a certain someone... and as I read it I was grinning from ear to ear.

G. I love the name Marley and it was awesome to see what's 'behind' the Mary biz. I like that as a stage name, I never even really considered that that wasn't her real name. Nice job with that.

H. You most likely know this already considering you know my first favorite image of the entire story... Emily going to the couch and laying with Paige... 3. The fact that she instantly got up and felt the need to be near her and that Paige was actually awake and they finally came together in a big way is amazing. I love how this ended. It sets up so much and I cant wait for what the future hold for them.

I. (ok so I went well beyond G...) Two words: COSMIC. LOVE.

So yeah... now that I've taken up half the page... Ill leave it there. Your amazing keep it up love. :)
Guest chapter 9 . 12/2/2012
I just love this story and Paige is amazing. Can't wait to see where it goes and how they get there.
soundslikelife8 chapter 9 . 12/2/2012
This chapter blew me away. I squee with joy every time this fic is updated. That last scene took my breath away, and I'm positive I was smiling like a doofus while I read it. Everything about this story is pristine. Each character has depth, and because of your attention to detail it's so easy to imagine Emily and Paige in this world. The chemistry between them is so intense I was bursting when they hugged in the meadow. I could go on forever complementing everything that makes this one of my all time favorite Paily fics, but I'll save you the time. Just know that you're spot on, and you've got me completely hooked. I hope Chapter 10 comes soon!
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