Reviews for Daddy Dearest
flcomputergeek chapter 1 . 11/28/2012
It's a great story so far. I hope you will continue writing it. looking forward to more chapters!
IronAmerica chapter 1 . 10/30/2012
It's up! Yay! *glee* :D

Of course he does. He's *Simon*. Simon. He's so pretty and screwed up and god help you if you look at a child the wrong way around him. And... Awwww... :( Poor Simon. (And you know, just because I'm a sadist, I would *love* to see what would happen if Bobby ever got near Z. Simon would kill him.)

Simon's just going to have so many giggles following him around. And it will be because Z has escaped the day care and is trailing him like a duckling. Because that. That would be awesome. :D

Yes Z, doctors are supposed to be smart. And Simon's book smart, but he's kind of a dummy when it comes to relationships. And poor Simon is going to be constantly perplexed by his little girl, who will have him wrapped around her finger in less than an hour. (Have I mentioned I adore this AU lately? :D)

Oh, seeing Archie and Skylar and Banfield in the same room is going to be *epic*. Because poor Simon will not catch a break. :P

I love this story. And Simon's picture at the end. *cuddles it* :D

Lovely story. No quibbles that I can spot atm. :D