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hama-chama chapter 10 . 2/24
Wow, this story is great! I almost feel bad for thinking that, seeing as to what happened in this story.
Don't worry, your English is awesome! It's better than mine, and it's the only language I speak! :)
Robin0203 chapter 10 . 7/10/2015
are you still going to post another chapter it'll be highly appreciated
bat-tron chapter 10 . 9/29/2014
Okay, so I tried to like Tim for god knows how many times over the years. I really, truly did. But then Damian comes along and he's so great, and everyone thinks he's the worst thing in the world and makes all of these awful fanfictions about him, with Tim as the victim.

i absolutely love that you didn't do that, and that I'm honestly not the only one who doesn't like Tim. And I'm so glad that there was bonding between Jason and Dami, you have no idea. I love them together like that so much.

So all in all, I absolutely love this story! It had my stomach dropping at the first couple paragraphs, which is so rare for me!
GlOmP3R chapter 10 . 8/15/2014
My god I loved this! Almost made my cry! Kickass job! I loved this 7 ways to hell and back.
MissCuriousBird chapter 10 . 10/29/2013
Dammit. It's 3 in the morning and I have an exam at 9. I shouldn't have stayed up reading all ten chapters, but I did, and I HAVE NO REGRETS. You, my dear, have made me into a huge, fucking fangirl of Jason Todd, and an avid believer of a fangirl of the Jason Todd and Damian Wayne friendship.

The way you portrayed their relationship makes me laugh and cry and GODDAMMIT, SOMEONE MANHANDLE TIM ALREADY AND THROW HIM OUT TO TALIA. You actually made me hate Tim. I still like him as a character - I love all the Bat members, I just love Tim the least, haha - and I actually almost had a seizure and thought he actually DID rape Damian in the comics before realising he didn't - seriously, I was trying to read quickly so I could go to sleep earlier for my exam and I completely skipped the whole fact that this was for a challenge. What a derp I am. But seriously, Damian would throw him off the fucking rooftop before even allowing him to touch his hair. And Dick wouldn't let him go on his own like that. I think. Well yes.

Tim seemed in character to me, jerkish and broody and all. I was actually quite happy when Jason punched and tazered him and Damian beat the crud out of him. Dick was great and acted like the best big brother in the world and I love how his actions don't make sense to Damian. He's such a sweetie. Speaking of Damian, where do I even begin? Everything was just so believable in this story, from how he goes mute to still being tense around Tim, everything was just mindblowingly in character. But I have to say, Jason stole my heart, that little attention seeker. Nearly everything he said and did made me laugh and god knows how much I love that prick now. He's such a snarky little bastard, it makes me adore him. And that bit at the end of this chapter made my feels skyrocket. Just. Dammit. /SOBS

Best thing about this whole story? It was all totally believable. None of that 'falling in love with the rapist' shit - seriously now, what is wrong with those people? - or Damian becoming completely helpless and crap. I send you all my love for this. I'll definitely read your other story - I've already read 'The Youngest'. I just need to read the other. Now, for my sake, I hope the angst won't completely kill my feels.

I could write more in this review of mine and read your other stories, but I need sleep. Badly. So until my next review!
ShoesSOS13 chapter 10 . 9/11/2013
Really intense! :) And I love Jay and Dami being friends. :)
Moon-Fox13 chapter 10 . 9/9/2013
This was a really good chapter. I liked that Damian is connecting more with Dick and Jason.
Candle-tender Yena chapter 10 . 9/9/2013
Well, me dear, this was ONE awesome fanfiction! I could not believe you said english was hard - your English was so friggin' perfect! (OO)
I guess that's the pay for genuine hard-paid-work. :)))

Loved it and will wait for next chapter!
Grayson chapter 10 . 9/9/2013
I absolurely loved this. I was an abuse victim as well, and with Damian being my favourite character, (and Tim being the character I hate the most) this was wonderful and really met with me on an emotional level. So thank you! 3
PapukaDex chapter 9 . 9/1/2013
Please update soon I wanna know what happens next. :3
Eleavir chapter 9 . 6/9/2013
LOVE this chapter!

The aftermath of the explosion is actually better than what I had in mind. I seriously thought someone was gonna lose someone or something dearly. But both survived. Dickie is elated. All is well.

The part I like the most is when Dami tries to get his big bro Jay to move. It's like an echo from the past, only this time it's a helpful Damian trying his best to persuade an unresponsive Jason. Reminds me of their happy meal days. (Big D has no idea what he has missed.) I especially like the part where Damian, at his breaking point, begs Jason in a whimper. Really shows his growth.

Tim is...kind of having the best dumb luck ever. Good for him.

Dickie is trying to be the big bro for all his brothers. Well...Good luck?

Can't wait to see the (happy) end!
Doodfloobenshmire chapter 8 . 6/8/2013
I was re-reading my previous review and I noticed I totally messed up in what I was trying to say in this one paragraph (actually I messed up a lot XD I should read through before I posted...But it was almost 5 in the morning so...). What I should have written in the 9th part was:

Tim's entire speech there is perfect. I can't believe you were even able to come up with Tim's reaction and make it seem so much like Tim. Extremely in character and so Tim. So Tim and so perfect. And the way you wrote it sounded like Tim as well.
Doodfloobenshmire chapter 9 . 6/7/2013
Oh god. I was reading my other reviews and I sound like...Young. Too young...Sorry about that...(I'm a sophomore in high school)

Anyway, as always, you did a marvelous job on this chapter! And the whole story in general...I've gotta admit, I was a bit worried when you brought Talia in, and with the bomb, and with the ending of chapter Up High, Down Low...But you did it! Everything is...Just perfect XD I think, Talia had/has a fine part, and I like the fact that she doesn't actually know, but she thinks she does. So that's really cool XD 'm still a little curious on /how/ she "knows" though (unless you mentioned it in the last chapter and I forgot...).

Annnddd since I didn't review for a while. I'm gonna to you all the things I remember I really wanna tell you. Because there are these two scenes that just. Just got me. Like a bunch:
"Damian placed the hoodie on the bedspread and jumped down the bed, his eyes narrowing and turning thoughtful as he moved closer to Tim. He stopped beyond arm reach 'If your doppelganger ever comes near me again' Damian enunciated sarcastically slow, as if Tim wouldn't be able to understand otherwise 'I will kill you. Both of you.'

This wasn't a temper tantrum or a show of power. Looking at his eyes, Tim had no doubt at all that there'd be no stopping him. Damian would kill him.

Then Damian tore his gaze away jerkily and swallowed hard, closing the door with a soft click, and for the first time Tim understood the damage he had done, even if he didn't remember it.

'I hope you do.'"

The line about Tim's realization on what his actions cause was just...Too great. In such a sort little thing you made it sound so...Powerful (at least to me)

And there was this other sentence I found too great:
Tim sighed, leaning his elbows on his knees "Sometimes I wish I could remember, you know? 'Cause it all seems so distant I actually forget to feel guilty, and I cannot ever let that guilt go, it wouldn't be fair to Damian. Then I realize how awful it would be to know, how I would never be able stare anyone in the eye ever again, knowing how it felt to…" he shakes his head, as if clearing his thoughts "And I'm glad I don't remember. Isn't that horrible?"

Tim's entire speech there is perfect. I can't believe we were even able to come up with Tim's reaction and make it sound (in both what it is in general and you worded it) so...Tim. So Tim and so perfect.

(must all you endings be so amazing? *_*)

Also, did I ever tell you how adorable the Damian-likes-to-'perch-in-high-places thing was? Because it's super cute x3

(completely random thought) I really hope Damian does end up telling Dick about it, eventually. I /really /wanna to hear, Damian would describe what happened to him, in his words.

This entire story as a whole is fantastic. And it amazes me /a lot/ how you could be given something like a one-shot that was practically only a rape scene, and create...This! It's wonderful :D I'm pretty sure I said this before, but I love your writing. All the characters are perfectly in character (and super adorable XD), the vocabulary is fantastic, it's descriptive, and this is going to sound odd but, everything is described perfectly XD And it's hilarious! Every single chapter I enjoy and find my self /at least/ smiling at something. (I really loved the ending to Damsel, by the way! XD).

I'm going to super sad to see this story come to an end! It's one of my favorites! I think I'm gonna start reading the rest of your work (that's in English XD)...

Sorry for the super long review!
Dextra2 chapter 9 . 6/6/2013
grownup chapter 9 . 6/5/2013
I love this. Damian is adorable and this is my kind of story. Oh golly, I don't even know what to say other than "please write more soon I want to know if Jason's okay!" What is it with that boy and explosions, anyhow?
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