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WatUCWatIC chapter 30 . 8/26
this was so much better than stories at the very top of the list, I dont even know how to describe such injustice. it was a perfect delivery - unlike your fic, I just stopped reading other ppls reveals because they simply got too...not my taste. u r awesome. know this.
Drag0nst0rm chapter 3 . 7/2
Look on the bright side, Merlin: You could have woken up in a camp full of Knights and the king of Camelot himself.
Qwerts chapter 6 . 6/28
Oh my God. How have I never found this fic before now? This is one of the best pieces I've read in a while- it's absolutely brilliant! Paced perfectly, the characters are flawlessly written, and the plot is amazing. You, my friend, do not disappoint.
Guest chapter 30 . 6/16
This is one of the best Merlin fanfics I've ever read! It's a great plot written in the best possible way! It includes everything that readers would want from a story! I really hope to write as beautifully as this one day!:) keep it up!
shadowpillow chapter 30 . 5/10
I just can't express just how much I loved reading this story. Absolutely amazing, even though I accidentaly got some spoilers by clicking to the last chapter instead of the next one at one point. Made me laugh, and wow, I almost got tears in one eye. Thank you :)
JediKittehz chapter 30 . 4/17
This story was phenomenal! Thank you!
Pa001 chapter 30 . 3/25
By the time I found this story it had already been completed. It was also so interesting and well written than I couldn't stop reading it. So I have read the whole thing and am tired and my eyes are sore.. but it was worth it. Thanks for writing it. I hope there will be more :-D
a.narnian chapter 30 . 3/12
Well, thank you for this story. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading it - found it quite difficult to put down (metaphorically speaking), in fact. I think you said something about a slow pace in the first few chapters, but I wasn't really aware of that - it was too absorbing. The plot is compelling (I never trusted Tiden!), but what really does it for me is the exploration of Arthur and Merlin's friendship. Using the (apparent) loss of Merlin, followed by his loss of memory, to give an insight into how Arthur feels about him, and the extent of his commitment to him, and using Merlin's rediscovery of that friendship to give the reader an insight into what it means to him, is a great idea, and it's used very effectively. I'm a sucker for that kind of exploration, and you've undertaken it sensitively and comprehensively.

I very much liked the fact that you give Arthur the maturity to understand and articulate the importance of the friendship. In the TV series, he isn't really given that ability - there's usually only subtext, and he doesn't grow much in that regard - but you give him a much greater capacity in that regard. The journeys that the two go on as they attempt to rediscover their friendship are credible and very readable, and again serve the purpose of showing the depth and meaning of their friendship really well.

I was also really glad to see the 'I'm happy to be your servant 'til the day I die' scene become a central part of their reconciliation. I've always thought that a profound and highly unusual statement, and one which I'm certain that a more mature Arthur would have returned to and wanted to talk with Merlin about - which you allow them to do.

Arthur will be very happy with his new manservant, not that he'll admit it ;)
aGreatLoudThump chapter 30 . 3/12
Wow, that was a great story! Felt like it could have been cannon; part of me wishes it was. I think everyone was pretty much in character the whole time. Thanks for the great read!
BreathingMagic chapter 30 . 3/9
Yup, I liked it. :) It's cute how Arthur is really, really trying. Of course, being the needy and jealous person that I am, I don't exatly want to see Peter as the new manservant (mostly because I'm afraid that Arthur might actually like him, outspoken and witty as he is), but I guess it makes sense.

Well, this is the final review, so here goes nothing: Loved, loved, loved it. Really nice "what if" angle, the whole Merlin missing the last six years thing was amazing and creative and wonderful. With so many chapters ready to be read, I usually ONLY write one review - logically after the last chapter - but you somehow managed to sway me and made me want to comment all the time in between, I actaully had to restrain myself to not spam up your whole review section by commenting on all 30 chapters, I guess I was semi-successfull.
BreathingMagic chapter 29 . 3/9
Okay, I'm not quite sure what that epilogue will entail, but I just gotta tell you right now that THIS ending was perfect. It's simply beautiful, so full of hope and light and yet you know there's still stuff to work through. "It's a new day..." - I did not see that beautiful quote coming, but it made me fell all warm and fuzzy and like something great was happening. Also loved how you bissuet back that whole "I'm happy to be your servant till the day I die" issue. All in all, this was a fantastic end for a fantastic story. Kudos and thank you for sharing!
BreathingMagic chapter 15 . 3/9
That made me happy. :) And Arthur himself suggesting the word supercilious - that was brilliant, and reminded of the times conversation went like this 'Merlin?' 'Shut up?' 'You guessed it.'.
BreathingMagic chapter 14 . 3/9
It makes me SO SAD that Merlin simply accepted the stupid notion that he was a spy and traitor in Camelot. There are loads of people telling him that he's a friend and that he proved that he would readily give his life for Arthur; but no, because there is one stupid King and one even more stupid Steven (who probably faked Hunith's letter or had her under pressure or something to write while not letting Gaius return to influence Merlin - god I hate these people!) Merlin simply believes them even though he knows it's not in his nature to do such things... Come on, young warlock, remember soon!
BreathingMagic chapter 11 . 3/8
NO! No no no no no, this is all wrong! Merlin, you can swear your allegiance all right, but what on earth makes you burn some magical tattoo into your arm without even knowing what the heck the words of the spell mean?! I can only imagine what Gaius would have to say about such behaviour - on that note, you better get over here quickly, old man! Oh lords...

I'I'm afraid I have just lost all my carefully built trust in Tiden in no more than half a chapter. And when he 'smiled' after Merlin so thoughtlessly pulled of that rotten ritual, my stomach recoiled. Oh Merlin, my boy, you can never stay out of trouble, can you? :/ Steven would make a better slug than man, that'that's for sure!
BreathingMagic chapter 10 . 3/8
Come now, Arthur, don't screw this up by acting all distant and stuff, Merlin deserves better. Show him that he can trust you, and just - open your heart. :')
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