Reviews for My Idiot
max chapter 1 . 2/14
These stories are amazing but you can not make longer stories of K, K and M also be exciting
Cristian Reynold chapter 21 . 2/13
These stories are extraordinary and very exciting I love them but I do not like that I am only clarified as T I also want you to create stories that are clacified as K or k or M.
Guest chapter 15 . 2/12
I wonder why people like to write about teenagers having a baby. What is appealing about it. It's not cute it just bothers me. Other than that great story anyway.
Guest chapter 15 . 2/12
Is it bad that I kind of wanted the baby to die. I mean they're eighteen years old and having a child. Ay dios mio what has this world become. Why do they always have an accidental child so young. It bothers me.
Vidrio chapter 21 . 2/6
Im not so mad. But...
Why? Arella might have done bad things but... she deserved to exist... Right?
I guess its not that simple
Good story, but i would have prefered a happy ending with the "demon daugther" thing.
But, I like the fic... so
Keep writing your stories!
The Black Legend chapter 21 . 2/5
I’m gonna be honest at first I was worried like is he gonna turn this into a whole story where they need to go and fix the past but thankfully that didn’t happen, lol I actually love the ending the way it started amazing bro keep up the good work!
TheBigK1 chapter 21 . 2/4
Beautifully done! I loved this story very much and Arella not being born pulled my heartstrings. Can't wait for another BBRae story!
Justme chapter 21 . 2/4
So, was the timeline messing the reason the children switched birth order? I know it shouldn’t bother me, but it does. Ugh this is too much. Forget it. Snack time.
Justme chapter 21 . 2/3
So, the reason the kids births were switched was because of the time warp? Time travel is too confusing. Snack time!
RPGPersona chapter 21 . 2/4
So we have come full circle now.

The scars of the past don't always fade, but as long as Beast Boy and Raven have each other and their children I am sure then can support one another and keep moving forward. Raven has been really thinking hard about that future trip and how it affected the future. I say Beast Boy is correct to say that Warp is ultimately the one who was messing with the timeline. The team didn't ask to be sent to the future. Raven would have seen her future life regardless of whether or not future Raven gave past Raven some picture. Admittedly the might have made past Raven think she needed to stick to a certain schedule to make things work, but Raven's feelings would have been the same regardless. It is nice that the pair do have a picture to remember their first daughter by.

It is kinda weird seeing this scene again from the opposite perspective, with the older Raven and Beast Boy. So this time Raven decided to not give the pictures to her past self. Huh, so not giving the picture did change things to the point where Arella wasn't born.

Interesting, this time past Raven was more mellow about her response to Beast Boy. Just asking for some time alone and even apologizing. That is cute, even without the picture, Raven still drew her own to add to the album.

In my mind it is not that Arella was never conceived, just that in this particular timeline she wasn't. The possibility of her existence will never completely disappear. So is this going to create some weird loop where Raven doesn't get the pictures, ends up marrying Beast Boy and gives picture to her past self to help her alone, followed by the Arella timeline prompting that Raven to not give pictures to her past self repeating the cycle?

Thanks for expanding this story. I enjoyed reading it.
Golem XIV chapter 21 . 2/3
A subtle but maybe important shift in Raven's reaction. I'd say the ending was more hopeful than sad, but with a small drop of bitterness mixed in.

I would say Arella ended up being the necessary sacrifice that Raven had to make in order to rid herself and the rest of her family fully from her father's influence, not that it makes it any less painful.

So the journey reached the end. It was a fun ride, as usual! But knowing you, I'd say it's still too early to consider it completely finished!
Johnny Beast chapter 21 . 2/3
Wow, that is sad that Arella no longer exists, but I wonder if the memory of her is still there? Anyway, this is story is great and if you’re able to do this with a one shot then you can do it with your other one shots. If you have the time.
vosty88 chapter 21 . 2/3
Una gran historia como las que as publicando :)
titanfan45 chapter 21 . 2/3
You took a one shot and really turned into a great story. I did find myself a bit sad that the timeline changed and that Arella never came to be. I thought the sketches that Raven drew very neatly replaced the photos that future Raven did not send. Apparently the timeline was restored.
ThommyPickles chapter 21 . 2/3
I haven't been reviewing much, a variety of reasons really, but I had to review this story. It. Was. Awesome. I was unsure about the extra chapters but I'm so glad you added them. This story came full circle and it was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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