Reviews for Mass Transcendence: Mass Symphony 4
MizDirected chapter 15 . 2/26/2015
So... I am sad, sad, sad. SAD, I tell you. Even though it has taken me far too long, I have finished this first saga, and that makes me sad. I feel like Garrus leaning against the railing, looking out at the Normandy ... some of my favourite times in fanfiction have been in this saga.

The big date before she went to prison ... his time on Palaven preparing for the reapers ... sooo many moments. You've pulled off a masterpiece.

There have been times in the third and fourth instalments that I didn't quite follow or that I thought things were rushed, but over all, I have just loved this story to bits. TO BITS! So full of passion and love and all the meaty, juicy goodness that is life and good fiction. If you were to rewrite it using your current mastery of the craft and a little more time here and there ... you'd have one of the top go-to Shakarian fics. You just would. Word would spread.

LOL Now I am doing Field of Dreams. If you write it, they will come.

Anyway, just a beautiful story, and I am truly sad it is over. Good thing I can always go back and reread. Not to mention I have the new saga to look forward to. :D

Fantastic work, my lovely friend. Fantastic work.
MizDirected chapter 14 . 2/25/2015
I really don't know what to say about this chapter. It leaves me happy for the rachni queen and Grunt. They found their songs, and yet ... I know I'm supposed to be happy for Garrus, I guess I just don't feel his completion. I should be happy for him. They can be together. I think that were you to write this story now, I would reach this place right there with him. I think it is just the telling distance.

But that said, gorgeous stuff, the threads that come together to build his song, and the song that allows both the rachni and Grunt find their place the the grander orchestra. I'm interested to see what the last chapter consists of, and how the second movement goes. A lovely work full of hollow ache, and yearning, and struggle, and eventually figuring things out. Definitely one of my favourite series.
MizDirected chapter 13 . 2/12/2015
An interesting chapter. I'm glad that the council saw through Garrus's claims of guilt, although it seems like the left the whole idea of a trial for ... ever. I get a very confused sense of how time passes in this fic, partially due to the fact that it seems to confuse Garrus. Sort of like when you feel like you've just fallen asleep but it's been hours. It definitely seems to contract and expand.

I like that you kept the old girl going. She deserves to, even if she eventually gets relegated to ferrying around dignitaries on peace missions.

I admit that I'm not really following Garrus's expanding awareness. I don't understand where it is necessarily coming from ... other than that Shepard caused it? It just kind of seemed to be there. That could just be me not following though. So take that with a grain of salt. Anyway, looking forward to seeing what is going on with the rachni. :D
MizDirected chapter 12 . 2/4/2015
A really interesting chapter. So interesting that I wish it had been a few chapters that gave all of its splendid ideas and concepts room to grow. The sun that had a consciousness. I didn't really get a chance to understand it. To understand how they were communicating with it and how it understood. Would have loved to have seen some more there. Awesome stuff.

EDI had seemed reticent to let Joker pilot the other ship, who the man kept referring to as Herod with a laugh. - this sentence didn't make sense to me.

The mythology you put together for the reason behind the Crucible etc. was amazing and much cooler than the actual reasons. The only thing was the creation of the Reapers ... I didn't follow as well through there. I wasn't sure what made up the catalyst and what the Reapers. Although part of that was likely the fact that I was trying to make sense of canon via your explanation ... trying to slot things into place in your canon.

I love the idea that Garrus and all the others involved, all shared a piece of the greater, creating a gestalt able to fix the miscalculation. Really loved that.

A really cool chapter that made me want moar ... moar of the coolness ... moar time with the concepts and creations that are so uniquely yours. Brilliant stuff, it is.
MizDirected chapter 11 . 2/3/2015
* * EDI stepped around Garrus then and helped the new man to stand, which he did with surprise at himself at how easily this was accomplished, "Jeff, it's alright. You're safe." - this is one crazy sentence. At least two POV's and too many things. :D

I love the idea of Joker getting a new body, but ouch! the way it happened. Bad Shepard. Bad bad Shepard.

This is the chapter of the really really long sentence. The ones in the first half page actually had me reading over and over again to figure out what they were saying. And I never understood what happened that ended with the batarians being dead. No clue what happened there. Just that they are dead and somehow Garrus is a war criminal because of it. All of that could have used more words, just in shorter sentences. Needed fleshing out. Yup.

Then once EDI and Joker arrived, things went along swimmingly. A little vague again when it came to describing the shells and the transfer. I couldn't visualize who was in what body when everyone was in the room.

Awesome material. Love the ideas, and the emotion, and the tease at the end ... just this chapter had me on the ropes trying to figure out what was going on. :) Can't wait to see what the being is.
MizDirected chapter 10 . 2/1/2015
He groaned into her hair, which tickled his nares - nares?

I have to admit that I had a bit of trouble following the serpent scene. It felt a little like you had this perfect vision of what happened inside your head, but not all of it made it out into the words so that I had the same vision.

The scene with Aria and Anderson was great. I love that whole ... looking back is brilliant, but going back would be hell no matter how sentimental we want to be about the past. So true. We grow, and as uncomfortable as it is in our current state, going back would just be way too tight.

Lovely chapter. And yeah, a shout out to the dialogue tags. :D I had to. hehehehehehe
MizDirected chapter 9 . 10/23/2014
So much going on here. Happy family bits with the kids and explaining Shepard as the spirit of war. I think she is the spirit of a lot of other things too, but yeah, explaining that to kids would get a little gah!

Then Samara ... this one opens a lot of questions for me. Like how she knew about and found Shepard. All sorts of what? there, but then she can hopefully find some peace. So I just let my hopes about that override all my... but wait...?

Then Garrus trying to deal with the fact that him living out his proper destiny didn't include dying with Shepard. Although, with her going with control, he couldn't have followed her anyway. Would that part of her died and moved on, or would it have had to stay and deal with the Reapers?

And yeah, they had a flashbang sort of relationship. If she had lived, I'm not sure it could have survived the day to day. It was born in crazy, intense times, and sort of seemed fated to go the way Garrus expected it to, with them both dying in a blaze of glory.

Concrit-wise... you know everything I would say anyway by now. I just let them go by and enjoy the passioney goodness. ;) Awesome stuff.
MizDirected chapter 8 . 10/20/2014
He could actually feel the bitter knot of his heart loosening. It was painful, but good. - yay. It's about time.

Wow, so much cool and weird and awesome in this chapter. I have no clue how she's doing it, but the fact that even so many years later, she is still trying to get back to him ... . Awesome stuff.

I am eager to see how Shepard managed this return, and I'm so glad for both of them that it is happening AFTER he got over all the anger. And of course he still loved her, he wouldn't have been so angry with her if he didn't.

So yeah, nothing but love since I've pointed out the other little thingees before. So glad he's getting her back.
MizDirected chapter 7 . 9/13/2014
Poor ol Garrus. He really was at the last moment before he went somewhere he wouldn't come back from. I'm interested to see how the miracle was managed. So much ugliness to come out of love. Makes me sad because it's not really love then, is it? It's some sort of selfish clinging, some codependent thing, but for that much ugliness to grow, there was a huge hole inside Garrus that needs healing and filling before I would call it love.

So yeah, he's taken everything right to the edge of breaking. Now hopefully he will be able to heal that hole and start bringing everything back. And I hope the miracle doesn't just come in and save him from it, because in the end, it's not about her. It's something he has to fix in himself. He started to fix it after Omega, but then she stepped in and bandaged it over with their relationship. As lovely as it was when it was good, it really wasn't all that healthy. Hopefully healthy can happen now. :) Good stuff. Am eager to see where it's heading.
MizDirected chapter 6 . 9/8/2014
Pride salved, the man smirked and Garrus knew then that they would all get along very well. Very well indeed.

The morning was a delicate dance of four men nursing hangovers trying not to bump into each other or talk overloud. - need a line here or a transition line to indicate time passing.

A sad, detached existence. It is a very good thing for Garrus that he has those friends and his duty, but mostly the friends. Because the watched is right. Even with just the duty out there, alone and detached. Things would go bad fast. Become all too easy to let practicality and things overcome compassion. And that is the last thing Garrus would want to become. *shudder*

Good stuff indeed. The voices of all the characters come through very well. It's good to see Zaeed. The crusty old bastard. Onward! I'm eager to see how the watcher plans to pull this off. :D
MizDirected chapter 5 . 9/4/2014
Seven years. Gah. What Garrus needs to do is realize that the universe keeps throwing things at him for a reason. Yup. There is a reason that it refuses to just let him pretend to forget. I'm glad he was finally able to tell someone the reason for his grrr argh.

Garrus's dad must have been old when he had kids, because turians live to about 150, same as humans. Well, in their years, it would be more like 125, because Palaven has a longer year, but yeah. Garrus is 2-4 years younger than Shepard according to the writers, so ol Gaius was popping the heat sink well into his senior years. Go him! That could explain a lot of his and Garrus's issues . . . the whole generation gap thing.

A good chapter of progress for Garrus that ends with what seems like a set back, but I think is a temporary one. Sometimes wounds have to get lanced before they can heal. Love his relationship with his nephew, and by now am not surprised or even particularly dismayed by the chapter ending with him running out on someone and leaving hurt behind. It's his thing. Awesome stuff.
MizDirected chapter 4 . 8/30/2014
Gah. Poor Victus. I love that character. And yeah, that the council or someone of that ilk assassinating him fills me with unreasonable rage. Rage I say! Bring them all down. They must all perish in flames. Flames with explosions and lots of bullets in non-vital body parts until they cry sad, little baby girl tears and beg for mercy, but there shall be no mercy for them. *pants* Okay, sorta have that out of my system. But they try that crap with my Garrus... doooooooom. Doom shall be upon them all.

Now, I shall go cry for poor Adrien, and point to your weird dialogue tags. Yes, you dialogue tags. I am pointing at you.

Good chapter. I like the fact that somehow while he is dreaming, Garrus is able to connect with this other 'person' or consciousness. Interesting. Awesome stuff as always. *But continues to point*
MizDirected chapter 3 . 8/26/2014
I think Garrus realizes that he's running, even though he doesn't let himself look at it for very long. It's sad, but understandable. Odd that someone so strong in some ways is so very very fragile in others. Well, not odd, but very human . . . even for a turian.

I am a little confused about the presence at the Normandy wreck. That seems like going backward, where the rest of the dreams seemed to be moving forward, tracing him. So I was like... why are we on Alchera?

And again, he leaves in the middle of the night, leaving behind someone his departure will have hurt, but at least Tali got a chance to talk to him before he fled. I wonder if he's been in touch with his father since. :( That was mean after saying he would stay. So yeah, can't wait for him to stop leaving a trail of wounded loved ones behind him because he's unconsciously lashing out.

Good stuff. Very very good stuff.
MizDirected chapter 2 . 8/25/2014
If the anger disappears rather than changing into something less volatile, it will mean he's lost her, and that would be sad. It's slowly transmogrifying.

I was a tiny bit thrown at the beginning of the chapter, just trying to figure out where the leap happened, but he did need to run away for a bit at the end of the first chapter. So he headed for the rim and got some pretty new ships and did what he does best. Works for me. I love how he's pulling everyone together, mixing things up, building interdependence. That's what it's all about. yep yep

A good chapter. I'm glad to see him deciding not to go back to the drunken horrible place. Also glad to see that he's gradually letting himself feel again. Good stuff. Onward!
MizDirected chapter 1 . 8/23/2014
before he'd destroyed it on a dirtball far from here. -there

Wasn't the energy for control blue? lmao sorry

Wow, so I am sad. Poor Garrus. So angry, and turning it on everything. Himself, even the people around him despite not actually getting angry at them. He's robbing them of him.

And he's pretty much running turian space, which is cool. LOL He spent a long time in fire prepping for it.

And I know what that was. I won't spoiler in case other people don't figure the dream out, but I know. heehee.

And it is better than Omega, Garrus... because even though he doesn't see it, while there is life, there's hope. Good chapter. Nice seeing him continue his leadership competence, and sad to see him robbing especially his father of his presence. :( Poor everyone.
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