Reviews for Bend Around the Wind
Michelle chapter 100 . 9/5
Omg. This was just... OMG!
I am speechless. Long story, well written, gramaticaly ok, everything made sense and I could go on and on. I am very happy and satisfied with this piece of work. When i got lost in text, it was just because of me not being good enough in English. I found this story on one of site translated (well just the first 20 parts) but I just couldn't leave there. I had to read it. It took mě right at the beginnig and I was not able to leave. It's amazing that I could find something like this. Thank you. That's all I can say.
aaeiilnn chapter 99 . 7/11
i really want a fic of tony being secretary of defense and being awesome at it please please please im hoping youd do one or two follow up one shots cause kqdbiand this is too amazing pla
aaeiilnn chapter 1 . 7/9
hello i dont think ive reviewed here yet which is incredibly rude of me considering ive reread this a thousand times,,, this is definitely my number 1 frostiron fic and one of my top avengers fics hands down. its so beautiful and amazing and not enought words can describe how wonderful it is... the way you wrote every single emotion and thought that passed through their minds was such an inspiration for me to start writing my own (even though its not frostiron) and i can only hOPE to make a story as good as this.. im so glad people are still reading it and that everyone still loves this qksbajdb

thank you so much for this,, your story has made me smile and laugh and cry and just feel so many emotions when im not feeling my best so thank you
Faezier chapter 100 . 6/6
Amazing! I loved it! Thank you for writing this magnificent story!
Silvanesti chapter 99 . 5/26
I can't review chapter 100 since I did that when I first read this story three years ago. So I'll review this instead although I've read it to the end.

Once more, thank you so much for gifting us with one of the most intriguing and entertaining fanfics that I've ever read. The plot, the characters, the scenarios, the journey - both psycical and mental, I love it all.

I started reading maybe three weeks ago and was two thirds through the story when I went to see Infinity War. After that much of this has been heart wrenching. I cry for the characters. I'll still return to this story again though, in a few years time.

If I would like to creste fan art for this, especially of my beloved Hatchet
LokiofLies chapter 100 . 5/17
i just re-read it. and i still love it. this is my favorite ironfrost. so detailled, complex, i love how they built their relationship and everything around. just "chapeau!"
Silvanesti chapter 75 . 5/16
After seeing Infinity War I felt the need to reread this story. I love it so much, and these characters. Chapter 74 had me in tears and so does the end of this one.
Tsubasa504 chapter 100 . 5/10
I must say this was one of the more complex fanfics I've ever read (and I've read a lot). truly amazing. Thank you for your great work, I had a wonderful week of reading thanks to this. I look forward to reading other works you've made.
Shadow Lily Potter chapter 100 . 4/8
I loved this story! It was complex, it captured the characters wonderfully, and is probably my new favorite Avengers centered fanfic :) I look forward to reading your other work.
Yankeegomera chapter 90 . 4/3
Oh no! Me niego ahora mismo a verles pasar por eso
Yankeegomera chapter 33 . 4/1
frostiron for ever!
Jyll chapter 100 . 3/16
A story which was so well written, it was like a complete movie.
Fantastic, i really want to thank you for it.
Keep up this great work!
Me chapter 100 . 3/3
Where should I start ?
How can I tell how amazingly cool your story is ? Honestly, when I saw that there was 100 chapters, my first thought was "it's either going to be extremely good or extremely bad" and I bet you guessed my conclusion. It took me two weeks to read BATW and I enjoyed every single chapter. Usually, I'm not such a fan of the Iron/Frost pairing but here, damn ! It's impossible not to like it ! Both Tony and Loki have great development all along he story, nothing seems rushed between them, their relation is chaotic, explosive, powerful. Both feel guilt and pride for what they have done and who they are, each one is a real mess of emotions. Tony and Loki have a very complex personality and digging into their fears and uncertainties is quite a challenge !
Your writing style is perfect, I especially love Tony's thoughts ! BATW is a travel in itself. The reader discovers the main characters of course, but also different crewmembers, laws of physics and magic, different planets and a greater scheme at the very end. I enjoyed getting to know Juyu and Bee, Drongo, Hatchet, Frey, Babba Queen, etc... This is an excellent story. This is the type of story that makes you go through dozens of different feelings along a single chapter and crave for the next one. I'm lucky not to have discovered it earlier so that I don't have to wait ! I look forward to reading more of your stories.
My last words : Thank you !
YoChicken chapter 58 . 1/21
OOOOH! loved the reunion! :D
Rainsaber chapter 100 . 12/23/2017
I could leave a review for each one of these chapters, but this is already going to be a long review so I figured one long one instead of 100 long ones was the kinder course of action. First of all, I binge read this like I haven’t binge read a fanfiction in a LONG FREAKING time. I could not bear to put this down even when I had to go to work and make time for sleep of all mundane things-like I literally had to manually emotionally detach myself. This entire thing is so well written and the characters are so genuine, sharp, true to who they are, and with you not shying away from when shit gets real or messy it’s just like the best most believable realistic and punch you in the gut kind of story that sticks with you for a long time.

On Tony and Loki: It was so cool to see them both grow together over such a long period of time due to their imprisonment, torture, survival, then triaging daily needs with long term goals, then dare someone suggest they forge a work-friendship, then how dare anybody suggest they develop a love for each other-this relationship is so well and carefully crafted that it’s hard for me to describe how in awe I am of how well it works. I ADORE seeing them both facing each new challenge and nine times out of ten having to deal with mistakes because they’re both clearly making things up as they go while clinging to hope that they don’t actually screw things up irreparably since we all know and they know how lucky they were to escape in the first place. Dude, when you played with that memory loss I was internally chanting: don’t you dare, don’t you dare, don’t you dare I literally cannot take it make it better right now. You have a terrible knack for suspense.

On the crew: I was really not sure how I was going to feel with Juyu, Bee, and Drongo at first when they were introduced-and also Hatchet later, but towards the end of the story when they had to separate for a while when Drongo needed time to recover I cried, despite knowing they’d reunite again. I fell in love with these characters you created. The whole family picture is just such a cool concept with their personalities and abilities and I literally still want more after the end-like dumb mundane family things on earth or another short little odyssey-something because their group dynamic is full of so much awesome.

On world-building & politics: Jumping from world to world and exploring and charting new places and new species for trading purposes and basic survival was so much fun. It’s interesting how the concepts of intergalactic politics, policing, species racism, slavery and genocide that we experienced jumping from world to world aren’t that dissimilar in essence from our world but are also at the same time so different from ours and such a learning curve for BOTH of them. That’s half the fun of it, honestly, that both Tony and Loki can be put on an even playing field with a new uncharted world.

Other things I love overall: the level of whump was expertly crafted. I thoroughly appreciated that Tony and Loki both had their respective moments of NOT being the damsel in distress and able to deal with things on their own-for the most part. Tony getting his own crest was a baller idea. I’m such a political and genealogical nerd anyway so this was like icing on the cake for me. The brother reconciliation between Thor and Loki was much appreciated and handled in just the right way given how thick-headed Thor really is. Pepper’s reaction to Tony and Loki’s relationship was priceless. I could picture it so perfectly that I literally laughed out loud.

Other things I’m still not sure how I feel about: It’s interesting that Odin played such a little role in this story. I certainly didn’t mind that he wasn’t really present at all-in fact I kept waiting for that shoe to drop and dreading every possible moment where it could happen to further screw things up for them-Loki especially. I was VERY happy Frigga played a role and I wanted to see more of her, but my guess is if you have more of her then bringing Odin into the picture is inevitable-I don’t know. I think for what the story ended up being it was a good choice NOT to include Odin and keep him on the periphery, but I suppose it just makes me curious for how Loki and Tony would have handled it. The story feels like it could continue given where things were left off and I’m curious if you had any plans for a sequel or a one shot or two. Either way I will be rereading this for God knows how many times for the years to come.

Thanks for writing this. You may have ruined me for Stark/Loki stories from now on. And kudos on such a successful story. I probably should have said this at the beginning, but it was really your style of writing that roped me in from the start. Everything had a purpose, and being a playwright I appreciated the attention to detail and the follow through as it progressed. The stakes were constantly and consistently clear and we still had time for all the downtime in between. I'll probably find so many more things to sing praises to you about when I go back through rereading it, so I may leave another as I do. Again, congrats and thank you!
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