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Liz chapter 3 . 1/15/2016
I can't believe I just found this and this is all there is! I mean that is the kindest possible way because this fic is fantastic. Whilst I realise the odds are slim, given the time that has passed since the last update, if you do see this Dear Author, I would implore you to consider returning to it!
Guest chapter 1 . 10/14/2015
I love it! I hope for more.
broadwayb chapter 2 . 9/5/2014
Rereading this amazing crossover again, I love your writing, and I hope inspiration hits you again and you find the time/motivation to finish one day :)
Emily83 chapter 3 . 5/24/2014
Oh, please continue! :) This is brilliant.
ashhay1 chapter 3 . 5/19/2014
please write more this is amazing!
Queen Serenity chapter 3 . 1/18/2014
Interesting. It's a shame that you've not finished this.
Isaha chapter 2 . 2/11/2013
Hi ! I hope you're not thinking of discontinuing this amazing story ! It's been developing so well so far :( Keep up the great work !
BlueNynaeve chapter 3 . 12/28/2012
Mooooooore! This is a brilliant crossover. Just, please keep going.
A.Pevensie chapter 3 . 12/27/2012
What an interesting cross-over! I'm loving the development of the conversations between Loki and the labyrinth - and look forward to seeing where this goes!
LykkeMa chapter 3 . 12/15/2012
Oh man, what a brilliant idea for a story! And I love the way you write Sif/Loki. Your Sif is just, urgh, SO awesome. She calls both the brothers out on their shit but she does it because she cares about them so much and she's got a good head on her, not because she is FIESTY FEMALE SIDEKICK. Pre-canon Sif Thor Loki is my favourite thing to read, and you do it sooo well I wanna cry.
Also I find that Loki is quite enigmatic in your verse, seeing as most of it is from Sif's POV, or Thor's, so it is really interesting to get inside his head for a bit - especially during awkward teenage awakening years.
Thanks for this story, looking forward to more!
broadwayb chapter 3 . 12/12/2012, yeah...i love this :D
Isaha chapter 3 . 12/2/2012
Apparently my posting the review didn't work, so :
Ah man, I am enjoying this. You make me see the Labyrinth in a whole new light, I'm in awe of this new universe :) 3 Would like to see a bigger role for Sif, however. Oh well. The Labyrinth is clearly not her, uh, line of work. Can't wait for the next chapter ! And again, thank you so, so much for this one. Lots of love 3!

Ps : I feel guilty about my poor reviews after seeing the giant reviews from some people here x(. I hope you feel the love nevertheless.. !
Guest chapter 3 . 12/2/2012
Ah man, I am enjoying this. You make me see the Labyrinth in a whole new light, I'm in awe of this new universe :)3 Would like to see a bigger role for Sif, however. Oh well. The Labyrinth is clearly not her, uh, line of work. Can't wait for the next chapter ! And again, thank you so, so much for this one. Lots of love 3!
Sepsis chapter 3 . 11/30/2012
"Still she wore her doubts in her eyes, but she had given them voice, and now the choice of how to proceed was his."
Because no matter what she says she trusts his decisions. He really knows so much about magic and he is so smart, even though he knows that all and drives everyone crazy with it sometimes. It can also be very helpful and I would also listen to him.

"The same voice from outside of the maze was humming in his ears, sounding against his ribs. Her song tugged at him, drawing his feet even more than their dwarfish guide before them, and he felt his stomach pull with more than just Sif's words. Something was not right with their path. But neither was it wrong."
Okay..? So he really..feels and hears the magic of the labyrinth, that's really interesting!
But it doesn't really help him this much right now, does it? Because he only has this feeling and can't really say what it means. At least not right now, maybe he needs some time to get used to it and to really understand it. (But since he is so smart, I think he will be able to do that.)

I really like it how Sif notices that Loki is distracted and not really there sometimes, because he concentrates on the voices and the magic he feels. He has to behave like this a lot, when he feels some kind of magic that interests him, I suppose.

Aw, and something tells me, Hoggle doesn't really try to help them but to have his fun. ;) Not only because that could be what Sarah wants (and I think Hoggle would do nearly everything she asked of him), but also because he thinks both are kind of rude to him. And he doesn't really have other things to do.

Oh yes, I think I remember this part of the movie! It's so long ago that I watched it, but if I'm not wrong (and confused. XD), I think there actually were those hands... I really like how you're describing that! you're right, the effects in the movie weren't the best (but the movie is a bit older, too, haha.. ;)), but I love that you're describing it..I don't know, in a kind of darker and more interesting way.

Oh wow, so this is the voice Loki hears! And she is actually helping him, because he could also be able to influence the labyrinth! (Well, I hope she IS helping him, and is not just interested in him and wants to trick them)
Aw, and a blushing Loki and an embarrassed Sif, that part was so sweet! ;) They're so young and adorable!

"The Labyrinth – for he was almost certain that it was her – laughed in his mind, but it was not the Mother, but the Maiden who found humor at his expense, and he imagined the young girl covering her face with her hand, trying to hide her mirth even as her eyes revealed everything."
I really liked this part! Because Loki can tell so much about the voices and noises he hears and I just liked how he descibed and saw them, that it's not only one voice and one soul, but that it's much more complicated. :) I guess it would be hard to explain this to Sif and she seems to understand that by not asking too many questions. I was already wondering if he was "gone" some time, because he was talking with the Labyrinth for such a long time, but he really didn't. And Sif already knew what he was going to ask, so she really knows something about Loki's magic and how it works, I think. :)

Of course Jareth would be interested in someone who is resembling him so much like Loki does, haha! ;) But well, maybe the labyrinth doesn't get too many visitors these days and even less such interesting ones like now.
wbss21 chapter 3 . 11/29/2012
Man, I just love, love, love this story. It's just all kinds of epic and awesome, it really is. There's just such a sense of adventure to the way you write. I know I've said it before, but it really does feel like reading mythology, and I think that feeling is compounded by the inclusion of The Labyrinth and all of the mythos that goes with that story.

Now what I particularly loved about this chapter was, again, Loki's connection to the Labyrinth, his ability to hear her voice, and to speak with her, and just the natural understanding he has of what she is. I just adore the way you portray Loki, and his talents and abilities as a sorcerer, how that sort of informs and adds to the great intelligence of the character, and highlights it. For sure, both his and Sif's youth is apparent in the story. They're both coming across as quite young and still, relatively inexperienced. But Loki is such an innately brilliant and gifted being, and so his connection with the Labyrinth, and his ability to hear her voice and discern her words and meaning comes across as totally believable.

I also just loved your expounding on what the Labyrinth is and does, how it relates directly to very young children possessing this connection to magic, but how as they grow older, they lose that connection, and the Labyrinth catches and keeps it then, etc... It's kind of like the Polar Express in that way, how as children grow up, they stop believing, and they lose hold of that power, etc... I just loved that.

I have to admit, I got pissed at Hoggle for tricking Loki, lol. I was like "Man, you're gonna pay for that. You can't trick the trickster god." haha. Sounds like Sif is going to lay down a serious ass whooping though, so Loki can just sit back and let her handle it, haha. You've got Hoggle's voice down pat too, by the way. It's incredibly easy to hear him from the film with your dialog for him.

I'm really curious about this darker path that Loki saw, and how it's going to relate to him. Obviously, knowing that Loki a long time from now travels down a dark path himself, it makes one curious. The way you describe his being able to see all these thousands of paths laid out before him was really cool, I thought, and incredibly visual. Again, the way you convey Loki's understanding of magic, and how it works, how he sees it as this living, breathing thing, is just awesome. But again, I'm fascinating and curious about what that dark path means, and how it relates also to Loki's words invoking the Labyrinth's claim and Thor's not doing so, whether it has something to do with early manifestations of Loki's jealousy of Thor, or bitterness at being regarded as less, etc... I could be totally off base, lol, and probably am. But your writing here is just wonderful.

What I also really love, that's coming through so well, even with the revelation of the dark path, is Loki's innocence here. He's so genuinely sincere in his love for Thor, and in wanting to rescue Thor. Part of how that comes through is in how he keeps fully taking the blame of their situation onto himself. You can sense a real guilt in his words, and a determination to right what he caused, etc... You're showing us how actually good hearted Loki was in his youth, and that's really fantastic and refreshing. I also love these hints at Loki's feelings for Sif, how every time they make physical contact, or Sif says certain things to him, Loki blushes, etc... There's his youth showing again, but his feelings for her are pretty apparent without you beating us over the head with them, and I just find it really sweet. And Sif's ultimate trust is Loki is equally so. She acts frustrated with him, but her fondness for him is very clear, and her trust in his intelligence and in knowing what to do, and how she's constantly placing herself at his back, guarding his blind spots to protect him from harm. The way she defers to him, even as she's complaining. The dynamic you've created between them is really excellent and beautiful I think. They're just so sweet together, and so clearly care about each other immensely.

I also really like how the Labyrinth told Loki that the King likes him, and assured him that their path will be true because of this. It makes me even more curious as to what Jareth's plans are involving Loki.

Anyway, as usual, another amazing chapter, and again, I have to express my gratitude to you for sharing it with us! Keep up the awesome work!
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