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Guest chapter 17 . 9h ago
I really love your story.. when will you update it again? (
ChristmasEveLastYear chapter 17 . 2/13
I love this story so much! Such beautiful writing and storytelling! I hope you update soon!
HeyasSecretLove chapter 17 . 2/9
I have been trying to find a really good story for a long time now. One that has depth. And this one? Well this is truly the best I have ever read. This should be a book, I would for sure buy it. It's amazing. Please keep up the good work. I am beyond excited to read more xoxoxox very excited to see Brittany and Santana meet again.
Heather-rnorris chapter 17 . 2/8
haaaaa can't believe u ended it here!
A chapter 17 . 2/8
So good!
RememberWhen13 chapter 17 . 2/5
I think I might die if you don't update soon. It's only been a couple of days and I'm already dying on the inside! I would let you release a hungry Britt on me if you update...Well as long as I get to read it first...Great writing and keep up the good work!

P.S. Who needs school when you have this to write c;
Guest chapter 17 . 2/5
Ohhh fuck please update soon! Omgomg
IWantsToGetMyBrittanaOn chapter 17 . 2/5
Britt's frank, cut and dry explanations of what happened to her bring tears to my eyes. Brilliant, poignant writing on your part! I really want to punch her douche dad in the face. Dr. Martinez is his kind and compassionate antithesis. I'm so glad that Sue's there to take care of Brittany and advocate for her best interests. So excited for a Brittana reunion! I wonder what the gang will think of her. Can't wait to find out. Thanks!
PGSJ chapter 17 . 2/4
OMG who opened the door!?
Superman chapter 17 . 2/4
God, I just hate Brittany's father. Well, I don't *HATE* hate him, but he could be cast aside in my opinion. Although, everyone has their own story. Through his journal entries we were able to get a glimpse of what he was going through: emotionally and mentally. But even then, not every word is written down. I hate him in a sense where I get the desperation. And the large sacrifice he made for a greater outcome. Like the train bridge operator and his son caught in the gears. (To close the bridge and kill his son or keep it open and kill hundreds of passengers [Who won't even know his loss]). But in the end, It's nice to see Brittany openly showing her hurt at what happened. THAT must've hurt like hell! Possibly worse than what physical wound she bore.

Speaking of, what physical injuries does Brittany have? So, now we know the shoddy stitch work in the first chapter is possibly from her father and company. What did they take and why? One she has properly (lol) functioning organs will she then gain weight? Or is she slowly going to fade and rot like the fellow zombie's? LOL, I'm probably the only reader stuck on her weight issue, and it's mostly from when I was in the hospital and so underweight it was painful to even lay down because of my bones being pushed against everything. But, as reminded this chapter, I suppose Brittany isn't truly bothered by physical pain as much as her nightmares.

I desperately want it to be Santana who opened the door, BUT I have a feeling it's someone else. And as much as I want to hear about some tragic story how Puck died along the way (because of SNIX attack gone horribly right) I want Brittany to kill him so GOOD. Really Good, like take her time and kill the fuck out of him! Unless you have another plan for him then that's cool, too.
Guest chapter 17 . 2/3
Curse you cliffhanger! Great update (:
Guest chapter 17 . 2/3
Sue is amazing (who ever says *that*?). And I'm so glad Britt was able to vent all her grief to her father. Dr. Martinez, yaaaay! Britt's got some serious allies in her corner, wooop. So excited for the next chapter. I adore your story. And you're wonderful, as always. Thank you thank you thank you.
Guest chapter 17 . 2/3
Very interesting indeed! Why does Brittany even want to see most of the kids since they left her to die. Surprised Santana didn't attempt and succeeded trying to see Brittany. Great update, update soon please
GundamBrittana chapter 17 . 2/3
Amazing story! Poor Brittany.:( I hate her father. Loving Sue. Can't wait to see their fucking reaction.
imnotdaunted chapter 17 . 2/3
What the hell?! NO! You can't leave us like this! Amazing chapter, i cant wait to see what you do next. Im sure it will be awesome. Thanks.
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