Reviews for The Eyes Have It
jeanne.summers chapter 30 . 12h
This was a really good story.
I was in a forum for BAMFy Sakura fics and after I finished one of those stories I went the to author's page and this was in their favourites, I was going to pass it by but I thought 'I'll check the first chapter.'
Of course I ended up hooked and couldn't put this fic down so I read it through in one shot.
It was fun and exciting and the characters were really well written. I'm glad I gave it a go. .
Lady AlyseB630 chapter 30 . 11/25
Wow! This is amazing! This is really really good. I loved every minute of it. I loved the friendship between Sakura/Shino/Kiba. I'm so sad it ended though. I would have loved to keep reading about Sakura's story for dozens of chapters.
XBrightCitiesx chapter 30 . 11/20
Hiya! This is soooooooooo good! And I say that with so much enthusiasm even Naruto can't believe it. ;)
I have to applaud you in your writing style, not to mention your vocabulary...well I'm envious. :(
Pleas update the next chapter soon!
I will most likely still be alive... :)
Uh, it's November of 2015 so...uh, more happy holidays!
Amethyst The Purple Dragon chapter 30 . 11/15
this story is everything I look forward to spinoffs or plot rewrites. humor,good friendships, not too occ characters, the perfect blend of looking at characters we don't give a lot of attention too, and the main girl character getting a power boast. Love It!
lord Martiya chapter 5 . 10/28
Aaaand... The return of duck butt! Thank you.
Guest chapter 30 . 10/22
Very nice.
Teyona chapter 30 . 10/19
This was a fun read, I wish there was more to read though.
Guest chapter 1 . 10/14
Excellent story. BTW the links in your profile don't work anymore. 's being a bitch and screwing up everyone's profile links. Just a heads up.
KINGlena chapter 30 . 10/14
I know this is an older story.. but damn... i wish there was more. At first when i read the synopsis I wasn't to keen, i thought it would be another Sakura secret clan cliche (which have their own merits but get tiresome) and was very pleasantly surprised. it was exactly what i wanted and everything i didn't even know i needed, namely kiba and shino. it was fantastic, the character development on key as well as the humor. It was a great story and I am sad to have already reached the end. My only criticism is I wanted Sakura to develop more skills outside of seemly relying only on her eyes, it was all really minor in the grand scheme of the story. Anyways great job!
Guest chapter 30 . 10/3
I LOVED IT! This is a truly amazing story! Incredible! Keep writing such amazing stories, please! :D
InfinityRabbit chapter 30 . 10/3
This was absolutely brilliant and definitely not what I expected at first. I was a bit hesitant at first but by the time I finished the first chapter I just could not stop reading. I love the relationship between the members of team 8 and I think having them as saboteurs was an absolutely brilliant idea. Can't wait to see what else you have in store :)
Guest chapter 30 . 9/29
i felt dispair when i saw that there aren't more chapters for me to read hurry up please
HatakeSarah chapter 30 . 9/16
Loved this. Absolutely loved it and would pay for your work.
merody94 chapter 30 . 9/15
Please continue this exciting story.
Oh I am Slain chapter 30 . 9/13
Thanks for sharing! Seriously, this was a delight to read.
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