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Keleri chapter 21 . 11/20
Another great, creative battle! I really like the interaction between pokemon abilities, contest style attacks, and battle strategy here, as well as use of held items. I like the worldbuilding details about the tournament fans, kids using parents' pokemon, and trainers knowing of each other and each others' strategies by word of mouth and battle/contest replays, very nice. Nate's relationship with his pokemon is really nice.

Super excited to see how this all plays out, I really admire your ability to map out this twisty story and all these dubious gray protagonists.
Keleri chapter 20 . 11/20
Some interesting characterization for Nate in this chapter, I really like the gray morality to his character. Also very interesting that Absol loses, the mysterious mastermind isn't as powerful as a Rocket grunt's pokemon. :O Poor Nate, everything's broken, sepsis, pneumonia- pokemon healing isn't magic after all.
Keleri chapter 19 . 11/20
Oh noooooooo, the lost pokeballs. :O Is there any way for pokemon to escape their pokeballs or are they held in stasis forever?
Keleri chapter 18 . 11/20
Madam Boss is great, and the sableye, cute preoccupation with gems and gem types. The suspense of the shapeshifter being discovered was nicely drawn out here. Sabrina! GET HIM
Keleri chapter 16 . 11/20
Excessively polite Steelix getting seismic tossed by a chansey is my favorite.
Keleri chapter 15 . 11/20
Oh man, this chapter was terrifying. The transition and the timeline of events at the beginning is a little unclear, it feels like the shapeshifter should have been looking for Mewtwo more urgently and Mewtwo's initial departure from Indigo Plateau more noticeable, but the news report and the gathering of the elite trainers is really chilling. Mewtwo's whole rampage through the Rocket Base is AWFUL. LOVE IT. The comic relief with the shapeshifter is great.
Keleri chapter 14 . 11/20
I wasn't totally clear on how the shapeshifter was rescued, I guess Absol pulled it into the dark world? (Is this the Distortion World?) The aging of the backpack but not the items inside is interesting.

"golden-slantwise" is an odd construction, should it be "golden, slantwise"?

Oh nooooo, poor Rats. The shapeshifter's self-centeredness and literal-mindedness is really well characterized here.

The meeting with Mewtwo is really spooky, it's unsettling after the Lab flashback and how it jumps ahead every time it reads the shapeshifter's mind. The extra controls on the master ball make sense while being pretty chilling. The detail about the shapeshifter being able to shapeshift its brain is REALLY interesting and makes a lot of sense in terms of its malleable identity.
Keleri chapter 13 . 11/20
Alright, I went through chapters 13-21 really fast while screaming so I'll try to remember the stuff that I wanted to comment on. I love the huge melee in this chapter and how you've utilized some of the attacks and abilities past just being game mechanics. The interaction and chaos of different attacks, and area attacks becoming a hindrance are really interesting.
Keleri chapter 12 . 11/18
Oh ho, cheater! I really like the image of gyarados fussing over Gary/Blue, that's great. Magneton's battle with Alakazam is so creative, I love it- I feel like I just fall back on type matchups too often, it's so great to see unusual strategies like this and the Fire Spin one from a couple chapters before.

I also like how you've highlighted how powerful pokemon have weaknesses or can be led into situations where they can't control their own powers (charizard's internal temperature, alakazam's spoons), I enjoy effective uses of the occasionally whackadoo pokedex entries for that purpose. It creates a sense of danger and limitation as well without getting too weird/grimdark.

I like the illustration of the street vendors and trainer-spotting fans on the way to Victory Road, it makes sense that fans would gather there to look at who was coming in for the tournament and stuff. I LOVE the trash-talking between pokemon, I need to do that more/have more conversations between pokemon in general.

“She held back an invasion from a Johto clan during some half-forgotten old conflict, back when gyms were there for protection from human and pokémon alike.” - this is some cool worldbuilding, I favor this kind of explanation for the old-timey role of gyms. I may steal "clan" as a way to refer to them from you if that's OK. :D

You've been varying the gender of pokemon appearing well, especially for less "feminine" pokemon like magmar and gyarados, which is great, but I feel like I haven't seen as many background women characters, especially trainers, as men so far. (The canon characters like Blaine, Blue, Fuji, Giovanni, etc. can't be helped of course.)

Oh ho, dat ending! Sounds like Nate was able to get in contact with a friend? Or his own pokemon? Were they tracking him by his blood from his nosebleed?
Keleri chapter 11 . 11/18
This was an amazing and chilling chapter, I had to take a break after this one. The body horror of Mew's forced pregnancy had my skin crawling. You really captured the terror of Mewtwo's escape, that's one thing the anime really glossed over and/or made you think the only casualties were disposable Rockets, but seeing it from a sympathetic POV is horrifying. The slow failure of the psychic dampeners! Mew's anger and resistance! Mewtwo's anger! I have so much admiration here, amazing work.
Keleri chapter 10 . 11/18
Interesting fleshing-out of Nate's character here, how can a bad person, a Rocket, have a good rapport with pokemon? Love it. I also like the dynamics of humans aiding with strategy in battle and making sure that pokemon know useful attacks versus the desires of the pokemon to keep fighting or charge in, it's a good balance between non-character pokebots and pokemon so smart that humans are redundant.

Dat last line, I went "THE SHAPESHIFTER IS MEWTHREE" there. :B
Keleri chapter 9 . 11/18
This was a great battle, I like Blaine's cockiness and strategy- he's restricted to one type but he knows what's coming and plays up type weaknesses and avoidance moves. Way better than the games' lackluster AI and how the anime seems to ignore type matchups at times.

I was like whaaaat at Titan using seismic toss on magmar since I vaguely remembered that from the anime but I really like what you did with it, it's another pointer toward the shapeshifter defining itself through imitation, very nice. The hints that the shapeshifter doesn't have good control over its pokemon sounds like something that will come back in a big way.

The pillow fight is creepy-cute, I have a lot of pity for the shapeshifter and its piecemeal existence. I like the detail about changing the pokeballs, that's another thing that makes sense to try to track.
Keleri chapter 8 . 11/16
The pokemon continue to be hella cute. I'm enjoying the interaction between Nate and the shapeshifter, the latter considering itself a "good person" sounds like it will be an interesting conflict as the story goes on.
Keleri chapter 7 . 11/11
Hahaha, brutal. Nate is amazingly hard-headed to still be resisting despite multiple broken bones. The other Rockets sound like good people. (snerk) It's interesting that he's got six badges- do Team Rocket members get time off for that kind of thing or did he used to be legit?

I see what you mean about the cursing, it's probably fair to set the story at M although I always expect sexual content at that rating. Still love the shapeshifter's stilted dialog.
Pixen chapter 11 . 11/11
So I just hit chapter 11 and holy shit was that one of the most powerfully written, evocative retellings of the Mewtwo's Birth story I have ever read.
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