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Discretion chapter 26 . 9/19
[ Her parents worked in that Cinnabar lab, the one that blew up. But funny thing is, so did that trainer, the one who went berserk in the Pokémon Center a few months ago. Everyone thought he was dead, too. And that magneton, what was it, some girl and the freak accident with the houndoom pack?]
Fuck. Absol(s) been speeding things a little too quickly?
Coatl chapter 26 . 9/18
I'm a bit tardier than usual getting to this chapter, but it's been a busy, busy week. (Also, I might have peed a little when you said there were backstories and deleted scenes.)

After checking out every single post in that Serebii thread, I gotta say I really enjoyed the story of how Nate met his Mightyena. She is adorable, and I wish she was *my* friend. I loved all the little worldbuilding details, too. Team Rocket seems oddly plausible as an organization in this universe, and I finally understand why Nate might have joined them and why he might be in trouble with them as well.

I also really love the little things that other people picked up that I didn't. For instance, I totally missed that the child was supposed to have Mew dormant inside of it, even though there were enough little clues everywhere that it should have been incredibly obvious by this point. I can also smugly say that via the awesome power of rereading every chapter maybe six or seven times, I certainly *did* pick up that the child was lying about Mewtwo having Nate's steelix.

My favourite thing, though, was the little extra where Nate tried to get the child to turn into what it was like when it was human. I really wish that had been in the mew backstory chapter (I would have been able to tell you which one that was from memory before the numbers got shuffled around). In my experience, a chapter being too long has little to do with its actual length, but is rather about how that chapter is paced. That's to say, when I close a story for being too long, it's usually not because the wordcount is excessive, but because too many words have gone by without anything significant or interesting happening.

The mew chapter would have *had* to be much longer than any of the other ones because it has an entire character arc (from the start of a character's pokémon journey to her death) wrapped into the narrative of another story. That's more plot than most writers would consider squeezing into an entire novella, and I was never even aware that the wordcount of that chapter was any longer than the other ones until you brought it up in one of your posts! (If anything, the overly-long chapter feels like the one where the child fights Blaine.)

In any case, I would have liked to have a little more of Nate and the child's more lighthearted interactions to bookend the grimness of its origins. The contrast would have been nice, and "absurdly dark plot development mixed with the hilariously oblivious child's perspective" is something that I just find incredibly charming about this story. And while I'm on the subject of that chapter, it reminded me a lot of Peter S. Beagle's The Last Unicorn, particularly the bits about Mew's perspective and her life in the jungle. It's my favourite chapter to date, and I really appreciate the work you put into the contradictory task of making her sensory information both alien and understandable at the same time. I eat that stuff like candy.

As for this chapter, I had been WONDERING when we'd be seeing Leonard Kerrigan again. I've literally been waiting years for that shoe to drop. And now I finally get to see how this is all going to play out.

The details about how the child got through Leonard's shielding were also really cool. I love reading about how people work around restrictions and safeguards, because it makes the world feel real. It's like stuff has been made by actual people with actual technology that has actual rules, and isn't so much just a bunch of cool things that are slapped together because why the hell not.

I want more information about that Deepwilds thing.

That is all.
Keleri chapter 26 . 9/11
"It used to mean something, reaching this place. You'd have to travel through the deepwilds where some of Kanto's strongest pokémon live, following nothing more than a vague, half-hidden trail. That was before the agreement that established the first routes, back when the local pokémon would exert every effort to kill you so your death might warn away other overambitious trainers. League HQ was humanity's farthest outpost, a symbol of its ascendancy as apricorn balls allowed trainers to raise enough pokémon to defend it for the first time."


"and, sometimes, violence; one status"


"the deep blue-purple subspecies that lives in the Indigo Mountains, the ones that give them their human name."


Does FFnet strip emojis? Probably, pretend there's a big long line of GOOD SHIT emojis after this sentence for the worldbuilding and setting stuff here

""I know. You were here a couple minutes ago, remember?""

DIES. This is great, a super funny raising and dispelling of (some) tension.

"a secret passage from which it will emerge delightfully filthy and ready for other day the child would have wandered for hours"

looks like a couple of words accidentally between 'ready for' and 'other day'

OH HO HOOOOOOOO, the circle begins to close! Some nice sleuthing from Kerrigan. Shoulda told the rangers, buddy. Can't wait to see where this goes.
Keleri chapter 25 . 9/11
"I mean, think about it. All those grinding faults... heaving plates... spurting lava..."


"Raticate says as the great Nathaniel Morgan stares dumbstruck into empty air."

OH NO I'M CRYING let them have a good ending oh nooooooooo

""The fuck're they talking about?" The great Nathaniel Morgan"

Lowercase The there, I think?

""Are you the great Nathaniel Morgan?" the woman asks."

Just lol at this continuing gag- It strikes me that the paperwork would have to be filled out with capital The Great or there's no way a referee or official would read it out, so it might be more correct to write The Great Nathaniel Morgan when it's being used outside of the shapeshifter's narration.

Ah-ha, more troubles! How're you going to get out of this one? I loved the pokemon-training-other-pokemon bit as well as Eskar playing on the shapeshifter's ego to divide it from Nate and his team.
Keleri chapter 24 . 9/11
Great battle in this chapter! Some really evocative descriptions of attacks and great use of terrain here, love it.

"He was just running down the clock until the referee gave the signal for open switching."

Oooooh, switching is a battle mechanic I've kind of ignored in a lot of my fanfics. Looks like the rules here are no switching before a certain amount of time, and then a recall thereafter counts as a faint?

"Not many attacks do that, not legal ones."

There's some food for thought...
Discretion chapter 25 . 7/29
Here's a reminder to get stuff done!
Discretion chapter 25 . 7/27
I like the pokemon teaching each other moves! It makes perfect sense and yet hardly anyone uses it.
Also rip happy days.
Coatl chapter 25 . 7/27
I don't have a account, but I've been following Salvage since 2012, immediately after the end of Clouded Sky (which left a big hole in my life), and long after I stopped being interested in the fandom in general.

While I was sad to see the end of Clouded Sky, I would have lost a thousand Clouded Skies if it meant more Salvages. I love love LOVE this story. I love the oblivious, nearly sociopathic child with its identity issues and overwhelming combo platter of abilities. I love grumpy, foul-mouthed Nathaniel and all of his pokémon, and I especially love how they get along with each other. I love Mewtwo and how scary and misanthropic (in the most literal definition of the word) he can be. I love the mystery and the action and the little details that you put in that make everything just come together (like what it's like to have superhuman healing abilities and have to deal with massive blood loss at the same time, or what it's like to be able to just change the physical structure of your brain to become less empathetic).

As a whole, I find that Salvage is severely underrated, despite the high writing quality and the fascinating ideas it explores, and I've often wondered about why this is. Is it the mature rating that filters it from the general public? Is it the sporadic update schedule that keeps it from sitting atop front page where more people can see it? Is it the unusual concept and very grey-morality characters? I really don't know, but I wish more people would read this story and comment about it so I could sift through the comments and read something that someone else thought of that I also thought of at the same time and be all "HEY! I noticed that too! That was cool!" with the strange afterglow of human kinship that comes with having the exact same opinion as a complete stranger whom you've never talked to or met.

Anyway, I have your profile bookmarked and I pop by a few times a week to see if this is updated, and when it does, I smile like an idiot and check the hell out of life for the next hour or two of my morning/afternoon/evening so I can sit there and eat the whole thing in one sitting. I even re-read the whole story from time to time, when I anticipate an update coming soon. I apologise for not commenting more, because I like this story so much and it kinda hurts to see it getting so little in the way of comments or attention.

Don't lose hope because you don't see us anonymous lurkers leaving comments on your story. You can be assured that we're here and eating up every word.

Unstorpable chapter 1 . 7/26
This is a good story, I love it!
Mal chapter 24 . 6/20
Someone sure doesn't like to listen! :D Almost got the team in big trouble, they did.

God, can I tell you how much I love how you write battles? OMG. They are almost beautiful in a weird sort of way.

I really dig your writing. It is something else. Such a step above what I usually read on this site. I an shocked that writers such as yourself, do this for pretty much free.

I only found one small typo. :) You wrote, "Then the barrier's under your feet again and you're can feel..."
I believe you mean "you can feel" instead of "you're can feel"

And of course that ghost had to kill the moment, at the end there... haha. Great timing there. Ug. we were about to see a tender moment between pokemon and trainer, darn you Eskar! Eskar is scary, but kind of likeable if you get past the creep facter. *shutters*

Ah, I could babble on and on about how much I loved this chapter, letalone the entire story. Thanks so very much for writing and sharing your fic.
Keleri chapter 23 . 4/9

Oooooh, I like the black glass attack, that sounds really cool. Oh nooooo, I love how they're starting to cooperate in this one. I bet something terrible will happen.

"he's the best trainer ever and I love him"

Mal chapter 23 . 4/2
Wonderful chapter. I can't tell you how much love I have for this story. You have such amazing writing skills. and your characters... Ah so deep and wonderful to read about.
Keleri chapter 22 . 2/24
I love Nate, he is the best, most salty woobie. Poor guy. I'm getting so many feels over his pokemon's fondness and loyalty. May you exit the Game of Mewtwos without dying, buddy.

Absol is a kitty! I like how the pokemon talk to each other and bail when they hear about the shapeshifter after it catches them. The shapeshifter's right though, baton passing is cheap. :B (rofl) How did they buy beer without an ID, is Graveler 18-21? Did they get someone to buy them beer? Who is hanging outside the liquor store and agreeing to buy pokemon beer? I'm dying

Oh man, I have such yearning reading the paragraphs about Indigo Plateau, wanna be the very best etc. Enjoy the brief reprieve, characters.
Keleri chapter 21 . 11/20/2015
Another great, creative battle! I really like the interaction between pokemon abilities, contest style attacks, and battle strategy here, as well as use of held items. I like the worldbuilding details about the tournament fans, kids using parents' pokemon, and trainers knowing of each other and each others' strategies by word of mouth and battle/contest replays, very nice. Nate's relationship with his pokemon is really nice.

Super excited to see how this all plays out, I really admire your ability to map out this twisty story and all these dubious gray protagonists.
Keleri chapter 20 . 11/20/2015
Some interesting characterization for Nate in this chapter, I really like the gray morality to his character. Also very interesting that Absol loses, the mysterious mastermind isn't as powerful as a Rocket grunt's pokemon. :O Poor Nate, everything's broken, sepsis, pneumonia- pokemon healing isn't magic after all.
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