Reviews for The Clarity of Death
cherrygurl1225 chapter 1 . 11/1/2012
How is possible that you've said EVERYTHING that needs to be said about Jack in one fic of 600-ish words when it would take me 1,000 words to explain his philosophies? Incredible! Brava, brava!

I love the opening lines about how Death is portrayed in film and in the Bible. Too true. (No pun intended).

You set up this drabble in a very interesting way and in a way that brings about a closure for me with Jack concerning a particular part of his backstory. What is so striking about your story is Jack going to funerals to empathize with them and offers words of comfort to people who have experienced the grief of loss. You really captured the psychology of Jack and the way he studies their faces, even in the way I imagine him talking to them would seem oddly comforting to those mourners. But, of course, to Tru it would seem twisted. Maybe even sadist in a sense.

I don't ALWAYS sympathize with Jack, but I do his POV at times and your fic illuminates that for me. Death IS inevitable and IS a part of life. Your story brings to mind the DVD commentary for the "Two Pair" episode done by Jon Harmon Feldman and Jason Priestley. In it, they both discuss the psychology of Jack and how they believe Jack is doing his job in the only way he knows how. They discuss how Jack doesn't see himself as a bad guy or as a person who has done "wrong" per se, but as a person who ensures the balance and how Tru sees him as the personified bad guy because of it. I haven't listened to that commentary in a long time, but it has always resonated in my mind as being the most informative commentary on the Tru Calling DVDs and I feel much of that has to do with Jason Priestley's personal insight into his character.

Your fic brings up an interesting point. Jack understands the clarity of death. Jack understands death in a way that most people don't, in a way that most people would see it as an end where Jack sees it as more of a beginning, a sense of freedom. But Jack is a much more interesting character to write for and your fic exemplifies exactly why this is the case.

"Until he sees the face of Tru Davies, and in her eyes there is the absolute thing Jack hates most of all: disgust... Jack Harper loses himself in Tru's eyes, and it's a dangerous thing." - THIS. Because when he looks at Tru, he's reminded that he's evil (but he's really not), but when he studies her he loses himself because he's not sure where he stands anymore and starts to question what he does. He second guesses himself and starts to feel guilty. That's what makes him such a dynamic, interesting character in my opinion because he DOES feel those pangs of guilt and questions what he does. As you've so brilliantly portrayed, he definitely experiences a bit of that when he goes to strangers' funerals, but it's mostly when he loses himself in Tru's eyes.

Can you do a follow-up piece to this where he loses himself to alcohol? Not that he's an alcoholic or that he dies, just that he drinks to escape the pain he feels and then he fantasizes about Tru and it muddies his feelings about his calling and where he stands in the Life/Death battle with Tru. I think that would be really interesting. Sorry for my ramble, but I REALLY enjoyed this and I hope at least some of it makes sense. YAY! :)