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PegasusWingsVW chapter 13 . 10/11/2016
aaackkkk! no! you cannot leave it there! please please pretty please write the next part of the hobbit like this one!? or at very least when Thranduil finally meets the burglar bilbo in the camp and then later travels part way home with him? i loved this so much!
THiaLieN chapter 13 . 12/25/2013
I love it. Truly love it.

The hobbit from the elves' perspective. :)

I love your version of Thranduil and his family, the interaction between them is lovely but also bittersweet in the middle of the dark time.

Hope to read more.
Thanks for sharing. :)
gigantic elf chapter 1 . 8/4/2013
(Points down at Bilbo who is running in fear) Look a tiny Bilbo! Step on him!
world-classgeek chapter 13 . 8/1/2013
Please let me know when you start the sequel!
I really like this story. I like Legolas. He was right in sending some Elves to Lake Town!
TheDeadBeat chapter 13 . 7/27/2013
What's the name of the next story?
Purestrongpoem chapter 13 . 7/26/2013
Great story.
Amidst Hobbits chapter 12 . 6/24/2013
I like your recap of characters at the end of your chapters, as well as your inclusion of elvish words here in there. It is truly an interesting story to read.
TheVastraNararda chapter 12 . 6/18/2013
Well, over the last two days I've read this story from start to finish and I can safely say without a shadow of a doubt, that its absolutely fantastic! I think you've captured the essence of elvish life in the Eryn Galen at this point in time very well, as well as the elven culture of the woodelves compared to the elves of Caras Galadhon and Imladris which as a result of the Lord of the Rings films, are perhaps better known over the Greenwood elves. I'm looking forward to whatever is to follow!
world-classgeek chapter 12 . 6/7/2013
Almost done? What?
will there be a sequel?
Keep it up!
Gwedhiel chapter 12 . 6/6/2013
This chapter felt like a dinner of several removes, the main course being a heap of dramatic irony, which you know I love second to psychological suspense (or any suspense), so my eyes were glued to the screen the whole time (which did my horrible posture while sitting no good at all).

Thranduil grousing at his confinement in his prison of a study was hilarious, partly because we know he is not the Elf to sit around all day engaging only in brainstorming and partly because I think we all know how he feels to some degree or another. lol The preparations for the mobilization of an army are sounding so realistic, just as Thranduil himself does come across as a master of strategy. I particularly like that, as it fits so hand in hand with the active part he plays while king (he certainly never sits on his throne and lets others do the work for him).

Gwiwileth is still proving so wonderful to read. I state this sincerely, that she is truly one of those rare original female characters that comes across as actually "strong", without going that horrid route of arrogance or sword-bashing or masculinizing. Gwiwileth seems so passive and quiet, so reverential of her father (which makes me grin like crazy) that it makes it only more admirable when she presents herself as such a headstrong steward (you can see why Thranduil trusts her in that position when Girithron can't take it).

And Oropher. Ahh man, I can't even express how enthralling it was to read Thranduil reminiscencing. It was so somber and I kept feeling a pang of sadness every time Thranduil recalled the image of his father laughing, or just his unmatchable personality. That quote of the forest being to small to contain his father was a bit of brilliance (which I would love to borrow). Now I want to see you write a story with Oropher! But oh, so, so sad. Thranduil remembering when he first met his wife was like a double wammie. You kind of get a sense of, not just how old Thranduil is, but how old he is in spirit. Scarred in a way, from all the hurts he so far had to face (and losing a father, wife and son must kill).

Calethor fell out of a tree...That. was. hilarious. And on that, the merrymaking was very convincing. I wish I could have as much fun as those Wood-elves do (of course, the Wood-elves probably appreciate merrymaking far more than any others).

And of course, the whole devestating irony of the Dwarves escaping was priceless! It was just one of those scenes where you're shaking your head with a smile the whole time while reading. (Ahh Gathanar, I feel sooo sorry for you. I have a feeling that pride is about to deflate. lol) That was a sweet setup, though I bet a couple Elves are going to lose their taste for Dorwinion wine after this. And while I adore the barrel song, my gosh! That was *hilarious* how the Elves were singing to torment poor Galion. That was a sweet bit of originality. Poor, poor Elf, having to take all that ribbing. Galion was just so fun in this chapter. :) And him trying to pronounce Dorwinion made you want to slap your forehead.

Oh, and Thorin and Thranduil. That caught me off guard! But it fits with Thorin's earlier interrogation. And I think you got Thorin right on the nose. *shakes head* Prideful as can be, which couldn't be better. Thorin's reaction was awesome to Thranduil's offer with the Necromancer (as was Thranduil's continuing suspicions against the Dwarves. In all honesty, he's right to still suspect them, especially as Thorin is proving less than helpful in proving the Elven-king otherwise). I can't imagine what my reaction would be if faced with that type of presumption, but I figure it'd be alongside Thorin's.

And for some reason, I'm doubting Thranduil is going to be amused when he learns of the breakout. Uh oh. This, I think, is going to prove interesting. Another Thranduil unleashed? And someone's going to feel like the dirt they walk on. Gah, I can hardly wait!
Purestrongpoem chapter 12 . 6/4/2013
Great chapter.
TheDeadBeat chapter 11 . 5/28/2013
This is awesome keep up the good work and take your time.
Gwedhiel chapter 11 . 5/17/2013
Oh, I wish I had gotten around to reading this chapter sooner! As soon as I read the chapter's title I was castigating myself for postponing the leisure. Gah!

Anyway...(my brain's on the verge of imminent dysfunction, so I may sound a little giddy) Though I may sound like a minor bird, I honestly, again, don't know where to start. Let me just begin with the gushing praise I can't resist to give in expressing how much I cherish this story. This isn't the medication talking. I was just sitting here after finishing the chapter, and I know there's one more to come or something as such, but my thoughts are in a whirlwind of just how astounding this fiction is. I so wish I could have a method to point every Hobbit reader to this, because this is a canonical gap-filler to a T if I ever saw one.

The level of logic expressed by Thranduil, by the Elves, in all the mobilization of the army and countering events that fit the definition of the Necromancer's habitation...pure brilliance. You make it sound all so simple and obvious, and yet I get the feeling that this is exactly what happened. This story is the perfect example of all the pieces of a puzzle being gathered and connected in perfect alignment. This story has definitely gone beyond my expectations and I can't express how thrilled I am to dive in to the level of detail that enhances the very canon I so adore. And as a fellow writer, I have to express my admiration and love for the technique and style you apply to weave the images and sensations in your sentences. Such format is the type I would happily settle back in my chair and read in a published book. Not redundant, not purple, not tedious, not dry, but just the right blend to create an atmosphere of delight, at least for me. :)

But again, onto the story. THRANDUIL UNLEASHED! Man, I was practically bouncing and clapping like a little tyke in a candy store reading all those bits! :P His assessment of the White Council was perfect, which I'm sure you already knew I would say. The level of rage he professes may seem rash on the surface, but I thought this glimpse of his wrath he no longer bothered to conceal was epic. I loved it, plain and simple. But what I cherished even more was the unbelievable power of stature and strength of a whipcord Thranduil was presented to have. And that welcoming home he received from his beloved people - I think I read each and every word as slow as possible as to not miss a single detail. Honestly, you are granting so much credit to Thranduil and the Wood-elves that they rightly deserve that I can't comment enough on it.

And goodness, I think that was my favorite part of this chapter! Which part, I don't know. It was delight beyond description watching such a taciturn Elf be so flabbergasted and flustered. But then his very musings that express his blatant practicality (such as he never entertained the vain hopes as others did - that was funny) were priceless. Rochiron is such a solid character, and yet it was like a full-course meal on all the dynamics granted of him. I love him! And he's just been promoted. Haha, he wasn't expecting that! Good job, Thranduil. Oh, and on Thranduil, I felt that was a brilliant way to highlight the traits expressed of the Elvenking - doing it through Rochiron's perspective. We know the type of Elf that rock of a commander is, and to witness his sincere reflections of his king were a big eye-opener, even to me. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Don't die on me, Rochiron! You still have a battle to survive!

I particularly enjoyed the buildup of tension before the king's arrival. lol. Oh, Thranduil, the things that go on in your realm when you're not there. But the tension spoke a lot of unspoken things. The fight was childish, but it was so good and fitting that I couldn't imagine anything else as a replacement. Thranduil's ruminations at the beginning of the chapter were also mystifying in the sense of enchantment, just in how it expresses his deep bond with his beloved forest. Again and again, the characterization of Thranduil is surprising me left and right.

I also like how you keep this story on track of your initial purposes of the story, particularly with alluding to the events of the Hobbit (the missing food, thus the fight, and the Dwarves escaping) but not letting it overtake the adventures (or maybe misfortunes) of the Elves. I'm a sucker for dramatic irony, and seeing it pop up now and again is like a sudden breeze on a hot day. Bringing up Taur-nu-Fuin was a nice touch too. :) I liked it. Made it all the more real, in a sense. And I love the name Maegdir! Don't know why, but it's so fun to say! lol.

And now they're going to war (as if we never knew). This makes me even more excited to read your version of what you announced would be a sequel (if I understood the A/N correctly). I can't wait to read more, for this has been thoroughly entertaining and a lovely way of relaxing in the evening. :) Get those fingers typing!


PS: Oh Thranduil, I want more of you. And Rochiron. He needs to be a canon character.
Beriofirion chapter 2 . 5/16/2013
This is amazing! I've always wanted to read a story in which Thranduil isn't bashed for what he did to the dwarves, and I love your new circumstances around Old Tomnoddy.
Guest chapter 10 . 5/15/2013
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