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bubbajack chapter 59 . 4/10
Whelp, I'm all caught up. It took me awhile, but its done. Here's the thing, while the plot is good, I almost stopped reading altogether because the Spelling. Is. Horrible. Whole words are missing on a regular basis, names of characters who've had around for twenty plus chapters are misspelled frequently, and you keep on typing the number instead of using the word (8 instead of eight). These are just some of the problems I've ran into catching up from chapter thirty-six!

I like this fic, I do, but the love of the Soul King, get a beta to fix the mountain of errors you have!

That said, best of luck on the next chapter. Till then,

-Bubbajack out!
Effervescent Rain 09 chapter 59 . 4/3
Ok seriously, is it jus me or is yamada awesome. You're good squalo king. You managed the best story I've in seen awhile and I can't wait 4 D next chapter.
Lord Nighthammer chapter 59 . 3/31
A new enemy. Great. Well that's an interesting ability. I wish you luck in your new job, and hope that you update soon. Good job as usual.
Lord Nighthammer chapter 58 . 3/15
Oh the foreshadowing! Who is this child? Is that Yachiru's kid or something? This was a very good chapter, but I was actually hoping for the SWA meeting to be shown. Good work none the less.
Lord Nighthammer chapter 57 . 2/19
So Aizen is Hanataro's father!? That is very interesting, and the guy in the trench coat is back. This shall be interesting now that it's confirmed that they know each other, and that Hanatarou met the fortune teller when he was a kid.
NiebieskiLis chapter 56 . 2/18
This is the best story about one of my fav Bleach character HanatarĊ most of the are sadly slash .Totally don't know how i missed it for all that time .
Could You write some funny reactions and interactions from captains and that girls club :) For some reasons I see Yamada in maid uniform serving tea :)
Please continue doing great job and don't abandon this story
Lord Nighthammer chapter 56 . 2/9
Poor Chizuru. I wonder if you are going down the Mila and Isane route, or just a threeway love. What did Mitsuru do to Ichigo I wonder. Keep up the good work!
longshotqb chapter 55 . 1/29
That was hilarious. Oddly enough it was also really sweet at the end.
Lord Nighthammer chapter 55 . 1/26
OMG! This was by far one of the funniest chapters I've read in this story. I love the character development on Mila's part. It looks like we'll be seeing Isane and Mila become closer to Chizuru together. Love this! Keep up the good work. Also I think it was a great interaction with Hanatarou and Soi-Fon.
FShield96 chapter 54 . 1/17
Another color. All that's left are orange and green. But green is already healing kaido. Can he like, infuse it o Hisagomaru? That would be cool. Hoping for the next chapter.
Lobisomen616 chapter 54 . 1/9
Been a while since I've come back to this, but everything has pretty much stayed the same, and though I still cringe the smile on my face remains as well. The lesbian love triangle has really got my interest at the moment and Hanatarou getting his next Shikai is also a plus, though I can't help but feel that Cerulean thoroughly dismembering everybody just to give the healers some practice is just a tad excessive. Understandable of course, but still.

Keep up the good work Squalo-boy.
Lord Nighthammer chapter 54 . 1/8
Oh boy another shikai for good old Hana, this time poison. Is his bankai reviving the dead? Well I love the interactions between Chizuru and her crushes. Menoly is just rolling along with that web kido Hana made. Great job as usual.
diegokpo30 chapter 53 . 12/6/2015
Otro gran capitulo, me encanto que apareciera Rose, es mi personajes favorito, me encanto el dia libre de Sung-Sun, segui con el buen trabajo.
Lord Nighthammer chapter 53 . 12/6/2015
Beautiful. I find it disconcerting that Tengu couldn't be affected by the bankai's illusion, but it's a good set up. Love how Sung-sun lets go of her pride like that. Pretty creepy that illusions can affect you like that. Good job.
Lord Nighthammer chapter 52 . 11/17/2015
This was an interesting one. Grimmy got his hilarious punishment. Pretty cool how Hanataro beat him. Wonder if Yachiru will bring up Hanataro in the SWA meeting.
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