Reviews for Less Than a Hundred Years
Dola chapter 99 . 9/14
Absolutely LOVE it. Some parts of the story made me cry. Love the ending. Please try to write more Faith fan fictions.
Ami chapter 1 . 9/4
Ahhhhhhhhhh...its just mind blowing,roof blowing and everything else its tooo gud its awesome...i am unable find much words to appreciate it
Reader675 chapter 99 . 8/4
Amazing story. Absolutely loved it. A perfect ending.
RC chapter 99 . 8/1
I just finished watching faith last month and since im an avid for fanfiction related to my most favorite series, i looked for something related to faith and i truly thank the fates taht I stumbled upon your story. I will definitely re-read this one but i will have to go through "a matter of marriage" which you co-authored and contemporary which until now is on hold.
Huggable-Freak chapter 99 . 7/3
I startes this almost as soon as i finished watching "faith" because i NEEDED an ending! It was driving ne crazy!
I almost never stray from inuyasha fanfiction but im so glad i did!
I wanted to write a review after the first few chapters and call you "a savior" for helping me not loose my sanity over such a lousy ending to a great drama.
But i decided to wait and read it all before that.
Im so hlad i did! It became one of my favorite fanfics! I actually had to go online and search for the characters stories (like the king and queen) and i feared the moment i read it in here as well! But the twists! And the beautiful ending! Im just trying not to cry too hard and wake everyone in the house right now!
I have no idea what to do now! I feel like i finished a great book and feel so empty and yet so full because its all i ever wanted since first seeing choi young..
Ill finish here by saying thank you! Hope you will continue writing forever!
misuky7 chapter 99 . 6/23
Breathtaking. :3
Anne Lee chapter 99 . 4/19
I was too happy to read this sequel ( and you dont know how much it made me laugh and cried! ) i could almost believe this really happens back then! its an amazing and wonderful and inspiring as well! i just love our 대장 and 임자! Thank you for this story!
Arin chapter 99 . 4/13
What a beautiful story..I can almost imagine it visually...thank you for writing this...thank you
Tettann chapter 1 . 3/26
I cant believe i read the full story! I was just gonna read the beginning when they reunited but i just never stoped... it pulled me in and tied me down :D great story, it must have taken forever to wright :3
Guest chapter 99 . 2/23
Such an awesome story :)
Guest chapter 25 . 5/29/2016
Such a beautiful chapter :-)
Jennnnie chapter 99 . 3/9/2016
Such a great story! I really enjoyed reading it :)
Guest chapter 99 . 11/11/2015
:) this was amazing
pathirana chapter 99 . 11/2/2015
oh god its amazing. for the first time ever i cried after read a novel. i don't no what to do. still crying. i know about general choi's life. but somehow u make me cried. my husband caresses me more than one hour while i'm busy with crying. you are such a good writer. but i'm happy if you don't write the sad end of the general life. sorry for the bad english. Best of luck writer :)
Nimmi098 chapter 99 . 9/2/2015
Thank you! Thats all in my mind the words are...
I love 'Faith' and like you i have watched and rewatched it till my hearts content. Listening to its music wherever I am. Your story 'less than hundred years' is so beautiful. I have gone through a lot of emotions while I was reading it. And I cried a lot too. I have learned and matured so much because of this story and the 'Faith' series. I am really happy right now and promised myself to be happy and love everyday as I believe the time given to me to live my life is also less then hundred years...
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