Reviews for Signed: From Your Not So Loyal Author
Ripple237 chapter 165 . 15h
but but but CANDY.
yah we are just pesky grains of sand aren't we lol
Kristina'sMyName chapter 165 . 10/12
Your back! I saw yesterday the email that you updated! For the rest of the day I had a smile on my face! You made my day! Thank you!
I going to check out your work on both wattpad and fanfic. Expect reviews!
P. S. I don't review for a lot of fics but sometimes I just can't help it!
psycho-uchiha chapter 165 . 10/11
I'm loving this more and more xD!
cupcakes645andsprinkles291 chapter 165 . 10/11
Gaara's so sweet in his own way. I love him so.
maxridelover chapter 165 . 10/11
you go gaara, keeping your idiot brother healthy!
Black Hearts24 chapter 165 . 10/11
I love this so much. I just started reading it and was unable to put it down! XD
Black' Victor Cachat chapter 165 . 10/11
LOL glad we can keep you around! Not to mention that poll you did!
Such a nice younger brother :-P
The High Queen Of Angst chapter 165 . 10/11
Is...this a sign that you want me to read your original story? Or was that the instant messages on Wattpad telling me that? ...or...the reviews you left for me. I honestly can't tell... Your signals are too subtle.
Akane Shinigami chapter 165 . 10/11
Great entry :P
Such a good brother, lol
The High Queen Of Angst chapter 164 . 10/11
GAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! YES! Poor villagers! The Kage "pretending" to be psychotic...just to scare them! Oh how delicious! But hey, someone has to keep the villagers on their toes. And it might as well be the Kage!
arya304 chapter 164 . 10/9
i just love you, your story always manages to make me smile when i need to
cupcakes645andsprinkles291 chapter 164 . 10/8
I'm happy to hear that you've taken an interest in original writing.
Good luck with that!
I also like this chapter, it suits Gaara well.
maxridelover chapter 164 . 10/8
good work! update with some of the tricks gaara plays!
Black' Victor Cachat chapter 164 . 10/8
Glad to see you back, and hope things stay okay for you. Fun chapter too where you cannot tell if your boss is just enjoying the holiday spirit or homicidal again :-)
Ripple237 chapter 164 . 10/8
Aw its ok. This story got me through some hard nights tbh. I'm so excited that you are working on original fiction! I've been writing a novel and It's hard to balance that with fanfiction. I hope you will keep us updated on your career!
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