Reviews for To Live and Let Go
Graysonation chapter 21 . 6/11/2014
Well. Guess I know what's next on my "Reid"ing list.
Holy Plot Twist, Batman!
Graysonation chapter 20 . 6/11/2014
That. Was. Awesome.
Mind kinda blown, here. I was expecting something dramatic and sad and delicious for the finale, but somehow, you still managed to take me by surprise with this. And how perfect was it that everything ended with a letter, just like how it began?
Symbolism, soft and sweet, thy name is this fic. Thank you for this; it's nice to find something about Reid and Tobias that doesn't involve one being a wimp, a sadist, or (thank god) any sort of rape. Totally glad I gave this a shot, as your marvelous writing and simultaneously good story telling made it well worth the time. Wondrous. I'm going to go see what else of yours I can read!
Graysonation chapter 19 . 6/10/2014
100th Review! I have always, always, ALWAYS wanted to do that!
*Coughs* Anyhoo . . .
Ack! First Raphael, and then Charles . . . I know, I know, it had to happen sometime, because the only way that Reid or Tobias are ever going to get over their demons are be locked in a sealed room with them for extended periods of time, but . . . Oh, my heart was kinda breaking. Especially when it turns out that those two sickos are friends . . . I mean, I always got the impression that they knew of each other, but here, they almost seem like brothers, like buddies . . . partners in crime, if you can pardon such terrible puns. Blech.
Your writing championship again mangoes to show itself in the way you described Charles' eyes . . . Did you know that those are often called 'the portals to the soul?' by sociologists? Supposedly, you can only meet the eyes of someone you truly love, truly trust . . . Of course, there's no affection lost between this trio. But still, you did a marvelous job writing about them . . . I could almost see them in my head, actually got goosebumps at one point. Ooh, and that reference with Gideon's voice . . . I love flashbacks, especially done well, and you, you brilliant writer, have done an AMAZING job! Excellent, relevant, and it hits you right in the feels . . .
And all I can think is that, with their standing up to Charles, Spencer and Ben might very well have just signed their own death warrants . . .
We shall see, right?
Graysonation chapter 18 . 6/10/2014
You know, I can totally imagine Reid and Benjamin being able to get along very well, if for no other reason than they both speak so freakin' fast. Man, it seems like the two dudes are both perpetually on a can of Red Bull or something. To say nothing of their enthusiasm for life - though Ben's is certainly more innocent, more child-like than our dear Dr. Reid - and overall voracious optimism. I kinda dig it.
Well, I was until Raphael shoed up . . . Oh, God. The only way I'm keeping from biting my nails right now is to picture them somehow convincing the archangel to join them for a round of Uno, and then somehow all going out to get a beer . . . Yes, yes, that will keep me smiling, as I'm sure the next chapter is one to be a doozy.
Ewkay. Here. We. Go.
Graysonation chapter 17 . 6/10/2014
I liked the drama of Visit #1, dammit!

. . .

But this one was nice, and that was good, of course. Gentle, soft; sort of like both of the men involved. And, in some strange way, it was nice that Charles and Raphael have backed off long enough to let Reid try and get some peaceful time with his . . . well, they're totally friends now, aren't they? Yeah, friends . . . I guess I like that . . .
Oh, I can't wait to see the expression on Reid's face when he meets Ben!
Graysonation chapter 16 . 6/10/2014
You know, I'm just saying this because I love that stupid genius, but . . . wouldn't you think, after the Randall Garner / Fisher King case, Reid would have learned better than to talk to 'dangerous minds' about his job, hmm?
Ah, well . . . I'm sure he tells his dear old mother plenty of things about the cases he's worked on the job when he goes to visit her in person. At least, he would if she wasn't so very busy fawning over the poor man.
How cute was that? And so very much like the woman, too . . . I think that it was her little heartwarming display that gave Reid the inclination - and the guts - to go ahead and visit Tobias in Atlanta. Funny how things work out like that, right?
And even if the poor baby is worried about having to meet up with Raphael and Charles again, well . . . Tobias can protect him now, right? (By the by, I loved the parallelism you wrote with, describing how the rage of one terrified Reid, while the coldness of the other was equally horrifying. Well done!) And if not, well . . . I think Reid seems like he's in a better enough place to take matters into his own hands. Oh, oh! Plus, he can meet Benjamin! YES.
Looking very much forward to more!
Graysonation chapter 15 . 6/10/2014
I totally adored the way you ended that chapter. I mean, with Reid realizing how much he and Tobias have been helping one another, growing and changing for the better together. It's sweet, and ironic . . . and true. look at the ways Spencer became different after everything that went down in season 2 . . . and now that you've decided to go ahead and let Tobias live, look at how he's changed . . . It's miraculous, I'm starting to really hate that they had to kill him on the show. Dang.
But either way, you're still writing the transition between the two men beautifully. Admittedly, they're wuite a bit alike, and one can draw from the similarities in there. But you also have some breathing room where they ways in which Spencer Reid and Tobias Hankle are different people really come to light. And I like that; their struggles, their thoughts, their wants for change and unquenched desires . . . While being a little bit of a chip in the armor, I think that overall, you've humanized the two - especially Tobias - in simply extraordinary ways. They're miraculous.
. . .
Now, to my point; a famous author once said that if there is a smoking gun on a mantle in the beginning of a story, it has to go off before the last chapter.
Well, we're rapidly approaching the end here, and I'm curious; what's going to happen? Because something tells me Charles, Raphael, and SlenderMan are going to have a bit of a conflict at some point . . . am I right?
As long as they can leave Tobias and Benjamin and Reid alone . . . That would be swell.
No chance, huh?
Graysonation chapter 14 . 6/10/2014
Hell yeah! *punches air*
Graysonation chapter 13 . 6/10/2014
Man, could Reid's letter have come at a more perfect time?
Even with him mentioning Benjamin and thus sorta kinds breaking Tobias's heart again, isn't there a way that he could try to find the good in the advice; though Reid didn't say it outright, perhaps Tobias COULD ask one of the guards to talk to Benjamin for him, and they could explain the whole party of three he's got going on up in his head . . . ?
I don't know, I just hate seeing Tobias so sad . . . weird how Stockholm Syndrome kinda works that way, eh? First you curse his name for daring to hurt Reid, and then you want his life to be sunshine and rainbows . . .
I just hope things get better. Otherwise, Tobias is gonna be screwed; I'm thinking drugs, violence, . . . more murder? Gorsh, I hope not. But . . . well, I've already seen part of the sequel to this. I'm just hoping I'm way, WAY wrong. Pweeze?
Graysonation chapter 12 . 6/10/2014
Before I totes forget; AWESOMESAUCE with the song! Besides being a greta combination of lyrics and twang, I couldn't help but squee a bit at the "Revelations" reference. Nice, very nice . . .
. . . unlike the rest of the chapter. I mean, don't get me wrong, it was just as well-written as always, of course . . . but that was so sad, the demise of Benjamin and Tobias . . . F*cking Charles. Why, of all days, did he have to come back just right then? Couldn't he have held on for a few more days? Or weeks? Or . . . forever, maybe?
Yech, jerk. I hope Tobias talks to Reid; the man's a literal friggen' genius, I'm sure he can help him fix this little mess. At least, I hope so, I'd really love to see more of Benjamin . . . You write him so well, so soft and sweet and hyper that you just wanna snuggle him up like a six-year-old and give him peppermints.
Maybe not. But still . . . sad!
Graysonation chapter 11 . 6/10/2014
"It sucks that we met in such a horrible place under horrible circumstances, but still, I'm glad you're my friend."
N'aww, is it horrible that I thought that that was just about the sweetest line you could have possibly put in there? It really was, especially considering that - as you pointed out - Tobias hash never had a real friend. But I like that he's been finding one in Benjamin. The guy's erratic, but then, who is Hankle to talk, really?
All I can think is how bad it's gonna get if - well, WHEN - they have to come face-to-face with Charles and Raphael again. Bad stuff, right?
I know I didn't initially approve of this friendship a bit, but I really hope Tobias and Benjamin can make it - they seem good for one another. Tobias roots Benjamin to reality and gives him stability; Benjamin, in turns, gives Tobias a project, and hope right along with it. It's nice.
Now what? I shall see!
Graysonation chapter 10 . 6/10/2014
Hey, now, I actually liked the guard's comment! it seems like, if you have to work day in and day out with these people who show you a lot of the things have have gone so terribly off-path with society, then you might at leaf have a sense of humor about it! I tried to be outraged by his comment, but I just couldn't; it was sorta perfect, the way it was.
You know what I just realized? Tobias never learned a lot of things about Reid; like the fact that he's a genius who can remember literally everything he reads, or that he's the youngest profiler ever to be recruited to the BAU, or about his own strikes with mental illness (you know, with Diana) or his daddy-issues. (Why do all the best guys have those?)
Hmm . . . more connections. And it's so sweet, seeing the two of them beginning to grow closer. Maybe not brothers like Morgan and Reid are, but, you know . . . they can be each other's red-headed step siblings. Something weird, like Tobias and Reid. (And Benjamin should join in, I'm really digging him.)
Graysonation chapter 9 . 6/6/2014
It's very sweet how you make Tobias so childlike. Obviously, he's supes damaged from the appalling years of abuse he spent at the hands of his father and Raphael, and that shows now in the way he goes about meeting people, hesitant and scared to be hurt. And his enthusiasm over something as simple as hot dogs and French fries, well . . . that made me smile. How endearing.
And that picture Reid sent . . . odd, but a good idea. Anything to let Tobias know that he's not so very insane, not when there's people walking around who think that they are this blasted raptor.
As wary as I still am of the whole thing (what if Charles were to find out?) I must say that I think, thusfar, Reid and Tobias's aquaintance is a good thing. Tobias has helped Spencer move things forward with Emily; maybe Reid can return the favor and teach the man how to make nice with Benjamin . . .
Imagine that. REID showing someone how to make friends. Hell must have just frozen over.
Graysonation chapter 8 . 6/6/2014
That thing about how Reid could read over that entire monster of a letter in just seconds . . . Kinda heady to realize how totally true that is, and then at the same time to come to the understanding that I'd never even thought of it like that before . . . Huh. And he'll have the whole thing memorized forever and ever, of course. Yay.
I'm not sure how I feel about Reid writing back to Tobias again. While it's sweet and wonderful that he's so willing to forgive everything that happened in Georgia, and even more so that he's trying to be all selfless and keep Tobias okay, I can't help but feel like he's at the beginning of a very slippery slope . . . Trying to coexist in the same world with someone who once hurt you is one thing. Trying to be friends is another. I just hope he won't come to regret this . . .
Oh, well. At least Tobias can make buddies with someone else, sorta? Benjamin seems nice, if a little insane. This could be a very good thing. :)
Graysonation chapter 7 . 6/4/2014
Hmmm . . . I want to feel sorry for Tobias being so alone all the time, but then I can't help but think, "At least he has each other."
Sorry, that was probably in poor taste. :P
Funny how Tobias keeps thinking of Reid as young and innocent . . . he's only two-three years older, and really not such a terrible guy himself. He just, you know . . . has two really AWFUL guys that share his head-space.
Oh, but that letter. . . It was so eloquent, especially for someone like Tobias, who was portrayed not as . . . stupid, per se, on the show, but very . . . juvenile. I dunno. The writing was wonderful, though, seemed very fitting for the man to have written it. You know, you really do have a wonderful understanding of these characters, and it reflects in the way you have them think, act, talk . . . Very visual; I can literally see the things going on in my head as they're happening, like some sort of live-film episode of Criminal Minds.
It's great, really. I think I'll have to read some more after class tomorrow. But, in the meantime, before I forget; thanks for this story. There's not a whole heck of a lot of good ones out there about Tobias, people seem to see him as such a nast human being, whn he really wasn't . . . Well, anyhow, it's nice to get this whole separate plot about him. Fascinating. \
Color me Favorited. :)
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