Reviews for Apologize
UnYawn chapter 8 . 12/12/2022
This canon tangent is a fascinating concept. I’m halfway through Chapter 8 and can’t put it down. Well done and looking forward to the reading the rest.
Carmen0780 chapter 42 . 10/1/2022
So, I just finished reading my favourite Fanfic for the second time and I can't express, how much this story and your writing impresses me! Thank you for putting so much thought, time and dedication to all your storys...
TonyCastle78 chapter 28 . 5/1/2022
I’d really like to know the backstory on how Jeff and Maggie’s marriage imploded. While reading Reflections, I never would’ve pegged Maggie as a cheater. God, you’re such a good writer. The time and care you put into these stories is excellent.
MadAboutCastle10 chapter 41 . 1/23/2022
Devoured. That is the only word appropriate for what I've done with this story in the last week. I'd been aware of it for a long time, but couldn't get my head around the premise or the word count. I have never been so happy I decided to let that go and read a fic. What you've done here is nothing short of masterful. I loved it. I might need a short break from this world, but I'll be back!
derekscottwoods chapter 42 . 2/22/2021
Wow! Initially, I feared taking on the project of reading over 600,000 words, but I'm glad I did. Such a depth to each of your characters, and such witty dialogue and realistic drama, without feeling like it just bogged down in everyday life. I especially liked the unique way of discovering the Bracken connection, while including familiar characters, plotlines, and scenes from the show (Smith and Maddox). The showdown with Johanna and Bracken was especially poignant, with its mix of familiarity and distinctness. Possibly most amazing is the subtle development of Johanna and Kate's reconciliation, and how natural it felt. From the animosity at the beginning to the bond at the end was such a stirring journey.
CileSuns92 chapter 42 . 8/21/2020
Such a wonderful story!

I love your portrayal of Johanna, and how so not easy it's been for Kate to accept her as her mother again. You turned a somewhat trite trope into a beautiful, incredible journey. I loved to see the two relationships grow and bloom again, how the love and the teasing started again.

I always felt like Johanna and Castle would get along like a house on fire, and this is pretty much what I pictured. I also liked to see more of Jim, which I think is a really, really interesting character we didn't get a chance to know much.

At last, I'm so glad that it was Johanna who started the domino with arresting Bracken, but in the end, it was all of them who brought him to justice. I'm also glad we got to see some of the aftermath, how they coped afterward.

Thank you for writing this amazing story, I can just imagine how much work and love it took to write all this, so double thank you for your commitment to finishing this, even if it was so long ago. If there'd be anything like a list of favorites of my favorites, this would go in that category.

I'm off reading the sequel, now!
Ellen Outlaw chapter 42 . 3/3/2020
I just finished Apologize and the deleted scenes. In what order do I read your other stories? Do I follow the order of date of publication or is there another way I should go. I don’t want to miss anything or become confused if I read them out of order. I love your work.
Guest chapter 8 . 2/29/2020
Jim kind of pissed me off here, 'You could have answered.' Well you could have texted or called more that once, jerk, that's what people usually do when they really need to get a hold of someone.
angelthree117 chapter 42 . 1/28/2020
I have spent basically every spare moment over the past three days reading this. I actually clicked on it accidentally while looking for something else, but got so drawn in just scanning the first paragraph that I haven't been able to quit! So excited to see that there's a whole series! I absolutely love all the songs you picked, and seeing how they tied into each chapter was fantastic!
Sandy0401 chapter 16 . 12/15/2019
Kate really gave Jim the riot act not that he didn't need it, I kind of liked it. Jim and Johanna have Kate acting like the parent when it comes down to them. Jim's got a lot of deep thinking to do for himself and fast. I love Johanna and Rick bonding (reminds me of Tuesdays before Caskett).
Sandy0401 chapter 15 . 12/15/2019
Ouch Jim really hurt both of his girls this chapter...I understand his frusteration but to say to Johanna what he did was uncalled for especially because if he regrets Johanna than apart of him does indeed regret Kate. Hopefully he can make it up to them both.
Sandy0401 chapter 14 . 12/15/2019
I loved the bonding over nightmares between Kate and Johanna so sweet and for a moment Jo was able to be there and comfort Kate. I loved them going to visit Rick and Martha, I love the friendship that started between the older two ladies and how Kate really fits in with the Castles.
Joana A chapter 42 . 9/7/2019
Wow, what a wonderful story! I don't have enough words to congratulate you. You are a superb writer and this story is absolutely one of my favourites. I wish this was what happened in the show. Thank you so much for all the great time I had reading it.
Guest chapter 36 . 7/9/2019
I think you meant that Kate DRAGGED Castle- pulled him- not she gave him a drug. The atrocious verb errors spoil the syntax and flow of the story. “Had gave”instead of “had given” ( the correct version)in the last chapter. “ Lay down” instead of “lie down” a few chapters ago. You do fine with normal verbs but you need to correct the irregular verb forms. Please change them.
Guest chapter 28 . 7/9/2019
This story is one of the best—the best written, the best plot, the best characterization—that I have every read. Your writing is very good .. But then you spoil the flow by your consistent misuse of the principal parts of verbs. Had WENT, instead of have GONE, a couple of chapters ago. Had RAN, in this chapter, instead of had RUN. And there have been others. Your writing is too good to be flawed by not knowing the correct tenses and parts of irregular verbs. Look them up, please, learn them. It will make a difference.
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