Reviews for Turning Points
LonelyDayDream chapter 66 . 3/31
I just came back to re-read this, and it was just as magical as the first time I read it. I swear, I love Prowl even more now, and I don't know how that's possible!
Guest chapter 66 . 2/10
I just wanted to say how much enjoyment this fic has given me through the years. Every few months I come back and read it again because of how wonderful it is. I hope one day you come back to write more, because it's my favourite story.
lightning bird chapter 30 . 2/2
Ultra Magnus, bless his gung-ho heart, should be familiarized with the Cybertonian equivalent of the saying 'A cat can look at a king.'
kellyhorse chapter 65 . 1/31
I’ve sort of resigned myself to the likely chance that this story is forever on hiatus. But I still find myself back here once or twice a year for a full reread. Every time I do I’m inspired by Prowl’s character and consciously try to be like him when I’m fresh off a chapter and he’s still in my mind. Any one of these bots I’d like to be like, really. And wow if I had even an ounce of Prowls ability to so beautifully articulate... or really, your ability, since you do write all this. I feel woefully inadequate compared to these guys; I’m not as loyal as chromia, not a leader like optimus, my morals aren’t as noble and pure as prowls, I’m not quick to apologize like, well, any of them. And I know these aren’t *technically* you’re own characters, but... you’ve definitely done a heck of a job with them, and I feel so involved with them... heck of a job with this story. So you’ll likely not come back, and likely not see or respond to this... most authors I get kinda peeved at if they drop off the face of the earth, but I find myself feeling nothing but appreciation and thanks that I even got to experience this story. It’s been an honor, and I wish you the best. I hope you (and your new family! Congrats!) are doing well and have found peace and joy again
Guest chapter 60 . 1/14
Love that Ratchet's standards of a full fledged medic is one who will snap back at him!
ASWF chapter 66 . 1/6
Blue receiving the same threat that Prowl did before..well, part of adulthood is this. Responsibilities, duties, commensurate with the privileges and rights of adulthood.

The gap in maturity between Blue and Bee here..ouch. Just days ago they were both hanging out with Smokey as sparklings? And now Bee as a sparkling is demanding tit-for-tat in a manner some might call petty, while Blue as a young mech is bravely facing the consequences of his own actions.

Ironhide - true adult, in not keeping younglings in the dark about what their actions cause.
"You deserve the beating the femmes gave your guardian."

I do find it hard to believe that Ironhide as a large trained soldier would seriously strike a youngling - and im not sure i entirely like that Bee wants Blue beaten up just for cruel words. I'm glad things didn't go that way.

"I don't know exactly what they did to him, he hasn't told anyone and neither have they." -part of me wants Blue to find out, but i'm not sure Blue *needs* to know.

I'm glad they've confirmed Bee's vocalisation issues as psychosomatic, and the internal logic behind it.

"No. I'll track ya down and kill ya." - ha we expected the former option from maybe bots like Prowl, but this here really hits home why Jazz is Spec Ops...good stuff.

I actually really like Smokey's little betting pools xD if i were a 'bot i'd have loved to participate haha!

Now that *that* debacle with the guardianship laws is over, i hope this learning point sticks. I know this is early in the war and nobody really knows what they're doing yet, but these high-ranking 'Bots have jumped the gun with Prowl many times despite *knowing* he's not capable of what they are accusing him of. They'll need to trust him just as much as - if not more than - they do Ultra Magnus right now.

Shockwave finally moves, in Helix Septum. I wonder if Prime will finally allow them to break the ceasefire now. Jazz was quite clear in his cut-off message.
Helix Septum is definitely crawling with drones rn and Prowl needs to get his battle-computer on that hornets' nest stat.

This is an incredible ride :) as always, thanks for sharing! Please take care :)
ASWF chapter 61 . 1/6
This disagreement is actually so interesting. I agreed with Prowl and the rest that the ceasefire is a mistake, a few years back when i first read this chapter - but it was surprising for me personally to find that i feel even stronger about it now.
Would Prime feel the same if there were more Neutral vulnerable cities hanging in the balance, or if the 'Bots themselves did not have enough numbers to hold a ceasefire? Take Kaon or face complete decimation, for instance. He is prioritising the AllSpark, but they'd been doing a decent job with it before the ceasefire.
A tough interesting question for Prime then - how many lives are you going to weigh against the AllSpark? And for Prowl too - how many lives are you going to weigh against Prime's morality?

The field commanders here have proven that they will side with Prowl against Prime if they feel that Prowl is right and Prime is wrong. That is encouraging for Prowl's future prospects as SiC - and makes for a fun AU qn in general: if there's High Command mutiny against Prime, how will the rank-and-file split themselves? What's the mood like on the ground, will they choose not to take Kaon in exchange for being able to say they are mechs who keep their promises?

One more thing to look forward to: the orn that Prowl manages to help Blue get firewalls that *can* keep Ratchet out, and the subsequent wrench to the helm that Ratchet is definitely gon' give Prowl xD

And the long-awaited reveal arrives. Painnn. Prowl must have feared this since the start. And it is likely just about the same reaction he will get from every other surviving Praxian.
Their relationship was not sustainable with that imbalance in knowledge. Painful but necessary step forward.
ASWF chapter 60 . 1/6
This was both sweet and sad. Blue is growing up so fast. And suddenly everything is a last - last time carrying him, last time putting him in his cab...painnn.

Prowl's own experience was so interesting. And his initial "There is not much to tell" is priceless. It is SO him.
His own creators and Senior Instructor though. I think we never saw Prowl grieve for them. Or maybe he thinks he doesn't deserve to, Praxus being on him and all. :/

Blue's maturity and consideration in wanting to let Bee and Ironhide/Chromia watch, 11/10. It warms my heart.

See, Prowl? That's on you for not engaging guardian protocols xD you're off-probation now! Getcher act tgt mech before Ratchet kills you xD

The actual spark transfer is awe-inspiring, as is the instant Prowl feels the new frame come to life. I also love how Prowl shifts himself to the new frame to support Blue. Bee is so brave too, wanting to go directly to the adult frame as well, even if it will make them targets for the 'Cons. Two more adult Praxians on the way!
i wonder if there are even any Praxians left that have not joined the 'Bots for protection or revenge. As the former 'Con lead tactician that everyone would blame for Praxus..i imagine Prowl is something of a pariah and a traitor among all Praxians now...
ASWF chapter 59 . 1/6
"Our goals have never been to completely obliterate our enemies, Prowl. It is to defeat them to the point that the fighting stops." - and so we have the first real disagreement between Prime and Prowl. Personally i think Prowl is right - they were on the verge of winning it all. Prime says this is a tiny chance they must take? Even he must know that this is a ploy that will only lengthen the war to cost more lives..but he likes to hope, and the AllSpark is a convincing priority this time round.
The true test of Prowl's new programming in allowing him to choose the greater good over following orders will be interesting, when this exact same argument inevitably arises once more. And i'd like to see Prime put his money where his mouth is - he said he prefers autonomous loyalty to blind loyalty, but will he still feel the exact same once he has a dissenting Prowl on his hands (and who is likely to have the field commanders on his side when they see victory within reach like now)?

Satisfying to see Prowl immediately go to ask questions at High Command as part of his duty. His experience and competence truly shows, esp when he's also emotionally growing into his role.
An interesting point though, about the lack of warmth and anything beyond a burgeoning professional trust between Prowl and the rest of High Command. That definitely needs to change, though i'm not sure how to best achieve that.
ASWF chapter 58 . 1/6
hahaha Smokey with the sparklings xD too cute! All three of them startling when Prowl came back xD hopefully Smokey too can become better friends with the young ones!
It's also really cute to imagine both Blue and Bee hanging out regularly at Prowl's office. I know Blue has an adult frame now, but srsly, Prowl having two sparklings on him is one of my absolute favourite things.

This is a nice circling-back, for Prowl to be back at this first site of Autobot HQ that he encountered - but this time as the leading tactician, speaking with a defector partially encouraged by his own defection.
I wonder how many more defections are there to come in future millennia? Even those with absolutely no interest in defecting, will know that it is possible to go from 'Con lead tactician to 'Bot lead tactician and SiC.

Haha Mirage says Megatron threw a tantrum when he found out Prowl successfully defected? Would love to see that. And someday - hopefully an even bigger tantrum when Prowl makes SiC. It'd be hilarious. I know strategically it'd be wiser for Prowl's final promotion to not be known to the 'Cons..but i guess that info will never hold, given every 'Bot in the field needs to know they have to take orders from Prowl. So...a super-public in-your-face-Megatron promotion to SiC? XD leave me to my fever-dreams

Shockwave gaining more influence in direct response to Prowl's defection is a brilliant stroke. It explains this sudden AllSpark obsession etc. And probably increases Prowl's personal stake in this - Shockwave's rise is kinda his 'fault'. It's not, of course, all evil goes to Shockwave and Megatron, but Prowl will feel responsible.
ASWF chapter 48 . 1/3
I agree Magnus should have been demoted. Perhaps the first strike in defense of Prime was understandable. But a true combat mech like Jazz or Ironhide would easily have been able to keep their cool and restrain an unresisting potentially-violent suspect without further violence, let alone nearly kill the mech just for their own emotional catharsis.
This is stuff that should have got him court-martialed at the very least. Prowl did not press charges, but it sets a dangerous precedent. Should 'bot commanders be allowed to nearly kill POWs without provocation and get away scot-free just coz there are no replacements for them?
I'm sure the average rank-and-file will have little real sympathy for Prowl even if all the details become public knowledge - but still.

I know you said this is early on in the war, but Magnus doesn't belong on the battlefield or in tactical, and it shows. This is good set-up showing that Jazz, Ironhide and Prowl are all far more qualified to be First Lieutenants than Magnus is. I look forward to the day Magnus actually supports Prowl's promotion over him xD

i logged out now to review, since apparently ffnet doesnt allow a second review on the same chapter. i cannot fathom why lmao.
I think you earlier expressed interest in posting on ao3? Do please PM me if you need an invite code, i'm saving one for you if u ever need it! I've been on ao3 for awhile now and will also be more than happy to help if u have any qns re: their posting/tagging system etc. :)
ASWF chapter 41 . 1/3
Man, Soundwave is truly a terrifying piece of work. This level of violation is a new low, even for a POW now used to getting publicly scanned whenever. I truly don't blame Prowl for wanting Soundwave dead..not to mention that mech is the enemy SiC and more than a legitimate military target. It is Prowl's job to offline him too.
This is something Prowl will never forget. In another story, this chapter could easily have veered off into dark Shattered Glass-esque verse where Soundwave actually succeeds. No one and nothing else has jeopardised Prowl's defection or his very existence to this level.

If Prowl has beef with Starscream for Praxus, and now with Soundwave for's exciting to think about Shockwave. I always felt Shockwave was the scariest out of the three 'Con SiCs, and would dearly, dearly love to see Prowl and Shockwave go at it one-on-one.

What Prime pledged to the All Spark is scary too. Death in the face of failure. Prowl doesn't know yet, right? Haha no pressure Prowl just do your best x'D
ASWF chapter 42 . 1/3
"Are you claiming your behavior has significantly improved since becoming Autobots?" - WILL NEVER FAIL TO MAKE ME LAUGH. what a savage burn. And best of all, Prowl was genuinely, factually asking this x'D
"Let me prove i'm not a 'con anymore while you prove to me in turn you are no longer criminal miscreants" is still hilarious and an awesome deal to cut. I think the true finishing point to this probably entails both sides believing the best of each other even when the situation looks bad? That'd be interesting to see too. But I can't imagine the Twins defending Prowl's honor in any canon tbh HAHAH

Prowl insisting they see the scan is really a good move. And it's satisfying to see him exert authority when it is the right thing to do.

I actually do wonder what Prowl had wanted to say to Magnus after their chat with the Twins. I know it couldn't have been an emergency if he chose not to share in the end - but i really wanna know x'D eh maybe everyone else here has alr inferred what it was but i still don't know x'D
Prowl's quick response to defuse Magnus' anger is heartbreaking, though. And so factual. Simply acknowledging to Magnus that he is aware he has no rights and would not make things difficult for him.
Also a poignant and elegant way to show how 'Con life has conditioned certain things into Prowl, that it reflects in his coping mechanisms and expectations of what superiors want from him.

Prowl's factual argument to the Twins' about why they need to listen to Tactical was awesome. The set-up in earlier battles really paid off here - the manpower diversions, the geographical implications, the affected enemy kills. Fusion got the show he wanted alright, just not the one he expected haha.

Stanix has now experienced Prowl too, just as each commander and tactician in Iacon has before. Perhaps each base will have to, one by one, to trust him...

I was waiting for this. If i were Megatron, i'd definitely place a high-priority search for Prowl and any 'bot field tacticians in all future battles, have him marked for assassination.
I think that physical confrontation eventually has to come in all that millennia. Part of Prowl staying a 'con and being the worst version of himself is about him fearing Megatron and submitting to greater physical force - i doubt he will find peace and absolution, if he doesn't prove to himself that he will never do so again, that he could and would take the worst from Megatron if necessary.

Ha. I really want to see Megatron's face when Prowl makes SiC. Megatron, buddy, you made the underestimation and mistake of your life simply sending Prowl into Praxus for kicks instead of personally killing him on the spot. I think probably even now Megatron just sees him as a pest and no real threat to himself. Let me fantasise about that changing x'D

It is a nice bit, to see Livewire machining the parts for Prowl after that confrontation. And also that Ironhide cares, to report that breach of ethics where he knows Prowl wouldn't but nonetheless deserves to!
ASWF chapter 36 . 1/3
I loved the reconciliation between Smokey and Prowl here. Prowl's greater experience and maturity shows in his compassion, empathy and ability to forgive. Smokey's maturity and honesty shows too - and his youth, in desiring forgiveness and approval and not realising Prowl *knew*, until now. Prowl's comforting hand on Smokey's head! i too want a headpat x'D

Ahh, targeting medics. I really liked the sharp cold logic you gave for not targeting neutrals/sparklings (who count toward the maximum no. of lives Prowl was trying to save from the war) and yet targeting medics (who chose a side with the 'bots and would prolong the war/'bot resistance).
This is an irreversible mistake and crime on Prowl's part. This is what gives his character arc credence: his mistakes aren't just going to vanish from history. He is serious about his redemption because he will face his mistakes and try to do what he can, even if he will never be absolved.

I will never get enough of happy sparkling Bluestreak or him clinging to Prowl's chassis! Too adorbs. Still looking forward to Bluestreak learning Circuit Su from Prowl in his new adult-frame, now that Bluestreak is speaking to Prowl again haha.

I also really like First Aid's revelation. Yes. To fight for and protect yourself, is also protecting people who love you and those who need you.
I think it is an important message and reminder for anyone!

I guess High Command really wanted to rip the band-aid off? Instead of letting doubts fester and gossip multiply - since all the constant public monitoring is also not gaining further results - they slap a high rank onto Prowl following the large victory to cover the break in operating procotols...and see if he lives up to the rank and their hopes. The transition is accelerated and intensified - but also possibly more solid in the end, with all the extra effort Prowl and High Command put into it. That's also interesting to think about.
ASWF chapter 35 . 1/3
There's a nice parallel here, between Prowl and Jazz. Prowl's military victory eclipsed by personal tragedy. What would have been a professional victory for Jazz, became a personal loss.

This memory-sharing, while a natural and substantial step toward reconcilation for them, is also structurally a great set-up for the reader to go beyond Prowl's limited 3rd-person voice and see what actually transpired in that dramatic crash. And what might easily have been selfpitying in Prowl's own perspective, is easily given full dramatic tragic weight in Jazz's point of view. Brilliant set-up. I am taking notes x'D

I get something new and valuable out of this every time i read it, thank you for that :)
The meticulous outlining is clear in the writing. Even with long chapters, it is always easy to follow, memorable, and i know exactly what was the point of each chapter - what and who changed and why and how this will be important for the later story. Even the social and emotional ramifications are clearly and thoroughly delineated, and are always interesting and incredibly insightful to follow.
Over ten yrs of reading fanfic and 5000 favorites across ffnet/ao3, i still seriously feel you must have the most focused and clearest outlining out of everyone i've read. It really comes across in the writing. I might put more effort into outlining for myself too xD
Your writing is a true joy and comfort, and i thank you again for sharing with us! :)
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