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DragonMage chapter 59 . 7/22
Can't wait to read your latest update! Good luck with the job and school; I wish you the best! Just take care of yourself and make sure you're eating properly!
Guest chapter 9 . 6/18
Til' all are one chapter 59 . 6/16
I love this story. I am currently reading this for my third time and am trying to hold myself back from reading your newest one, until I have read all the other chapters. But I am not sure if I can wait. I just wanted to tell you I love it, and that it is one of my favorite stories on Fanfiction that I have read. (That is saying alot, because Fanfiction is my life, and I read it every day all the time.)
Resident Evil Lionhart chapter 59 . 6/16
I keep checking back on this story because I love it. I can't believe the word count, and can't wait to read it to the end. I have read this story from the first chapter all the way to chapter 58 so many times I've lost count, and yet I hadn't noticed this had updated until today because I gave up checking it every two days! I hope your home life gets better, because this story is (and probably always will be) my absolute favorite story.

I hope Prowl and Ultra Magnus get closer to becoming friends as the Praxian teaches Magnus war things, and I hope to eventually see Fusion get over his hatred of Prowl. I also can't wait to see if the Autobots win the war after all, or if Shockwave gets his test subjects via the Allspark. At this point, I don't even know if they'll all end up on Earth or not, but I can't wait to find out!

I hope you keep following your muse,
Wastingtimeagain chapter 59 . 6/13
Thank you so much for your time and dedication! Hope you find the notepad
NoNameOwl chapter 59 . 6/9
I'm going to start out this review with one major thing I think you should hear: You. Are. Amazing! Seriously, I adore this story, and I can say with absolute certainty that if I had to choose the best story on this site, THIS one would be it. Your elegance in writing style is amazing, the way you beautifully capture the byplay between different characters, and the mastery of the way you weave the story, are all reasons I say that this is my favorite fic I have ever read. Ever. And stop what you're thinking, because NO I am NOT exaggerating. (Well, not a lot anyway...) On top of that, your ability to write in accurately different point of views astounds me! Not everyone who writes can pull it off so convincingly, but you do a marvelous job~! I have re-read this fic several times, which is surprising for me since I tend to be one of those people who become bored easily with repetition...
I began reading this fic fairly early on, and though this is my first review for you (and for that I feel I should apologize), I am so pleased you have continued to write this. Prowl is one of my favorite characters, and I love how you portray him! I will say it again: You are amazing! I trust you will continue to be so. ;)
On a different note, I know life really can be the worst, but I know something good must be headed your way if all this slag has already happened... Just hold on and you'll get to where you were meant to be. Just never lose sight of yourself before you get there! I'll be in your corner, rooting for you! :D
Once again (because one can never be told this enough, especially when it's true):
You are AMAZING. ~Owl
Muffing chapter 59 . 6/5
Thank you so very much for your wonderful writing, I love reading 'Turning Points'. I love your Prowl, and First Aid is my next favourite. I take my hat off to you for all the detail you use as it makes your story an epic. I've just caught up to your latest chapter and I'm going to read your other works next. My thoughts are with you and your employment situation. I hope you can get back on your feet quickly :) Thank you again.
sunstarunicorn chapter 59 . 6/2
May the Lord continue to carry you through the storm currently in your life and for your foreseeable future. May His strength, which is made perfect in our weakness, sustain you through the difficult season ahead as you try to balance both school and work. May you and your family be comforted by His presence and aid in your lives.

As always we understand that Real Life has this funny way of intruding and forcing us to put aside fun stuff for the more serious aspects of life. You have been very faithful to this wonderful story and it takes real dedication to keep plugging away at it, in the midst of life's turmoil. Even if the chapters become smaller, even if we have to wait for either your original notebook to surface or for your new one to be written, we know you are still there and working on things. We can be patient.

That said, certainly a new twist in your chapter and quite interesting how the matrix would be pushing Optimus in this direction. Here's hoping that it doesn't blow up in the Autobots' faceplates! Also, fun to see Prowl trying to help Magnus and also 'yelling' at Optimus over what he sees as a very unwise decision. Looking forward to seeing the next chapter, whenever life lets up enough for it to be published.

Happy Writing and God's Blessings!
CountryDream14 chapter 59 . 6/1
Love the new chapter. You are an excellent author and this is definately the number one fanfiction I have ever read. I can tell that you take time and care with you stories and I respect that, especially with your busy lifestyle. I wish you the best of luck. God bless.
Guest chapter 59 . 5/29
This is a great story! Please continue to write.
Guest chapter 58 . 5/29
Love the character development for Jazz and Prowl.
Transformers fun chapter 33 . 5/28

I was just waiting on this moment!

I laugh so hard XD

I love your story, i have like, read it 'til here on like... 3-4 days!
But this.
This right here.
Bea~utiful~ 11/10 stars

But i'm still halfway soo, going to keep on Reading now XD
Stormdance chapter 59 . 5/27
Wow! I love this whole story, and the interplay between Prowl and Magnus is a very interesting development. Good luck with your schooling and your new job!
Guest chapter 59 . 5/27
Can you do an AU where Prowl could have had his processor shattered because of the fragmentation or an AU where the twins followed through with their revenge plot and Prowl decided the Autobots were not his allies anymore because of all the stress and the actions took against him please? Glad to hear from you again finally - love this story! But your work dropped your hours and pay because you voiced your opinion? That's complete and utter rubbish! Please feel free to complain as much as you need - it certainly is not good to bottle things up. I type from experience. Also, last thing so I don't take up too much of your time, glad to see that we can provide motivation and help contribute in some small way with this amazing story.
SusantheRedhead chapter 59 . 5/29
Yay! I was so excited to see the new chapter, and to read your note that you weren't gonna abandon this story! It really is too good to exist, or not be completed. Anway, I loved that chapter, and I can't wait to see how it goes between Prowl and UltraM at his leasons- what is he gonna teach him about first? General battlefield tactics? Army management? Can't wait!
oh, and I would seriously pay to know the rude or colorful (you phrased it well but I forgot how you said it at the moment) language that Prowl used when listing all the reasons the ceasefire was a bad idea to Prime! It's hard to imagine Prowl like that!
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