Reviews for Turning Points
ASWF chapter 36 . 1/3
I loved the reconciliation between Smokey and Prowl here. Prowl's greater experience and maturity shows in his compassion, empathy and ability to forgive. Smokey's maturity and honesty shows too - and his youth, in desiring forgiveness and approval and not realising Prowl *knew*, until now. Prowl's comforting hand on Smokey's head! i too want a headpat x'D

Ahh, targeting medics. I really liked the sharp cold logic you gave for not targeting neutrals/sparklings (who count toward the maximum no. of lives Prowl was trying to save from the war) and yet targeting medics (who chose a side with the 'bots and would prolong the war/'bot resistance).
This is an irreversible mistake and crime on Prowl's part. This is what gives his character arc credence: his mistakes aren't just going to vanish from history. He is serious about his redemption because he will face his mistakes and try to do what he can, even if he will never be absolved.

I will never get enough of happy sparkling Bluestreak or him clinging to Prowl's chassis! Too adorbs. Still looking forward to Bluestreak learning Circuit Su from Prowl in his new adult-frame, now that Bluestreak is speaking to Prowl again haha.

I also really like First Aid's revelation. Yes. To fight for and protect yourself, is also protecting people who love you and those who need you.
I think it is an important message and reminder for anyone!

I guess High Command really wanted to rip the band-aid off? Instead of letting doubts fester and gossip multiply - since all the constant public monitoring is also not gaining further results - they slap a high rank onto Prowl following the large victory to cover the break in operating procotols...and see if he lives up to the rank and their hopes. The transition is accelerated and intensified - but also possibly more solid in the end, with all the extra effort Prowl and High Command put into it. That's also interesting to think about.
ASWF chapter 35 . 1/3
There's a nice parallel here, between Prowl and Jazz. Prowl's military victory eclipsed by personal tragedy. What would have been a professional victory for Jazz, became a personal loss.

This memory-sharing, while a natural and substantial step toward reconcilation for them, is also structurally a great set-up for the reader to go beyond Prowl's limited 3rd-person voice and see what actually transpired in that dramatic crash. And what might easily have been selfpitying in Prowl's own perspective, is easily given full dramatic tragic weight in Jazz's point of view. Brilliant set-up. I am taking notes x'D

I get something new and valuable out of this every time i read it, thank you for that :)
The meticulous outlining is clear in the writing. Even with long chapters, it is always easy to follow, memorable, and i know exactly what was the point of each chapter - what and who changed and why and how this will be important for the later story. Even the social and emotional ramifications are clearly and thoroughly delineated, and are always interesting and incredibly insightful to follow.
Over ten yrs of reading fanfic and 5000 favorites across ffnet/ao3, i still seriously feel you must have the most focused and clearest outlining out of everyone i've read. It really comes across in the writing. I might put more effort into outlining for myself too xD
Your writing is a true joy and comfort, and i thank you again for sharing with us! :)
ASWF chapter 34 . 1/3
This is sadder than even i remember it to be, with a few years' more life experience and adult compassion.

This is a brilliant, refreshing original set-up and poignant backstory for why canon Prowl has a problem with crashing - but at what should have been the brilliant triumphant start of redemption and a long fruitful career...the weight of past sins and his attempts to make amends have now literally torn him into two too.
He will literally be piecing himself together bit by bit, emotionally and physically, victory by victory.
While Tactical and everyone else are partying and drinking high-grade, Prowl blames himself for having no one to trust in helping him piece himself back together.

He feels utterly broken now, is sure that he would be condemned and discarded for this injury and future disability - and the sheer compassionprofessional acknowledgement he receives from the Autobots, this always makes me cry. This is the difference between 'bots and 'cons.

"And you still want me?"
"Without question."
-and this is where i step away for a tissue...

Right now it reads like Prowl will not activate full guardian protocols because of his probation and command cortex injury. I must admit i still want to see him do so x'D Bluestreak absolutely deserves it, and in his new adult frame nowtheir most recent reconciliation and his full understanding of Prowl's involvement in Praxus' destruction - i imagine he might even ask for it. It is certainly more ethical now, after the air has been cleared between them. It is also interesting to think about: what would make Prowl commit fully to guardian subroutines.

I know you said you planned only to take this story to Prowl's promotion to SiC - but i like to imagine in the far future...perhaps when this injury heals, when everyone else has forgiven him and *wants* him as their SiC...that he might begin to forgive himself too, at least a little.
The energon on his hands cannot be undone, but i think Smokey made a good point earlier about how it is not easy to escape Megatron's grip. I hope he can allow himself that little bit of compassion someday...
ASWF chapter 33 . 1/3
This arc is still my fave after all these years. Just so, so badass. So exciting, suspenseful, poignant and moving and magnificent.

Probably the first time the 'bots as a whole are able to see the value of Prowl as a tactician, and as a leading officer - and also probably the first time in the entire war that they can trust that they are going to win.
Probably decavorns on into the war, this is still going to be most 'bots' first real impression of/interaction with their SiC: Megatron launched a full-scale daring attack on Iacon, and they were losing the war - right up until their SiC served as lead tactician. This is the dramatic entrance to end all dramatic entrances.

This is also a Turning Point in the story imo, for Prowl both professionally and personally.

This was supposed to have been Prowl's magnum opus for Megatron: an attack plan to flatten Autobot HQ and end the war. It was co-opted without his consent onto a neutral civilian city, on his hometown - and now Megatron brings a practised version to bear on Iacon. And Prowl? With sheer rage, righteous anger and grit, while bleeding out, soundly defeats his own best work.
He could not have known until now that professionally, he has nothing to fear from the Decepticons. But now - they can't defeat him even with his own best work.
So, so so satisfying. Euphorically so. I love it.

And a personal redemption - he is able to defend the 'bots now and fight for the right cause. He can't undo what he did to Praxus - but he can ensure it will never happen to Iacon.
The personal cost he paid for this magnificent victory - the repressed-guilt-shame-PTSD-hasty-ethical-coding-reconfiguration chaos that caused the command cortex injury - makes this triumphant moment also incredibly tragic. And Prowl would be the first to say he deserved it, for joining and enabling Megatron in the first place. This juxtaposition of personal tragedy and unequivocal public victory is absolutely breathtaking.

Love how Smokey went from "nvr trust him, keep him in stasis" to "forget rank i'll cover you" and meaning it - and Prowl being able to trust it. It makes my heart full :)
Prime too, put his own standing with the troops to back Prowl up :) Ironhide's initiative also made all the difference, and the earlier positive experience with the outpost proved just enough for the rest to follow suit.

That scene of euphoria and celebration :') out of the tactical mainframe and optics online, to see joy and celebration they haven't had since the war started :D probably something Prowl personally never expected to experience again, nor the 'bots in a long hard war they were losing :) a turning point for them all, to be able to trust in happiness again - to have hope once more.
Prowl is going from their worst nightmare to bringing them out of despair, and i love it!
ASWF chapter 29 . 1/3
Haha this is still so satisfying - the mechs who know Prowl better all fully recognise his rights as a guardian to defend his charge. Earlier Prowl said he didn't feel close enough to Ironhide to go get energon tgt with him? Should one day Prowl gets to the same rank as him/becomes 2iC, it'd be nice to see this change. Ironhide and Prowl as true buddies, sharing the woes of parenting and Commander duties.

i know later on Prowl and the Twins figure out a professional relationship, and he learns to manage them by giving them context for the battle orders they receive - but i think it would be interesting too for the Twins' development, if one day Prowl earns their true loyalty as SiC and they prove that they are capable of the dedicated loyalty other 'bots show their leaders. They respect him as a superior later on, but presumably do not show him the same loyalty and trust that Jazz gets from the rest of Spec Ops. It is interesting to ponder what would it take for Prowl to earn this from them.

Certainly for Prowl to be eventually promoted over Ultra Magnus, the rank-and-file would have to show him at least as much trust, respect and loyalty. Something dramatic for this to happen, probably, given the equally-dramatic losses the 'bots had alr suffered to the 'cons thanks to Prowl's time with the 'cons.

Bluestreak's maturity and courage in choosing to go directly to adult frame leaves my heart full. "I'm Praxian and I want to look Praxian" - go lil buddy, way to hold on to your heritage and stick it to Megatron.
It's also nice to think about, Bluestreak and Prowl tgt in the field like in the G1 cartoon. :)

also i realised that the ffnet app cuts out some types of punctuation in my earlier reviews, sry abt that x'D seeing this error for myself also makes a few reviews i received make more sense now..oops!
ASWF chapter 28 . 12/31/2020
Smokey was so cute, standing up for his mentor to High Command before realising what they are sneakily not saying xD It is a brutal but necessary solutionProwl does indeed have to win over Tactical one by one. When he doesall of them knowing him inside outTactical will stand by him to the end. It is so satisfying, to see him rise up from rock-bottom, with red to gold to blue optics.

Your Megatron is just as intimidating as i remember! And part of me is intrigued now, to wonder what a Megatron vs Prowl showdown would look like. Megatron has only seen the cowed traumatised Prowl trapped in all the bad decisionshe hasn't seen Autobot/Enforcer Prowl who's decided to offline (and not to fear) Megatron, has he? Haha just the look on his face is so satisfying to think about.
ASWF chapter 26 . 12/31/2020
I still think this solution is so brilliantto have his true Enforcer core programming supersede his original desperate/panicked/almost-forced tampering with his ethical subroutines that was hastily made in order to quickly fit himself into a hostile Autobot environment. It feels very true to Prowl, very natural, and right. Cosmic justiceProwl should not have been punished for what he had to do, and now he feels more himself than he ever had with the 'Cons.
Also a very nice touch that Prime understands and approvesthe true Prowl fits in Prime's team and Autobot philosophy than the one fresh out of Megatron's grip does.

He's lost the Con decalsi like imagining that at some point, when he feels up to it againhe might reinstate the Enforcer decals, the 'to serve and protectThe sense of peace and rightness in this chapter is so soothing and comforting to read. Many kudos!
ASWF chapter 24 . 12/31/2020
This is also one of my favourite chapters, still, the triumphant end to a rollercoaster of an arc. An extremely fitting title. I absolutely agree that this is the turning point where the Autobots really start to give him a chance, and where Prowl begins to come to terms with what redemption will cost himand he finds the dignity and courage to calmly say, 'No, I do not want pity.' It makes my heart full.

Happy new year
ASWF chapter 2 . 12/30/2020
(if im spamming, pls feel free to filter me out or PM me to stop haha)
i forget Prowl's sheer guts in just calmly saying "My designation is Prowl" to all these high-ranking, angry Autobots who think he is responsible for flattening Praxus and targeting sparklings xD just.. the dignity in that neutral reserve. I'm sure it annoyed some of the 'bots at the scene haha.

Them dragging him around for the search-and-rescue really made him open his optics, huh? I'm sure the 'bots only intended to keep an irredeemable dangerous enemy combatant near and to give the dead victims some kind of recompense in forcing the 'Con lead tactician to see and acknowledge their deathsbut it really builds on Prowl's realisations the prev chapter.

I've gotten used to Bluestreak talking and asserting his opinions. Seeing him small and scared and only chirping againaww. Adorable and heartbreaking. Nonethelessimagining them tgt on the battlefield one day like in the G1 cartoonthat makes my heart full. Out of the Praxus ruinsthese two will rise.
ASWF chapter 1 . 12/30/2020
Hello, hope you're doing finei'm rereading this from the starti trawled 20 pages of the Prowl tag on ao3 and nothing beats this, hahaha. I came across Turning Points when it had 20 chapters and i remember eating the whole thing until 1am. I had a 8am lecture the next day. Still no regrets, a graduation and a job later xD

i downloaded the darn ffnet app just to get dark mode to reread this xD i am finding out it doesn't allow me to copypaste stuff to quote in reviews LOL but it won't stop me

"Oh, he would probably still rust in the Pit for what he had donewhat he made possible for others to dobut for the end of the war was his primary goal and, for the sake of Cybertron, any means to that was a necessary evil. for me this is really the core of the storyhow Prowl had accepted damnation, and then had to re-examine everything again and rework toward redemption from rock-bottom.
It is still an incredibly courageous, inspiring and moving arc, after all these years. Probably even more so, as i grew up a little and understood better pain and loss.
Clear-minded resolute hope, courage and idealismthis is my ultimate comfort story.

i imagine still getting reviews might prove stressful in this climatebut i mean no pressure nor do i demand any kind of reply, only appreciation and gratitude. This story was there for me when it felt like no one was, and it is still comforting me now. It reminds me of simpler, happier times. It reminds me that at rock-bottom, the only way is up. In a vast and sometimes-uncaring world, it argues that it is never too late to do the right thing, never not worth it to take the harder but correct path.

Thank you for writing and sharing. Words are inadequate, for all the times i reread this and gained courage.

While Prowl rose from war criminal to Commander, i graduated and you got married (congratulations, again!i hope that things only get better for all of us from now onPlease take care of yourself, and be well wherever you are
tiredpraxian chapter 66 . 12/12/2020
Rereading this fic for... the third? Fourth time? And as always it's amazing. I love your characterization, the way you develop everyone's characters, your ability to convince me, at least, that you know what you're talking about in terms of military endeavors.
I hope you're doing well, and maybe you'll come back to this eventually, but most of all I hope these past couple years since your last update have treated you well
Lorraine49 chapter 60 . 10/30/2020
Aww... so bittersweet to see Bluestreak in his adult frame! Picturing Prowl holding him in his arms was always so adorable to me but now Blue is all grown up (sorta). But also... consider the raw POTENTIAL of a possible a Bluestreak - Mirage conversation... oh boy I hope we get to see that!
Lorraine49 chapter 59 . 10/22/2020
Haha Prowl and Ultra Magnus are so awkward together it’s wonderful.
Lorraine49 chapter 58 . 10/21/2020
Somebody give Mirage a hug! :’( It’s a (sad but) wonderful introduction to his character and it’s great to see such an arrogant character try to take the same route as Prowl - who has a complete and utter lack of areogance. Can’t wait to see how Mirage interacts with the gang. I hope we get to see the twins go head to head with him at some point. It would be a glorious disaster.
Lorraine49 chapter 57 . 10/21/2020
I always want to comment about the first part of a chapter but then realized I’m just as excited about something in the latter half. Ratchet’s cranky caring attitude is so on point and never fails to make me smile. And then the little ones with Prowl! It’s so endearing how excited Bumblebee gets to hear Springer’s story.
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