Reviews for The Extended Unova Pokemon Guide
Guest chapter 37 . 8/6
Not really a review but a friendly comment. When you said "far and few between" in the battling section, I believe you meant to put "few and far between" :P
Guest chapter 138 . 7/5
I just recently discovered this gem from TV tropes and want to kick myself for not finding it earlier.

I've read it from start to finish over the week and I have to say that Fuhri's constant snark and your ability to make even the blandest of Pokemon have a unique personality really makes this a fascinating read from start to finish, shame there haven't been any recent updates I was looking forward to finally seeing why the Deino line was so infamous. I really do hope you one day find the motivation to finish this fic as it would be a shame to see such an amazing guide go unfinished.
Guest chapter 124 . 6/25
I meant Fairy type not Dairy type.
Guest chapter 108 . 6/24
Umm...In the anime, even though it doesn't really have that much of a bond with him, James's Amoonguss doesn't try to kill him, isn't an idiot, and always listens to him.
Guest chapter 109 . 6/24
Hahaha... Oh he's serious. Prof. Fuhri I know for a fact that they do not eat human flesh probably added that because of his hatred. Can't deny he's biased. Jessie has a Frillish, doesn't wanna kill her or her Pokemon. In one episode, a Frillish saved the without killing any of them. As you can see, this professor is biased.
Guest chapter 77 . 6/24
...I'm sure you know this but Yamask evolves by level. Secondly it's never said that it hates humans or else Ash and friends would have died in one episode. Third, how come a trainer in the anime has a Cofagrigus, it doesn't hate him, and they never mention the dampener. I think every canon Pokemon professor is smarter than Prof. Fuhri.
Guest chapter 124 . 6/23
Seriously, your mad because Xerneas is a Fairy type, Fairy types may LOOK all girly and stuff like that (and there are girls who play Pokemon too, not just boys) but I they are actually based off of old legends where they would kidnap children and stuff like that. You can't just say it's a Grass/Steel type just because you believe it's stupid for it to be a Dairy type. That'll make you sound like you can't deal with simple changes. This is not to insult you or be a Gensixer or anything, it's just advice.
Guest chapter 77 . 6/23
I have a Cofagrigus and I intend to keep it.
Guest chapter 77 . 6/23
That is such a lie! Not every antagonistic Pokemon is "misunderstood" or has a "sudden change of heart" during the episodes. In Scare at the Litwick Mansion, the Litwick tricked Team Rocket, Ash, Cilan, and Iris into thinking they were nice however they were actually stealing Team Rocket's life energy. Whenever a Litwick came, their Pokemon would disappear including James's Yamask. They tried to send them to the Ghost World forever but they were defeated by Ash and his friends along with Team Rocket. They didn't show any signs of having good intentions. Who could forget the evil Malanar who were trying to take over the world and wanted to destroy it to create a new one. After being defeated by other Malamar, some Inkay, the forest Pokemon, Officer Jenny, Ash, his friends, and Team Rocket, they traveled to the future to plot to destroy the world again. This proves that your statement is invalid.
Guest chapter 77 . 6/22
Not every Pokemon like that turns out to have good intentions in episodes, the episode, Scare at the Litwick Mansion for example, the Litwick really wanted to steal everyone's life energy and I know this was made before this fanfic but a Mimikyu hates Pikachu and it's heavily implied that it wants to kill it as well.
omegawolf83 chapter 115 . 5/17
With the help of an Audino, they become easy to train and bond with.
dandrecollier622 chapter 1 . 5/5
Are you ever gonna finish this great story. Please!
Jallybwan chapter 86 . 1/31
You share my top two fav pokes. You are now my friend.
4thwallvigilante chapter 1 . 1/26
224389 chapter 1 . 1/11
its long
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