Reviews for The Extended Unova Pokemon Guide
Guest chapter 138 . 10/4
please update. This is one of my favorite pokemon fanfics. My favorite pokemon is hydreigon and I really want to read your chapter about it. It's unfair to drop so many hints about hydreigon and not publish the chapter. Come on, please update.
Lyore chapter 109 . 9/13
the yandere pokemon
Lyore chapter 104 . 9/13
I think Deino is the cutest
Lyore chapter 94 . 9/12
I think is one pokémon with two brains, kinda like a human suffering of Dissociative identity disorder that can actually "talk" with the other self. Having individual thought i think make them deserve having equal rights, with a little compromise i mean. I think I will treat them as separate creatures, I will try to bond with both of them, try to know both of them (or the new one), and make them both my friend. No. I will not help nor hinder the brains, even thought I would prefer my original Solosis to win conflict acting in is favour would be very selfish. So unless the other is PURE EVIL I will not act and whoever is gonna be Reuniclus I will welcome him with a hug and a bittersweet smile.
anamjutt69 chapter 41 . 9/12
i am lover of pokemon games. thanks for this help full guide line. play here pokemon games /
A Vessel of Light chapter 114 . 9/7
Please update, I love this story...UPDATE BEFORE I CONSUME YOUR SOUL, SPIT IT BACK OUT, AND OFFER IT UP TO THE REVIEW GODS! UPDATES FOR THE UPDATES THRONE! INK FOR THE INK GOD! WWWAAAUUUUGGGHHHH! LACK OF UPDATES IS HERESY! FOR TEN THOUSAND YEARS WE HAVE WAITED FOR AN UPDATE, AND THUS HAVE BEEN DISAPPOINTED;THIS DEMANDS VENGEANCE! So you know, we'ere just chilling out waiting in the cold and dark website, hoping for the only bright spot in our miserable,dreary lives to show up and offer us ! P.S ...I might be the smallest bit insane.
Jon chapter 138 . 9/6
Its been over a year since I last read this story...
Are you ever going to get back into it?
Its the story that first introduced me to you in 2013 and I used to check back every other day for updates. You had a unique kind of story I'd never seen anywhere else on this site, and well written too! Prof. Fuhri had a guide that showed Unova in such a detailed way, and stopped just before one of the best parts.
Please start posting for this again.I'd hate to see this be left incomplete forever.
Guest chapter 95 . 8/26
too cute
fatescanner chapter 86 . 8/18
This is a VERY interesting headcanon take on the Zoroark species, I got to say. Having a Zoroark on my mainstay Y team who I raised from a Zorua, it was particularly nice reading the sections detailing its personality and how to bond with it. Really gives a whole new meaning to having one; to have a Pokemon that unswervingly loyal to you, whom you can treat as a genuine friend and companion, rather than just a simple battler/pet, who would be more than willing to lay its life down for you if necessary, that's some very deep and heartwarming stuff. Makes me that much more glad to have one on my team. :)
Guest chapter 76 . 8/8
It is on tvtropes. Just check the general folder in the pokemon fanfiction
Ivy the Snivy chapter 73 . 8/9
Aww...Oshy's way better than Chespin.

Anyway good chapter - I liked the fact that you brought up Scraggy hatching from an egg given that Ash got his Scraggy from an egg in the anime.
Guest chapter 77 . 8/1
You know... There is another way Cofagrigus can form. From spirits in coffins traped and turned cruel over years of loneliness. Wanting something to be with inside the coffin, they turn wandering humans into mummies to fill in that empty space.
flowslikepixelz chapter 101 . 7/30
I actually breezed through Iris' Pokemon using a Vanilluxe lel
LastManStanding616 chapter 123 . 6/30
a point for 'with fellow pokemon'
if one were to introduce a few (one or more at the time) new but unedible pokemon (highly toxic, muk, non-organic, kling, gaseous, gastly, always awake, ability insomnia, or intimidating steelix/gyrados to reduce the acceptation period over time, to get them used to change, could it be safe for newcomers even if they're edible

I know it's fiction, but still
Ivy the Snivy chapter 109 . 6/13
Okay. You've made Frillish out to be a lot more evil then they were in the anime. Jessie had a Frillish which seemed more mischievous than psychotic. Mind you they do look sort of evil I guess so I can picture them as serial killers. Interesting story about Mienfoo. I'll be interested to see what you have to say in the Mienfoo chapter. The love section in this entry is a little creepy but I found it quite funny. "I'll cut off your legs so you can't run away." The image of a Frillish coming towards me with its tentacles open and a mad look in its eye is now stuck in my head. I have to question why anyone would fall in love with a physco who wants to kill.
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