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flowslikepixelz chapter 101 . 7/30
I actually breezed through Iris' Pokemon using a Vanilluxe lel
LastManStanding616 chapter 123 . 6/30
a point for 'with fellow pokemon'
if one were to introduce a few (one or more at the time) new but unedible pokemon (highly toxic, muk, non-organic, kling, gaseous, gastly, always awake, ability insomnia, or intimidating steelix/gyrados to reduce the acceptation period over time, to get them used to change, could it be safe for newcomers even if they're edible

I know it's fiction, but still
Ivy the Snivy chapter 109 . 6/13
Okay. You've made Frillish out to be a lot more evil then they were in the anime. Jessie had a Frillish which seemed more mischievous than psychotic. Mind you they do look sort of evil I guess so I can picture them as serial killers. Interesting story about Mienfoo. I'll be interested to see what you have to say in the Mienfoo chapter. The love section in this entry is a little creepy but I found it quite funny. "I'll cut off your legs so you can't run away." The image of a Frillish coming towards me with its tentacles open and a mad look in its eye is now stuck in my head. I have to question why anyone would fall in love with a physco who wants to kill.
Ivy the Snivy chapter 11 . 6/11
"Samurott will you marry me."

If I Caught a Samurott that would be the first thing I'd say to it. Well actually I'd probably have already married it as an Oshawott because they're cuter.

Seriously though this is great. Samurotts one of my favourite Pokémon from Unova along with Oshawott and Snivy. I love the way you've described Samurott here. The love sections the best part. It made me romantices about Samurott. The slowpoke tail as a wedding gift is really clever and I just see a Samurott giving its trainer that tearful smile. I can also see them being reserved in affection.
Raygall chapter 106 . 5/26
Thought I'd finally make a review since this is my second time reading through this (wonderful) guide, and simultaneously congratulate you on it. I like your style of writing, and the way the guide comes together. After reading it second time, I can actually see your style evolve, something I don't have the pleasure of seeing in published works. The only problems are trivial things like minor spelling errors or the rare punctuation of structural mistake. And one more tiny thing that irks me: Virizion is voiced by a female in the movie, and given that no other canon source exists to state otherwise, Virizion is considered female. Even if you don't care, I had to mention that. Keep up the good work, I am patiently waiting for the next update!
ArmorOfGeddon chapter 122 . 4/6
In regards to Ash, people can mock him by comparing him to Iris after:

1. Iris conquers the Gyms of five separate regions while resetting her team at the start of each new region instead of just relying on powerful dragons, especially one she's had since before she could legally become a trainer.

2. She saves the world (or at least aides in saving it) at least once... as opposed to the multiple times Ash has done so.

3. She meets and personally rescues all of the Legendaries in six different regions (including Arceus).

4. She raises at least one Pokémon that can solo a Legendary... as opposed to the three Ash has to his credit (Charizard, Pikachu, and Sceptile have soloed an Articuno, a Regice, and a Darkrai respectively).

I'm sorry if it comes off as curt, but I am sick and tired of fans who compare him to Iris, or, worse still, Mr. Overrated himself, Red. Never mind it took a trainer with two Legendaries to beat him in Sinnoh.
ArmorOfGeddon chapter 98 . 4/5
Next time some douchebag tells you Game Freak has run out of ideas, point out Rattata, Pidgey, Voltorb, Electrode, Grimer, and Muk and inform them Game has had crappy/lazy designs in every generation!
someguy chapter 1 . 4/1
I looked at your information on your account. You said you were going to do more pokedex things after you finished this. I doubt your going to finish this one.
Martin martinez chapter 26 . 3/26
Okay a just want to ask a question why is there no love section of this because the three elemental monkeys look like something people would fall in love with to be honest
Someguy chapter 91 . 3/21
The Gothitelle fmaily coming from the stars is a little "farfetch'd"

I see what you did there... roughly a year after you posted it...

Is this story going to update? kinda sucks if it doesn't as it is the best pokedex on the site. The other ones are only higher on luck factor.
Belphy chapter 120 . 2/28
Dear proffesor Fuhri

Thank you for writing this guide it has been invaluable to helping me raise my tynamo and stopping my other pokemon from taking chomps out of it. why just the other day my aerodactal tried to take a bite out of it, if it wasn't for the quick thinking of my Kirlia I wouldn't have a tynamo any more. I would be incredibly happy if this guide were to continue although I am aware that it must take quite a lot of time to conpleate each chapter.

Your fan

Multiversity chapter 138 . 2/24
Ooh. You left off right before Mienfoo, and it's been half a year since... Regardless of your actual reasons for not updating this, I imagine it would be incredibly easy to integrate the hiatus into the story, given Fuhri's obvious emotional ties to Mienfoo. Perhaps have- what was it, Joey?- Joey or Juniper, or even Fletchinder finding Fuhri in a slump as his research into Mienfoo dredges up painful memories...

'S what I would do.
sittolog000 chapter 124 . 2/17
Why did the opening to Elgyem remind me so much of X-com?

It also strongly reminded me of "The Thing"
sittolog000 chapter 93 . 2/15
as you admitted Solosis is not actually strong in the physical defense department why did you say that in an edit and not fix it in the pokedex versus simply correcting the pokedex?
dark-little-darkling chapter 1 . 2/14
I can tell you worked quite hard on this whole Pokedex fanfic, which I find quite admirable. However, I'm rather irritated that all individual Pokémon of the same species are described as though they all have basically the same personality. That seems rather unrealistic to me. In real life, individuals of the same species, and pretty much any species (at least animals) can have quite different personalities from each other, even if there are some shared traits too. I suppose the actual Pokémon franchise does make it seem like all individual Pokémon of any single species have highly similar personalities, 'cause of certain entries in the actual Pokedex, but at the same time, there are still all the different natures and characteristics any Pokémon have. And I think a Trainer could befriend a Pokémon of any species if he or she is nice enough to it for long enough, making the move Return work. And, likewise, I also think a Trainer could make a Pokémon of any species into an evil, hateful thing if he or she is mean enough to it for long enough, making the move Frustration work. There might be individual Pokémon that are evil and cannot be befriended, but entire evil species? Or entire saintly species? I personally don't think so.

...But that's just my two cents. ;
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