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Nitro156 chapter 40 . 7/8
If you are going to remake the story I would suggest talking more about the history of the Dragon realm and it's people. So you could refer to it in other later chapters. Also you should give more details and try to build a plot over time and not rush in to things. I would like to see you rewrite the story as if for example Harry saving the dragon realm or fixing it. I would also like if their is more time Harry is a dragon and is his true self. These are all suggestions and I hope you do continue to write it. Also if you are looking for a beta reader I could help.
Guest chapter 40 . 7/6
A few on-theme names for the dragon world: Draconia, The Sky Realm, The Drakonlands, and Dragon's Keep
Guest chapter 40 . 7/5
As much as I don't like rewrites I see the need for revamping in this how will Sarah and Remedy work if he is not part unicorn/centour sex would be awkward at best
babiluv22 chapter 40 . 7/7
I liked the story. yes it could use more plot like how it was in the begining. But do what feels right
MakkuroX chapter 40 . 7/7
I suggest you post it in another story though, the original got a lot of favorite so deleting it is out, and if you continue to post it here, people who don't read the notice might get confused.
Dragon Of Darkest Night chapter 40 . 7/7
as long as you keep the original story and don't make it disappear
I hate it when writers take down stories because they think it sucks when i have liked and followed the path of the story and they have no respect for all the people how see the story and really like it
psychopath556 chapter 40 . 7/6
... damn, I was liking this fiction so far, it was the kind of Harry I like, one who doesn't take sh!t from anyone, with a Dominating side as well.

truthfully I don't really see any real reason for you to rewrite, your word count is high per chapter, your explanations are good and your smut scenes are plentiful, but it's your fiction and your call.

now let's see here, truthfully I haven't written any harry potter fictions of my own, although I have many in various stages of planning on top of the many of them that I have read previously to build my knowledge before doing so, making me fairly well informed about but not extremely so.

first you need to think how will Harry have the blood of the Drakonids in him, generally speaking, he will have to get it from one of his parents, I think it should be his mother, perhaps make her the last of her bloodline and it passed on to Harry, but it remained dormant until he awoke it with his dragon animagus form

now you also have to think about his father, if you want to get into politics you can always go with using the Potter Winzingamot seat, and then take come liberties and give him the Gryffindor seat as well through the Potter line, and then the Slytherin seat as well via conquest which happened after he defeated Voldemort 3 times, once in 1981, another in first year and again in second, giving him the seat by conquest, gives him a lot of clout with 3 powerful houses behind him, you could do the same with the Gault and Peverell seats as well as harry's family is descended from them and Voldemort is an illegitimate child of Gault, so he could claim it the same as the Slytherin seat

and of course those seats give him power in the winzingamot and at Hogwarts owning half the castle with the Gryffindor and Slytherin titles, you could make Hermione the Ravenclaw heir cause of her smarts, maybe her mother was a squib and didn't know it, and you could add Susan bones to the harem and give her the Hufflepuff position meaning that they control the school so Dumbledore can't mess with them, and then with those positions come the individual privileges of the heirs of Hogwarts, separate quarters and dorms, (up to you if they're linked) Slytherins could be linked to the chamber of secrets, Gryffindor could have a dueling room, Ravenclaw a library and Hufflepuff a large indoor garden.

Hogwarts would be a sanctuary for them as they'd own it and it's separate from the winzingamot meaning they have the right to defend it should an outside force try to take it from them, Hogwarts is a nation of its own under rule by the heirs of the founders or the headmaster, why do you think the DMLE could never come onto the grounds even when the children were being attacked by the basilisk, students would have written letters home but Dumbledore kept the DMLE out saying it was under control, my theory anyway.

Now your want to have Ginny as a pet is interesting, and I like it, and I know two ways you could do it, one you could go down the Ginny bashing route where she is the Harry fangirl or gold digger wanting to be with the Boy-who-lived and gets the bright idea to use an illegal love potion on Harry, but Harry finds out and catches her one way or the other (dracnoid are immune from love potion effects or lord ring detects the potion before he ingests it) that would lead to trouble for house Weasley, Harry could demand Ginny become his slave or whatever as payment for the crimes against his house or he declared blood war and kills her as is his right


some time Harry decided to call on the Life debt ginny owe Harry from when he saved her from the basilisk in her first year and demands she serve him for the rest of her life

now i'm curious by what you mean "lose it and need to run" do you mean flee Britain because he did something, or find out about something and run before he dose something he regrets or what, cause running from Britain with a huge harem isn't the easiest thing to do, girls have families and the like and even though you say Harry isn't evil taking his girls with him and make them leave their loved ones for him is a little cold, and if you send Harry off on his own after building the harem then your turning him into an anti-hero type deal which isn't that good of an idea in my own opinion, not when he has so much potential strenght both physically and politicaly, that he just needs to learn how to use better

anyway, hope my idea's help, drop me a PM if you want my help, always interested in doing so )
shadowhawk67 chapter 40 . 7/6
I love this story and would love to see it rewritten.
snowballfighter chapter 40 . 7/6
Please do try and save it as it was a good story so far and you could have harry activate the magic debt or something (sorry I forgot what it's called)to get ginny in the harem
MajorChaos13 chapter 40 . 7/6
im looking forward to the rewrite cause some of the plot points were just getting either lost or just become weird. I like harry with darkish tendencies but I found that towards end everything became a bit too animalistic to a point where his mates acted more like slaves than mates. Which doesn't help harry as much in my opinion in the long run. For example with daphne being a pureblood heiress she can and should be a bit stubborn and show harry how she is usefully as is worthy of his respect by helping him with political and sly moves to build up his power. But feel free to go with what you feel is right. Possible name for dragon world could be Dracaris whose people had flee to other dimensions when a group of beta dragons attacked and tried to usurp the sky lord. Theach resulting battle distroyed the balance between the magic and tell elemental islands which ruined the planet
Slytherin-Princess95 chapter 40 . 7/6
I think that maybe it would be a good idea because now that you are older your prospective will have changed. It will be interesting to see the he changes you make if that is what you do. I will be willing to give you my opinion on the chapters in reviews if it will help. The story is great how you have it but there is so many routes you could go with it.
david.teague.3950 chapter 40 . 7/6
I do have a possible idea for the Ginny pet. She finds out Harry has a collection of females including her old friend Luna and is not happy. She successfully sneaks into Snape's potions storage room and steals a vial of Amortentia with the intent to make Harry fall for her and her alone not realizing that due to his Dragon Form he's immune to all mind based manipulations be it potion or spell. When Harry finds out it was her he can call in her life debt and make her his pet.
Lkjfdsa321 chapter 40 . 7/6
You might want to read Rise of the Wizards by teufel1987. It has a lot of really interesting politics toward the middle/end. The only problem with the story is that Hermione gets a pretty bad deal. Other than that it's an excellent story. It also has multiple wives so it might help you decide how to add people.
xxPercyRoxxx chapter 40 . 7/6
I don't care either way I just want to read a good story so if I can get a good story from the rewrite then that is fine with me
Okami no Shinigami chapter 40 . 7/6
I like the idea behind this story so my thoughts on the rewrite. Luna's intro from the original is perfect. I think the Crimson Vixens should be less bitchy in their approach as they know Harry's personality from Quiddich so possibly have a sisterly thing that becomes more later in the year. the idea of a build up for Sara and her mom is good. I can't really beta till I get a new pc but I'm more than willing to act as a sounding board through calls and emails or PMs to help you develop any ideas from the perspective of a fan of the original story. Feel free to contact me. I'll PM you my email on the Android app just remove the spaces.
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