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Araytigre chapter 37 . 10/25
I too was surprised that Draco didn't make any type of scene, maybe he is capable of learning, Ron on the other hand isn't, obviously. All in all, the Ball went fairly well. Having the Pink Toad around will prove interesting, thankfully, she isn't teaching there yet. Thank You. TTFN
WhiteElfElder chapter 37 . 10/24
With Umbridge about things are not going to stay very smooth.
hunzbookwyrm chapter 37 . 10/24
Just love story so far, Can't wait for the next update
ILoveGeorgeEads chapter 37 . 10/24
i loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved was great.
johnhenrylowry chapter 37 . 10/24
some ideas I can think of to incorporate in the next chapters are to have dracule go look for more of her kind to help in repopulating the drakonid race, for harry to start using his pheromones from his bloodline to seduce fleur, to have the chasers look for a unused/abandoned island that harry can convert to move or fade in and out of reality in different places like faey mounds do
AR chapter 37 . 10/23
I always enjoyed this story for the gratuitous smut and impregnation, like Harry has his little brooding circle. I'm excited to see Zabini join, but I'd be disappointed if he was really a she instead of just a hermaphrodite or some-such.
If I remember correctly, Harry came into a bit of a magic inheritance after learning the joy of sex under Sirius's tutilage. His animagus form was tom-catting around... which is what caught Minerva. Then Hermione... The centaurs submitted to Harry's stallion. There was a shadow wolf and dragon form... Harry had some strange dream-vision that showed him his shapes.
So the question becomes... What does Harry really want? What is his purprose? Beyond enjoying his domination and getting his jollies and seeing others submit and give in to his whims and desires... to what purpose? After he's filled his bed and chamber with a harem of willing bodies, what does he want with his life?
He has two tri-wizard events to get through. He has to deal with the fall-out from Dumbles finding out he's keeping a harem. There're the babies coming since how many of the girls are already pregnant and how many will be... The rest of the wizarding world's expectations to contend with... Voldemort and his horocruxes and death eaters... Although, if you can prevent his rebirth, I suppose it is possible Harry can take over the death eaters and convince them his way is the better, smarter way...
desdelor97 chapter 37 . 10/24
This was a great chapter.
Please keep up the great work.
EndlessChains chapter 37 . 10/24
A well done chapter. The Yule Ball was nicely done. Reading the reactions from all the people watching them was amusing. Looks like the two had fun as well and there was one person who seems to be wondering about their sexuality a bit. The confrontation with Ron was well done and would seem that there was no other trouble besides that. A well done dance and date. Looks like Harry will still have his fun though in the end. Thank you. Keep up the good work.
pallendin pie chapter 37 . 10/23
you live.

nice one.
major wallace chapter 37 . 10/23
Erunerus chapter 37 . 10/23
I didn'd see anything about the unicorns. Did I missed it or you didn't writen it in yet?
HowlnMadHowie chapter 37 . 10/23
oh thank Merlin I was afraid this was starting to get wierd as a slash fic with Blaise. But I see it's more a TS issue. I do have to wondr, if the 2nd task is still in the lake, that suggests Daphne is Harry's hostage? But will Harry still retain his nobility to wait for all the champions reclaim their hostages thus rescuing Gabby? Granted this is 2 (sorta) months away but it's still something to look at.
inFamousSlyMonkey chapter 37 . 10/23
Hope your muse and interest in the story returns.

I loved this chapter.
Seeing Harry's human side trying to make Daphne happy and generally trying to have fun, while also showing his new protective, no-nosense side in dealing with Ron.
Then we see Harry's animalistic side completely dominate Luna :)

Weird with Blaise, wonder how that's going to work out. Some sort of magic.

Lets face it Fleur is scared of what she wants, and what she wants is Harry ;) Hehe
tanzar81 chapter 3 . 10/23
That's funny I swear I've tasted the color yellow before..
georgialuvr chapter 37 . 10/23
Have been reading this since you first posted it.. hope to see it thru to the finish.. love the story...
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