Reviews for When Chaos Stirs, A Tale of Two Worlds
Whistling Breeze chapter 9 . 2/27
wow, you're better than I am, maybe you can give me advice for my story "Sonic and the Speed of Flight: Flight of the Stranger" it's on the normal Sonic the Hedgehog.
BaconLettuceTomatoSweg chapter 53 . 2/27
'Epic year for us'
More like, for you. Bad stuff has been happening since 2015 started...

Good chapter though. Spikes story is actually almost like mine... Without the hoarding part...

Guest chapter 52 . 2/26
Sheesh, amy take a chillpill
ultimateCCC chapter 53 . 2/26
Rarity's the Element of Generosity not Honesty.

Fire Ruby not Sapphire.
thedeath chapter 52 . 2/23
oh . my . god. that waa insane! AMYGOTTOLDAMYGOTTOLDHAHAHAHA
thedeath chapter 45 . 2/22
this just sounds like robut chicken , and eggman/robotnik doing a robitisization thing , but not in A CHAMBER? MAN YOU LOST YOUR MIND , MANIAC, LIVAL, BWAAAA
Random Writer chapter 39 . 2/6
Man, it's been such a long time since I read this. Glad to see your still continuing!_
SS Killroze chapter 52 . 2/6
Woah. This chapter was just, Woah. Who would've thought Sonic's true feelings regarding Amy. I love this story, and this story have brought me so, so much happiness thanks to your strong, smart mind. Thank you for hat and of course I would give you a prayer. You deserve a million.
StacheKing chapter 52 . 2/4
Dang, this chapter is symbolic, both within this story and with your personal life. Granted what you describe is not bad, it still means that come May you'll be following your dream. Before I give opinion on this chapter, I just want to say that it has been an honor reading this masterpiece that you have created, my prayers will be with you for your future, and in the event that you can't finish this yourself you should dictate what the last few chapters are to a fellow author.

That being said, this chapter was an emotional roller coaster for me. I felt the pain that most of the characters went through, and I especially loved that you made Shadow the one to call them out on it. Personally, I didn't like the fact that Armor compared him to Eggman but then again, he doesn't know Shadow.

The scene with Knuckles felt like a bit of a copout in that I felt that it was resolved quickly, but thats just my opinion and it could be argued either way.

The best of the chapter was the last bit between Rainbow, Sonic, and Amy. Excuse my language, but its about time Sonic grew a pair dealing with Amy. Granted the sucker punch was a bit surprising, it was none the less very creative.

Tails and Twilight's scene was short, sweet, and to the point. I was glad that it was short because I felt like they had plenty of time over the previous couple chapters.

Overall this chapter was excellent in what it needed to do, in reaching a breaking point. I await your next chapter with patience.
Guest chapter 52 . 1/26
Amy finally got what was coming to her
A lazy bacon chapter 52 . 1/23
God, I finally have the time for this!
I havent been on fanfic for 5 weeks!
It's great to see you posting chapters again!
Ohh baby, Amy got rekt by Sanic.
Well, thats all I have time for. Sorry for any mistakes, I have to rush
GamersofMC649 chapter 52 . 1/23
You do not know how long I've been waiting for this moment. Someone FINALLY PUNCHED HER IN THE FACE!
GamersofMC649 chapter 1 . 1/22
LucarioMurffdog chapter 52 . 1/22
Extremely great chapter, I love how Shadow uses logic like Edgeworth to figure everything out, and I can't wait to see what happens with Sonic and Dash's relationship from here.
ultimateCCC chapter 52 . 1/21
Sonic the Hedgehog, what have you done?
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